A Voice for Me – Naturally it’s Judgy Bitch on Whores and Big Red Steubenville Football

I haven’t been following the Steubenville rape case.

[warning]TW – Rape and Victim Blaming[/warning]

Frankly? It’s out of my monkeysphere and news out here was pretty “rare”. However my understanding of it was that two kids who played American Football got together at some party where they grabbed a sixteen year old girl who had passed out from excess libations and then raped her both digitally and in the “traditional” sense of rape. Then a bunch of adults weighed in and fucked everything up by not punishing these two “nice young boys” but instead blaming the victim because “American Handegg/Rugby For the Fragile” is a bigger deal than the right of girls to not get raped.

I blame Ed Brayton for this post. I wouldn’t have commented on this topic because I knew so little about the case.

However he posted this last night and I noticed that this (so called) Judgy Bitch had used the Delhi Bus Rape to denigrate the rape of this young lady.

And it made me angry for a whole bunch of reasons. So I decided to go do a little light reading. After all? I don’t have any work at the moment.

And the more I read the sadder I got.

What is a cut and shut case about the rape of a woman turned out to be everything from

  • Victim Blaming
  • School trying to cover up the case due to the threats to it’s School Sports Program
  • People defending the rapists
  • People who threatening anyone who stood up for the victim.

The young men who raped this young woman not only bragged about their behaviour but also posted pictures. At no point did anyone intervene.

She got what she deserved was the general message.

So two of the boys involved in the Steubenville “rape” case were found guilty and will now face imprisonment and a lifetime membership on the Registered List of Sex Offenders. That is a tragedy for the boys, for justice and for the victims of actual rape.  As we go through this case, ask yourself who benefits from this verdict, and why.

No one benefits from this verdict. It’s a sad case where a girl was raped by two boys who didn’t think their actions were rape because no one sat them the fuck down and explained to them what the fuck consent is. Or worse, they just didn’t think consent applied to them since they were on the football team and therefore the alpha males of high school and should be up to their chins in knickers and no one would ever say no to them.

The tragedy however is for the victim and the tragedy is that she was raped. The young men got punished according to the law for their actions that they are responsible for. It’s not a tragedy that these young men were punished. They got what they deserved. She did not.

It’s justice.


Most of the facts in this case seem relatively incontrovertible:  a young woman, who was not part of the regular social group, went to a football party, in a town mad for football, got trashed out of her mind, voluntarily accompanied two of the biggest football stars to another party, passed out and then got treated like a whore.

Dear Judgy Bitch

I don’t know how many whores you know but they insist on getting paid and they insist on consent. I understand you like degrading anyone who works in the sex industry, but even if a whore is raped that’s still a crime in the same way that it’s not acceptable to tell people who drive cars that they deserve it when they get into car accidents.

What you have stated isn’t facts.

She isn’t a young woman. We may colloquially use the term “Young Lady” but she is a minor by the laws of Ohio. Her being part of the social group doesn’t mean a flying fuck because people enter and leave social groups all the time. If I get mugged because I go out on my time back in the UK, no policeman would say “well you got mugged due to not being part of the regular social group. People thought you were a philanthropist!”

The town’s “madness for football” made this case even more worse than normal considering they were willing to subvert justice to win a children’s game. The young girl’s rape meant NOTHING to them. They were more interested in the defendants abilities to play a fucking game.

She wasn’t “treated like a whore”. She was raped. To imply that she was treated like a whore implies that you can rape whores when in reality rape is a crime irrespective to who the fuck gets raped.


In a moment of mind-numbing stupidity, the boys opted to film their “assault” on the girl, which involved fingering her while she was passed out.  Rather than leave her in a ditch somewhere, they carried her around to different locations, none of which had any adult supervision.

I would consider the moment of mind-numbing stupidity to be the point where the boys opted to rape the girl rather than photograph and tweet the evidence.

It didn’t just “involve fingering”. It involved penetration with a penis. And if we are to believe  the tweets? Anal penetration. And even fingering is considered rape if done without consent.

What the fuck, Steubenville?  Where are all the goddamn grown-ups?

I am sorry? Are you trying to say that adult supervision has to be there around 16 to 18 year olds at all times or they will rape each other? That’s trying to fob the blame off on “adults”. The fact of the matter is two boys who were part of a culture of sport raped a girl and thought it was acceptable and were protected by the culture of sport.

And that the people around them not only watched them do a variety of things but also didn’t intervene at any point.

Here is the thing. Teach your children to not rape. Teach your boys to understand no means no and drunk means no. Teach your girls to mean no when they say no. Teach them to stand up for those who cannot.

Are you honestly suggesting that if these kids didn’t understand consent aged 16 to 18 that somehow magically on their 18th birthday they would understand consent? They knew about sex, they just didn’t know how to respect their partners or they simply didn’t care.

And the goddamn grown-ups ARE the problem. The Steubenville Grown-Ups defended and even tried to subvert the law so as to protect these young men because they played a game. A lot of the grown ups got together and made a stand. And at no point did these grown men and women look at themselves and think “Are We Doing The Right Thing”.

They made their stand not against the nice young boys next door but against the rape victim and anyone who stood in her camp. The young girl who was raped? She got death threats, threats of more rape and hate mail. Not the rapists.

Let’s just look at the woman who archived the public posts of the two rapists. She was ostracised, harassed, investigated, threatened and generally bullied. She lost her best friend. She lost her health. She wasn’t even allowed to grieve in peace.

