Age of Kali – Shut er down

Anti-Sri Lankan sentiments are running high in Tamil Nadu due to the March 21st Human Rights Council convention in Geneva as there is a motion being tabled to accuse, investigage and prosecute the Sri Lankan government for war crimes committed against Tamils.

So far hundreds of students have been arrested and the government here has shut down all higher education institutes. This has lead to the closure of the clinic on “pain” of arrest.

More than 400 institutions have been closed down to date and mainly to curb the freedom of political expression of students. However these have been generally ineffective.

After all? Who thinks that giving kids a day off with no Uni will get them to not go out and march?

I think while the LTTE are a terror organisation, the Sri Lankan government’s actions with regards to Tamils has often been nothing short of ethnic cleansy and the brutality of the suppression of the LTTE warrants analysis. The Sri Lankan Tamil refugees often come with harrowing tales and one can understand why they would join the LTTE to fight such oppression.

I look forward to seeing such a motion tabled and what a honest non-partisan analysis of the combat will tell us.

Until then? I Stay Open. I will open my gates and close my door. Any one who wishes to get medical care can knock on my house door and I will treat them there. (I already moved all the clinic’s most important and mobile stuff to the house to keep it safe in my absence.)


  1. shash says

    While the abuses in Lanka are real, and while I do think some consequences for that government are warranted on the international stage, this whole episode in TN feels like a highly cynical ploy by a certain party and its patriarch to regain some relevance by exploiting a very real problem (not that the Matriarch of the other side is any better, mind you).

    Anyway, thanks for staying open; I just hope your message gets out to those in need of it.

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