Ran afoul of Indian traffic and am the proud owner of a sprained ankle, an iffy wrist, 2 sprained knees and some mighty fine lacerations.

[warning]NSFW – Squeamish Photos from Phone. Also you get to see my sexy sexy legs. Still thy wanton hearts! I am not a piece of meat! My eyes are up here![/warning]

Some nice lacerations and road rash here.










  1. says

    Sitting here flying along along comfortably on van morrison and burgundy, that’s quite a tempo-change to my privilege… Um.. Can I FTP you a bottle via paypal? For the pain!

  2. Dana Hunter says

    Hasn’t anyone told you not to play in traffic?! Or told the traffic not to play with you? :-p

    May your recovery be swift and only marginally scabby.

  3. leni says

    I feel bad that I have this terrible urge to make jokes about healer-tank builds xD

    Bad idea! Bad!

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