And it wasn’t just from the kids. It was from the adults. So the answer to “Where were the adults” is…

Right behind the rapists egging them on.

The law in Ohio states that ANY penetration, however slight, constitutes rape.  Let’s start there.  Comparing a stupid, drunk, helmet-chasing whore who gets fingered while passed out to an actual rape victim is completely and utterly absurd.

That’s the law in the majority of the world. Any penetration without consent outside of the emergency medical purview is considered as rape.

A person’s mental acuity, comprehension, orientation and a fetishisation for people who play sports doesn’t constitute consent.

This is rape:


This is what prompted me to write a response.

Dear Judgy Bitch. Fuck you and the MRA unicorn that you seem to ride on. Do not poison the discourse by dragging the tragedies of others into your well of stupidity.

You thought this was a smart argument? Fuck that! If you think the 16 year old victim of the rape was stupid then what does that make you for bringing up the horrific rape of a woman as some sort of “Rape Olympics”. I am sorry do you only consider a 7 or above on the Judgy Bitch Rape Scale to be worthy of consideration of rape? One of the accused made the statement “You don’t sleep with a wang in your butthole”. That my dear is rape in every single definition of the word rape. Your entire claim of “It was just fingering” falls apart right here because the rapist himself made the statement that he penetrated an unconscious girl rectally with his penis.

You are no different to the countless idiots in India who blamed the Indian Gang Rape Victim for her death because she was “easy” as she had a boyfriend. I am sure she too ruined the lives of all those young men.

You made the same fucking argument. You dear are a rape apologist. You have no excuses, you have had the wealth of education and the money and the social protection that is alien to many of the Indians who said stupid shit about the Delhi Rape Victim. I can understand that India is fighting the battles of feminism that were already fought and won in the west. Hence these arguments still exist. But you do not have that excuse.

The argument that one rape is worse than the other and therefore the less serious one is somehow not a rape is the argument of someone who is a terrible human being.

So is this:


And this:


Yes. I am more pissed off about the India case because you know what? I don’t know ANYTHING about those 2 cases.

I do know however that in the India case people said the same terrible things as whoever Judgy Bitch is. I am sure people who know anything about those cases would consider her usage of them to denigrate the victim of the Steuvenville rape as the actions of someone who just doesn’t care about the victims of any of these crimes.

Comparing those cases, or any of the other truly brutal rapes to what happened in Steubenville is comparing this:

Caution – The following images are stupid and the user of this analogy should feel stupid for using this analogy.


To this


Anyone who stood around moaning that the slight fender bender they got into at the mall is comparable to a fiery, multiple car crash on the interstate would immediately be dismissed as the most self-absorbed narcissist lacking any kind of empathy or perspective.  We have a word to describe people like that:  we call them assholes.

While the severity of the Indian rape and the Steubenville rape may be different and that is mainly due to the scale and outcome of the rapes. The Student was raped by a gang and assaulted and died due to her injuries. The Young Girl in Ohio was raped by two boys.

I am going to run with this analogy.

This isn’t like someone complaining that a fender bender is as serious as a motorway pile up.

This is like telling the victim of the above fender bender that she should shut the fuck up about the accident because it isn’t as serious as the motorway pileup. She should also not get any insurance money because if she didn’t drive a car she wouldn’t have met with an accident. Clearly she is looking for attention, I bet she stopped at the lights just so that someone would rear end her. She must be a dodgem fiend.

It’s like telling the victim of assault that being punched isn’t assault because real assault involves being left fighting for your life. And anyways, if you hadn’t gone out late at night you wouldn’t have been punched.

Anyone who made these claims would be dismissed as a weapons grade moron with no sense of empathy, logic, common sense or human decency.

We have multiple words to describe people like that too. Most of which is currently going through the minds of my readers.

However? If you utilise the same argument where you consider the rape of a young girl who survived it to not be as bad as the rape of a young girl who didn’t and then expect the girl who survived to shut up and not complain about it because “She lived” then most of my readers will have some harsher words running through their minds.

Arguing that it isn’t rape because she was only sexually penetrated a little is like complaining that a mugging isn’t a mugging because they only took 5 quid from you.

I would have to describe you as a sociopathic wanker without the slightest shred of humanity or empathy, in whose mind a game is more important than the life of a victim of rape. In addition the fact that you are a woman gives credence to the actions of MRAs and people who are part of the “Seduction” community (AKA pick up artists) because they hold you up as an example of “what women think” and then utilise your views to enforce their terrible stances. The various members of the Jock Culture who think that a state of mind where the person is unconscious, disorientated and not lucid is an acceptable person to get consent from or worse ignore consent, and you are FINE with that. You are fine with thinking that a game is more important than the health and safety of a young woman. And that makes you horrible.

You are a rape apologist.

Now, the girl in Steubenville is claiming she didn’t actually drink all that much, and someone must have drugged her!  Toxicology tests?  NEGATIVE.

Yeah? Because there are “Judgy Bitches” out there who think if you drink you get what’s coming to you.

Want to know something funny? If you as a man pass out in the UK we won’t draw on you. We think it’s the action of idiots. You want to know something? If you pass out as a woman you should be taken home by a friend and put to bed. NOT RAPED.

We don’t know how much she drank. Because I am pretty sure these two fine nice upstanding rapists gave her more alcohol to keep their toy in a pliable condition.

I once gave up a date to spend it with a friend on Valentine’s day. She had imbibed too much. There were two of us. Me and a friend I shall call Orange Guy.

