1. sundoga says

    Meh. So it’s contaminated with Asbestos. It’s still only a wimpy Tarantula.
    Anyway, the asbestos was probably mined here in Australia in the first place!

  2. Psychopomp Gecko says

    Nah, better way to phrase it would have been:

    “Australia, that’s not a spider.”

    “That(link in word) is a spider.”

  3. lochaber says


    can spiders even get mesiothelioma?

    And, I’m not quite sure why an asbestos tarantula would be any worse than a default tarantula, I mean, the asbestos wouldn’t really be a problem unless you ground up the tarantula and inhaled it, right?

    Or are people confusing asbestos with radiation, because both can be carcinogens?

  4. says

    They are lovely spiders, my daughter when she was three held one at Longleat and now wants a pet one! Much to my partners annoyance I keep pointing out that for the price of a puppy we could buy a few hundred spiderlings >:-)

    One thing that puts me off would not be the asbestos but the urticating hairs they fire at you when annoyed. Probably as dangerous as asbestos if you breathed them in anyway!

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