Orange Guy and Me sat her down got water down her and even fed her. We held her hair when she threw up then brushed her teeth. We then fed her again and got her to drink a glass of water. We then put her to bed and stayed up with her to make sure she didn’t choke on her own vomit.

We both got dumped on that day. Our dates thought spending time with our drunk friend was a sign we didn’t care about them.

We knew we did the right thing, we knew if we left her to her own devices she could have choked to death or been taken advantage of by someone more unscrupulous. And yes she even  tried to hit on us. We didn’t act on it because drunk people are not capable of making sensible decisions. The entire british kebab industry is based on this fact.

Oh my!  You mean she’s a lying little tramp desperately trying to avoid ANY culpability for what happened to her?  Well color me shocked.

We can’t colour you shocked but we can varnish you stupid.

You are right.

This girl was raped because she got drunk. She was unable to protect herself from the advances of two boys because she drunk.

In medicine we discuss mental state. Conscious, Orientated, Lucid, Reasoning (Awake/Knows where they are/Understandable/Can Understand Us). When falling over drunk you can be Unconscious, Unorientated, Not Lucid and you are Reasoning Impaired.

You cannot defend yourself in this state.

She was responsible for getting drunk and in a state where she was vulnerable. However she is allowed to do that. It’s just that it isn’t an advisable thing to do because clearly she is surrounded by fucking rapists.

HOWEVER that is her right.

She is allowed to get drunk just like “a man”, what isn’t allowed is raping her because she is drunk. Teaching her moderation is a good thing. Teaching the boys to not fucking rape women is however the BEST thing. What she did was not advised irrespective of her gender. What they did was fucking illegal.

This is like claiming that the 16 year old girl deserved to get raped.


The most telling thing about this whole case is that multiple people saw the little tramp passed out and carried about by a couple of douchey guys, and make no mistake, those boys behaved shamefully.  Part of having the adulation and admiration that comes along with being a small town football star is not to abuse that power when the little gold-digging status whores come a-calling, and those boys failed.

The complete fascination with the ability to play a sport in the USA is a disease. A horrible one where you give power to children without the responsibility to go with it. In this fucking case the kids were not only given free reign to behave like this but also they were protected by the adults around them. What we should be doing is punishing the various adults who were involved in trying to sweep this under the carpet.

Okay. Let’s accept your claim that the victim was “A Gold-Digging Status Whore”. Then what does it make the adults who protected two rapists? What does it make the school? What does it make the society that would send death threats to a raped girl?

Gold-Digging Status Whore? Do you even listen to yourself speak or do you just respond with the most hateful comment that erupts in your mind? The cynic in me says you do listen to yourself speak and chose the word most likely to get the MRA who read your website to respond like performing clapping seals.

If the entire town of Steubenville is so fascinated with high school football and has bestowed upon these young boys status then the people who grow up in that culture are going to be fascinated with those boys. Boys like these were treated as royalty by not just the culture of “The Big Red” but also by American Culture as a whole.

Girls are told that these men are the IDEAL date and that they should try and impress them. A high school kid isn’t interested in the future potential economics, they are just impressed because they think that’s the most important thing in the world. These boys were celebrities and celebrities always impress people.

To call her “gold digger” is laughable. He is a high school footballer, he isn’t playing for the Dallas Cowboys. She just wants to do what everyone else around her is fucking doing. If you went around stating that the kids who study and get good grades are sexy and everyone was obsessed about their grades rather than how well you can throw a ball then she would be chasing after the boy with the highest grades. It’s that simple. Girls want the Quarterback, Guys want the Cheerleader.

Your stance is vile.

Punishment > Crime

That girl had no friends at the party, not one person had enough respect for her to step in, she was not part of the social tribe and there is no way in hell she did not know that.  She went to that party to nab herself a football player, and lo and behold, the football players didn’t really like such an obvious grasp at their glory.

No one respected her or ANY other women. Which is why she got raped in the first place. If they respected women they would have not raped her. No one had the decency to not rape her or step in and stop them either. Every person who didn’t intervene gave their tacit approval of what was to come or genuinely believed that if they opened their mouths they would be ostracised and made social pariahs. No one intervened because they either lacked the basic human decency or a fucking spine.

However? It’s good to see that in a world where we are trying to break down the barriers of bullying that an adult would stand firmly on the side of the bullies by suggesting that this girl shouldn’t be there because she isn’t in the “cool team” and that she shouldn’t be attending parties because she isn’t socially superior enough. Good thing she was raped eh? That will learn her to go hang out with the cool kids… Fucking hell. I cannot even be sarcastic about this without feeling like a villain and you managed to write that? No brain and no heart, I would suggest you go on a journey down a Yellow Brick Road to acquire the two things but I fear that if water touched you, you would fucking melt.

An obvious grasp at their glory? Do you even hear yourself speak?

It doesn’t matter why she went to the party. What matters is she got raped. To portray her as the villain who got what she deserved is to imply that the appropriate response to a young girl trying to be part of another group is rape.

Find yourself another wagon to hitch to, little star.


Fuck off Grasshopper

The saddest thing is that the boys sobbingly admit that they ruined her life! They are accused of having “no moral code”!  Oh, and the girl had an impeccable one, did she?


Are you fucking kidding me? They are going to jail!  They will be registered sex offenders!  They are convicted criminals! One night of behaving like assholes will follow them the rest of their lives, and HER LIFE IS RUINED?

Getting drunk is a poor decision. Raping someone is a poor moral choice. She may not have been an angel but frankly none of us are. I repeat this over and over again, whatever she did is perfectly legal and that doesn’t excuse their illegal behaviour. Savvy?

Yes they ruined her life.

Yes they are going to jail. Because they committed a crime. Rape is a crime no matter how much you HATE the person who got raped. And yes they will be registered as sex offenders. Because they are sex offenders. They didn’t behave “like” arseholes. They WERE arseholes. And more specifically.

They were Rapists. And this is what we do to rapists. American Footballers or Otherwise.


Her life is not ruined in the slightest.  LittleTramp is free to go about her life, getting as drunk as she likes, chasing after any high-status males she likes, and securing criminal convictions against men who treat her like the whore she is.

Looking awfully good there accusing a 16 year old girl of being a tramp. Tired of killing puppies?


Because last I heard she was in hiding because of people like yourself. Because you think these nice young boys should be let off. That their actions should have no consequences.

If you think she is not scarred by the horrible nature of this incident then you are not just “judgy” but heartless too.


God help the varsity athletes at whatever college campus she ends up on, and no doubt LittleTramp will get back on her feet after suffering a little humiliation and continue on with her life because SHE’S RUINED.

Yes. Because rape is “only” a little humiliating.

Why? If anything she has demonstrated that the people who belong to the jock culture of sport in the USA are nothing more than thugs and that there is a sickness running through the American education system where the sporting prowess of the select few is treated as more valuable than the education of the entire school or basic human decency.

From the Jerry Sandusky case to this. Sport culture in America is not the lofty ideals we at least pay lip service to but an institution that is diseased and corrupt and that protects the actions of criminals because their sporting prowess is deemed more important than the crimes they commit, the victims they victimise or the total lack of humanity they display.

Since games of all sorts reward skill rather than personality, a skilled douchebag can get away with it as long as he wins. The line comes when that person breaks a law. It is in the team’s best interest to protect this person. We saw that behaviour with Jerry Sandusky and we saw it with these two nice young boys. Sports need to be held to better standards as sportsmen are considered ambassadors and role models in society. Their actions need to be held as accountable as the next person.

The cult of jocks as flogged by the behaviour of sports has created a culture that denigrates women and education and it is strangling the humanity of America. I am sure these people were considered nice.

It’s just that they thought high school football was more important than a rape.

The young men in this case will never escape the disgustingly unfair consequences of a night of acting like dicks, while the young woman will carry on, unless she feels she isn’t getting quite enough sympathy, of course.  Cue the Prozac and therapy!


Yes they won’t. I do feel the prison system should base itself on recuperation and rehabilitation but the fact of the matter is with sex offenders you are taking a risk. The risk being that sex offenders who have “claimed” to be cured of their compulsions set out and commit similar or indeed “worse” offences.

So for that reason we have a sex offender list that’s permanent. To at least keep tabs on them to catch repeat offenders quicker. Now, I personally think that list should be private and not open for all to see and that list should be open to appeals and people guilty of minor offences (Nudity and Flashing and stuff like that) should not be on that list. But the fact of the matter is that these two fine upstanding boys raped a young girl and this is the punishment for rape.

You know what we need?  We need a Drunk Whore Registry. If sex offenders are registered for the protection of all women, then why not register drunk whores for the protection of all men?  It’s true that men could protect themselves by not acting like dicks, but combine small-town celebrity with lots of alcohol and no adult supervision, and you WILL get men acting like assholes and women acting like sluts.

Sex Offenders are registered for the rapid deployment of law officials in case of repeat offences. And there are female sex offenders on the list. And many of the sex offenders attacked “men”.

I think if we had a “Stupid Register” Judgy Bitch would be at the very fucking top of that list.

When we only punish one side on that equation, we have a serious cultural problem.  Men are held to account for their irresponsible decisions made while young and stupid and drunk, but women are not? Most crimes acknowledge explicitly that mitigating circumstances create different categories of crime with correspondingly progressive punishments.  Why is rape different?

It’s not irresponsible. It’s fucking CRIMINAL. Irresponsible is trying to skateboard while drunk and breaking your leg. Criminal is raping someone.

We punish the side that’s committed the crime. Her irresponsible decision was to drink. Theirs was to rape. Drinking is not a crime. Raping is. If you cannot understand this then I fear I have to bust out sock puppets.

Because rape requires a conscious effort to ignore the consent of an individual and there are no cases where you have to rape someone to save your life. You don’t have to rape someone to put food on your table. The crime of rape doesn’t occur because of socio-economics. The crime of rape is the denial of the right to consent by one individual over other for a variety of reasons ranging from domination to pleasure to just not caring.

The punishment these boys face, which will be in effect for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES is way out of proportion to the “crime”.  The definition of rape in Ohio is so broadly defined that the act of being a dickhead is now as serious as the act of fucking a woman forcibly and against her will. And if you don’t think there is a material difference between getting fingered and getting fucked, you are probably a feminist.

Your ignorance is astounding.

The victim from Steubenville was anally raped as well as urinated on and digitally penetrated. The rapists admitted as much in their tweets. In fact in this mess urination would be the LEAST criminal of their activities. Digital penetration is considered rape. The Anal penetration was using a penis so would fit in the specific definition of rape that you require and indeed forensically come under “Rape through Sodomy”. To ignore this widely documented piece of evidence is indicative that “Judgy Bitch” is more interested in victim blaming and massaging the egos of her MRA friends than veracity.

I expect the various MRA who do read this to clutch their pearls but frankly Judgy Bitch’s research is par for the MRA course. Shallow, Incorrect, Vapid, Incorrect and Plain Terrible.

Getting drunk and chasing after football stars demonstrates level of stupidity and disrespect for the humanity of the men in question (who are valued only for their status), and that disrespect was returned.  But only the boys are held responsible for that.


Are you comparing fancying sport celebrities no matter how vapid and inane they are to being raped?


I say bullshit.  No one got raped in Steubenville.  Someone got humiliated, and she participated willingly and readily in her own humiliation.  Turning stupid decisions made by high-school students into criminal acts with consequences that will follow only ONE party for their rest of their lives is deeply unfair, and when fingering a slut at an alcohol fuelled party is put in the same category as violent sexual assault, the real victims are drowned in a chorus of pathetic mewlings of women who didn’t get to bag the star.

Who thinks that if the young woman had woken up the next morning next to the football player, his arms wrapped around her in a loving embrace, she would have considered that the price she had to pay to land the big fish?

Will Judgy Bitch recant her article when told that the victim was sodomised by the admission of the rapists themselves?

Of course not. Not one person mentioned it. It’s not important. What’s important is bashing 16 year old rape victims.

The real victim here was nearly drowned out in a toxic hail of abuse from people who thought football was more important than her. In this particular bucket of abuse the real victim was further victimised by comparisons to rapes with more horrific outcomes and being told she should “walk it off”. You had the audacity to take a terrible instance that polarised an entire nation’s worth of women to fight for the right to not be raped and then use it to silence a rape victim.

If you were in India there would be some very very angry women standing outside your house right now demanding you fuck off…


Steubenville:  sour fucking grapes.

sour grapes

Not just sour, bitter, too.  But only for the men.

Why won’t anyone think of the dominant gender in society which has fucked women over for nearly all of human existence… What’s next? Won’t someone think of the millionaires?

How is that justice? Who is served when those boys are locked up?  Who is protected?  Who wins?  How ironic is it that the adults who were NOT present to lend some sanity to what their own children were up to are now fully involved to make certain only the boys are punished?

No one wins. The victim has already lost. These young boys are going to be put through a system that doesn’t encourage rehab. Society has been demonstrated to be filled with idiots who were more interested in football than the victim of rape.

There are ONLY losers in this mess. However, with justice done perhaps the victim can move on with her life and live in peace. Perhaps the town of Steubenville will look at itself and indeed “The Big Red” and realise that sport shouldn’t be separated from behaviour and that fanatic support for football is not as important as human life. Perhaps society will teach their young boys and girls about consent and the value of consent. Perhaps people will be more responsible with alcohol. Perhaps more victims of sexual abuse will come forward and perhaps people will be more mindful of their actions towards people who are vulnerable.

No one won in the jailing of the Delhi rapists either. What level of punishment equates to raping someone to death? How many years in prison do you require? How public must your execution be? The death of the accused doesn’t make it justice…

What makes it justice is what’s being done to protect other women. Jane Doe won’t receive closure until she feels closure has been reached.

Other people will get the justice they deserve.

People make stupid decisions.  Especially when they are young. They act like idiots. They treat other people with a lack of respect.  They behave shamefully.  It happens. Holding boys, and only boys responsible, moves justice from being blind to being blatantly sexist. When justice can only see one sex as guilty, it’s time to put out her eyes again.


Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

Lots of love,


Yawn… I repeated it over and over so I will repeat it again. She is responsible for getting passed out drunk. That is not a crime. That can be considered a poor decision particularly in light of the fact that some men (and the vast majority of such people are men) take advantage of such passed out women. It is a sad truth that women have to be careful around alcohol lest that happen to them. They are not free but living in fear of what will happen if they don’t control themselves above and beyond what men need to do to be safe.

It is prudence to control your alcohol intake because  such rapists exist. This entire story is one that has been heard way too often. Women shouldn’t have to do this but they do because reality is filled with such events. Yes there are people who will get you a taxi and keep you safe.

However these boys raped her. And that is a crime in the western world and so is punished as such.

If you have lost all love of humanity by now I won’t blame you. If you wish to achieve a total loss of humanity then I suggest you go read the comments on her blog.


  1. Rob says

    This is really good.

    I would have to describe you as a sociopathic wanker without the slightest shred of humanity or empathy

    Exactly what I was thinking, with a few choice epithets left off.

  2. smrnda says

    Anybody who makes excuses for a rapist has something wrong with them. There is never any excuse for raping someone. If you don’t have consent, you don’t have consent. Whether or not you have consent is pretty clear.

    Getting drunk isn’t the best idea, but if a guy got beat up while drunk and staggering down the street, we don’t decide it’s not a crime. You shouldn’t beat people up, even when they’re too drunk to fight back or identify you. In fact, we would consider it especially heinous to take advantage of someone in that situation since their ability to fight back or run is diminished.

    But somehow, as long as it’s a woman, and as long as it’s rape, it’s okay to blame the woman for drinking. The rapist is totally responsible, all the time, regardless.

  3. F [nucular nyandrothol] says

    Thanks for having at the rape apologist (rape promotion evangelist).

    I generally haven’t followed the local coverage since right after the news of the rape – I’ve taken most of my information (and takedowns of rape culture apologist bullshit) at FTB.

  4. pitchguest says

    First of all, Judgy Bitch does not ridicule or make fun of the violent rape in India.

    Second, she was fingered. While this would fall into molestation or sexual assault, it wouldn’t fall into the category of rape. Thirdly, she was passed out cold so I doubt there’s any psychological damage. (No, I’m not defending them, just saying that it most likely won’t affect her mentally.)

    Finally, the two guys were pricks of the umpteenth nature, they deserve to be punished. They shouldn’t have fingered her, they acted like pricks, but fingering someone is *not* rape. If it was, the reports for rape to the TSA would fill up in record time.

  5. leni says

    Exactly what I was thinking, with a few choice epithets left off.

    I left her a paragraph or two that contained more “fucks” than any proper paragraph should. I just crammed as many in as I could.

    It got stuck in moderation lol.

    (Though honestly that might be because I used an old spam email account that I couldn’t even remember the handle for. But no way I’m giving JB my real email, or even one that I might conceivably check from time to time.)


    Avicenna covered it, but I’m repeating it anyway lol.

    The only reason JB doesn’t lose her shit like this over every car thief who cried in court about how s/he didn’t know it was theft (even though they drugged the owner and took his car for a joyride around town without the owner’s permission, and then joked on video about how the said car owner was so “thieved” while adults watched), is because her only reason for posting this was to excuse rape. Oh, and did JB mention the friend of the ex calling the car owner and asking him out with the express purpose of getting him wasted so they could steal his car? Of-fucking-course not.

    Nope. Because that would put a dent in the “drunk whores/car owners who don’t lock their cars deserve it” story. And the world would have to end or something because that would mean that bad shit could happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime without reason. Gods fucking forbid we admit that.

    * Cars and theft were her analogy, not mine.

  6. leni says

    Also, I wanted to applaud this line:

    Dear Judgy Bitch
    I don’t know how many whores you know but they insist on getting paid and they insist on consent.


  7. says

    I would have to describe you as a sociopathic wanker without the slightest shred of humanity or empathy

    No, the other sociopathic wankers with no empath all called attempting to disassociate themselves from you.

  8. says

    @5. http://freethoughtblogs.com/amilliongods/2013/03/21/big-red-steubenville-whores/comment-page-1/#comment-78688

    She does not make fun of the violent rape in India because there are lines even idiots know not to cross.

    Secondly. Google the case. One of the defendants was guilty of “traditional” rape. And “She was unconscious so I raped her, It’s okay she won’t remember any of it” is as stupid as Judgy Bitch’s argument.

    Finally, Rape is defined as non-consensual sexual contact. If we are to utilise the notion that digital manipulation of the genitals is not rape then it would be considered as sexual assault which carries similar punishment.

  9. says

    pitchguest @5:

    Thirdly, she was passed out cold so I doubt there’s any psychological damage.

    You’ve got to be joking. She was plied with so much alcohol that she had no idea what was happening, at which point she was assaulted while a group of people sat by either doing nothing or laughing about it, then when she reported it, she was met with a campaign of abject hostility (a campaign, mind you, that continues even today). In spite of this, you “doubt there’s any psychological damage”? Even if you want to ignore the community response (which would be foolish), you don’t think this is having any effect on her? Not even her ability to trust people? You don’t think being violated by members of your community might lead to “psychological damage”?

    Do you ever pause to think about your words before saying them? It’s a practice you really should consider adopting.

  10. pitchguest says


    Hmmm. In the news reports I’d read, it said they were guilty of fingering which is sexual assault or molestation but not rape as such, but the one I’m reading right now (from the Guardian) says one of them had clearly ejaculated on her chest.

    Not just fingering, then, so I was misinformed. I concede.

    As for the being blacked out while they were doing it argument, yes, it’s a bit blunt and yes it sounds bad, but I didn’t mean it in that way. And thinking about it now, it sounds worse than it did in my head so I’ll retract it. My mistake. It was a bad argument to make.

  11. says

    “Riegaud testified that he reviewed a video clip posted on YouTube of a conversation about the alleged assault. Those comments included a description of one of the defendants engaged in anal sex with the alleged victim.”


    Read comment 1. That’s one of the Rapists and by his admission he has committed rape.

    It is reported and it is mentioned in a fair few sources. These young men committed “classical” rape.

  12. TGAP Dad says

    I want to add that the focus on alpha-male athletes doesn’t quite cover it. In this case – and countless others – there is also the dynamic of small town America at work. Having lived in cities of all sizes in the upper Midwest, I cas assure you that the small towns are the worst. As an outsider, it feels like one, large, extended, dysfunctional family, and you are the uninvited guest. The portrayal in the movie “Footloose” is as close as Hollywood gets to an accurate portrayal, but only in act I. In my experience, you are never fully accepted in that closed culture. The football team is just another manifestation of that closed group mentality, one that makes its gladiators untouchable even within that close setting.

    I also want to point out that the hacker group Anonymous was primarily responsible for shedding light on this incident. Though they have a bit of a fetish for anarchy, they at least did the public a favor by unveiling Steubenville.

  13. otranreg says

    Are you fucking kidding me? They are going to jail! They will be registered sex offenders! They are convicted criminals! One night of behaving like assholes will follow them the rest of their lives, and HER LIFE IS RUINED?

    Okay then, I’ll go buy a gun, load up on ammo and enter a tram. Then I’ll behave like an arsehole for a couple of minutes, and ¡poof! my fucking life is ruined! The stupid passengers won’t care: their brains will be splattered all over the windowpanes, and I will have to do life because of them! How dare those sons of bitches be in that tram, with me carrying a gun around?! They get what they deserve!

  14. A Hermit says

    here pitchguest, since ou are aparently ioncapable of using even so simple a tool as wikipedia yourself, I’ll do it for you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape#Definitions

    The definition of rape varies both in different parts of the world and at different times in history.[20] It is defined in many jurisdictions as sexual intercourse, or other forms of sexual penetration, of one person by another person without the consent of the victim.[20] The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime defines it as “sexual intercourse without valid consent,”[5][21] and the World Health Organization defined it in 2002 as “physically forced or otherwise coerced penetration – even if slight – of the vulva or anus, using a penis, other body parts or an object”.[22]

    In 2012, the FBI changed their definition from “The carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will.” to “The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

    See the parts I bolded for you? That would include fingers you fucking idiot rape apologizing shithead.

  15. A Hermit says

    Avicenna, have I told you lately that I love your blog? This and your dissection of Thunderf00l’s latest video atrocity had me wanting to jump up on my desk and shout hallelujah. Absolutely brilliant work. I apologize for my inability to do much more than curse angrily like I did in my last comment and I’m grateful to you for articulating things so much more effectively than I could ever hope to…

  16. says

    “The entire british kebab industry is based on this fact.” – You managed to make me smile for a second in an otherwise very depressing post. Thanks for both.

    @12 pitchguest: I salute you for admitting to have been wrong!

  17. laurie says

    The girl in this case got drunk, which was irresponsible and stupid, and the punishment for that variety of stupid should be a bad hangover and something from her parents or guardians regarding underage drinking.

    The boys committed a crime. Rape is a crime. They knew it was a crime, and committed it anyway because they knew their coach would protect them from the consequences of that crime.

    The only good that comes from this case is the prosecution and conviction of the rapists, which would probably not have happened a few decades ago. It’s a strange way to measure progress, though.

  18. says

    I’ve seen in a couple of heroic kings’ stories the following:

    A maiden could walk from one end of the land to the other, naked and bearing a sack of gold in each hand, and no man would molest her, such was the fear of the king’s justice.

    How come this is no longer an ideal with so many people?

  19. A Hermit says

    A maiden could walk from one end of the land to the other, naked and bearing a sack of gold in each hand, and no man would molest her, such was the fear of the king’s justice.

    How come this is no longer an ideal with so many people?

    My ideal would be that no one would molest her because such was the universal respect for other human beings, but I’d settle for fear of justice in the meantime…

  20. psocoptera says

    This is an awesome rant, so I was really hoping someone else had mentioned this. You mentioned a few times that getting drunk wasn’t a crime, but in the United States, the legal drinking age is 21 and underage drinking is illegal. Getting caught can also interfere with University admissions. An adult at a party with drunk minors can be considered guilty “contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” so adults (over 21) are almost never at these parties. And I think many young girls are afraid to report assaults, because drinking is a crime with potential long-term consequences. Raising the drinking age was supposed to keep drunk kids from getting behind the wheel and driving, but it has had serious unintended consequences.

  21. says

    Kilian, you are saluting Pitchguest for what? Admitting he made a bad argument that he didn’t admit the rapists ejaculated on the victim? That he spoke without knowledge? Because that is all he did. He hasn’t stated he agrees she was raped. He is still a disgusting rape apologist who thinks fingering an unconscious girl is not so bad.

    Hey, Pitchguest, What happened to Jane Doe? THAT is rape. Whether it is fingers, a penis, a bottle, a broom handle=-Rape, “The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim”

    What you have done here? That is enabling and perpetuating Rape Culture. Of course, this comes as no surprise to me that you would do this.

  22. says

    So let me get this double standard(by the football players sympathizers) straight:
    The girl deserves the humiliation and violence that she got, because she put herself in the vulnerable position by being a tramp and getting drunk, vs;
    The men DON’T deserve the humiliation of being convicted rapists and registered sex offenders that they got, even though they placed themselves in a vulnerable(to the consequences) situation by being tramps and getting drunk?!

    She get’s what she ‘deserves’ but they get sympathy. Her life, and probably psyche, get severely damaged. Their lives get severely damaged, but they get sympathy, not her?! Her consequences haunt her every moment of every day, and they get to pick different lives by choosing different careers, which they effing well have to do anyways?

    I cannot believe that anyone is so twisted that they think the guys are victims of justice, or victims, period.

  23. A Hermit says


    As for the being blacked out while they were doing it argument, yes, it’s a bit blunt and yes it sounds bad, but I didn’t mean it in that way. And thinking about it now, it sounds worse than it did in my head so I’ll retract it. My mistake. It was a bad argument to make.

    You didn’t mean it “that way?” What way did you mean it? Is there any way that statement could be intended as anything but a justification for violating a defenseless person?

    The lack of simple human empathy displayed in a comment like that is stunning.You need to take a long hard look at yourself son.

  24. dummy says

    but fingering someone is *not* rape…Hmmm. In the news reports I’d read, it said they were guilty of fingering which is sexual assault or molestation but not rape as such

    What’s so special about the penis in those circumstances, pitchguest?

    How come this is no longer an ideal with so many people?

    No longer? I’m betting it’s an ideal with a lot more people today than it used to be. It’s not like women were in a better position in the patriarchal honor cultures that used to be dominant wrt their bodily integrity.

  25. says

    Thank you for this Avi. I’d read that blog post (and some of the other stuff coming out of the US about this case) earlier and felt physically sick. Your dissection of how f-ing stupid the author seems to be is brilliant. And the kebab comment made me laugh, so thank you for managing to do that amidst such a generally depressing situation.

  26. leni says


    As for the being blacked out while they were doing it argument, yes, it’s a bit blunt and yes it sounds bad, but I didn’t mean it in that way. And thinking about it now, it sounds worse than it did in my head so I’ll retract it. My mistake. It was a bad argument to make.

    Soooooo there was a point at which this seemed like a totally legit argument to you?

    There was a point when you thought that as long as the person was unconsious it was ok to do whatever to them? Then tweet about it afterward? Take photos and post them? Ask their coach for legal protection because those mean ass feminists ruined fun forever?

    Ok then. Well, maybe you’ll be more understanding when, in the future, people might think you are completely and totally full of of horseshit.

    You know. For those future times when you have trouble figuring out whether or not it was ok to torch a homeless man just a little bit because he was passed out in the street, tempting every arsonist who walked by.

  27. pitchguest says

    Leni – Charitable! You need to be more charitable! *snark*

    Look, I get it. I totally do, and you know what? You’re right. Absolutely. And I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said it, I did say it, it was a mistake, I regret it, but it’s there now and I can’t change it. I own up to it. You know how sometimes you get thoughts that sound reasonable in your head but completely daft when you say it out loud? That was one of those times and I’m sorry. I really am.

    Your excessive strawmanning about me torching a homeless man and other stuff is ridiculous and would make most people defensive and hunker down, but you know what? I’m going to give you that one, leni. Charitable.

  28. A Hermit says

    The fact that a thought like “it;s not rape if she’s unconscious and it;s only fingers” could sound reasonable to you even for a moment kind of tells us a lot about you though doesn’t it?

    And yes…that;s me being charitable…

  29. Rich Woods says

    @pitchguest #30:

    Leni was not strawmanning you. Leni used an analogy to highlight the quality of your reasoning.

    Your suggestion that you are being charitable in response suggests nothing but your lack of any real contrition; you still want to score a point. If you had omitted your first and third paragraphs your apology would instead have carried some weight.

  30. leni says

    Yeah, pitch that was not a strawman. As hermit said, it was an analogy illustrating the problem with your reasoning. It’s just that I know victim-blaming is harder to do when the victim isn’t a “drunk slut” and the crime isn’t rape.

    I’m glad you get why you are wrong, but you should seriously be asking yourself why it even occurred to you to go there, much less that it seemed reasonable, when you would (probably) know immediately not to say that about someone who only got a little bit set on fire.

    I could tell you why, though: rape culture. It’s boilerplate victim blaming and minimizing. It’s the same shit people do whether the victim was a little bit raped or raped to death. We do this evil shit without even stopping to think about the consequences or moral implications, or the impact on others around us- including future victims who know very well how they will be treated by people like you if they prosecute, and perpetrators who know people will make excuses for them, especially if they target people lower down the food chain.

    So forgive my tone. The thoughtless yet creepily selective cruelty of it makes me very, very angry.

  31. blondeintokyo says

    Here’s to hoping that all three of Judgy Bitch’s children turn into feminists, and she learns a thing or two about how your hate can ruin your own life.

  32. Dogman says

    I have two boys, one twenty and the other thirteen. I have explained for years to the eldest (and have just started on the youngest) that we are judged by our actions and the repercussions these actions cause. For example, when the eldest started going out with friends and were obviously drinking, I warned him that people who have had a few drinks can get aggressive. If he hits somebody, either first or second, and are badly injured or worse, he will be blamed. In any situation that looks like it is going to get remotely close to that stage, my mantra is, “Talk, walk, run,” in case he hurts somebody or gets hurt himself. The nature of the disagreement does not matter and the right or wrongs of the matter will pale into insignificance if somebody ends up in hospital or jail. People will judge him by his actions, not his intentions or his reasons.

    That is, try to talk your way out, walk your way out, then run your way out of a bad situation. It is his responsibility to look after himself and his friends, and it is also his responsibility to be sober enough to follow these steps. He has seen enough of falling down drunks to realise that that is not a pleasant place to be, and has done his fair share of drunk-sitting. I believe he is somebody who can be trusted and his friends think so as well. He resents having to do it, though, and some of his friends (male and female) have come to rely on his better nature.

    I have told him that if he comes across somebody passed out from drink or drugs, he should call the police. That is his only responsibility. If he does more, he exposes himself to situations that are not of his making, are not for him to solve and will receive no thanks, or worse, for trying. If he does less, he will not be doing his moral duty. Wait for the police and be on your way.

    I’ve told him not to put himself into situations that he doesn’t control and to get himself and his friends out of the ones that are getting out of control. Talk, walk, run. (Mace if it calls for it. ) Look both ways before you cross the street, even at crosswalks because being safe matters more than being right.

  33. says

    Imagine the horror if a drunk football player had been raped by a fellow football player (both males). Would the community have accused the victim of being a “tramp”, as they did here?

  34. says

    Howdy! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds
    me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this.
    I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a
    good read. Many thanks for sharing!


  1. […] And such avoidance has not affected child molestation as much as we think it has because most child molestation occurred when people of trust in a community took advantage of that trust and utilised their power and untouchable social status to keep them safe from allegations. Person x couldn’t have molested little Timmy because Person x is an outstanding man! Timmy must be a liar with pants constantly on fire! […]

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