Age of Kali – Leap of Faith

A British woman has broken her leg after leaping from her hotel balcony.

Why? Because a man offered her a massage.

You know how women are crazy right? I mean a massage?

Can’t a man approach a unknown woman in the early hours of the morning to give her a massage without them leaping from a balcony?

And then they had the audacity to arrest this good samaritan who had nothing but good will towards this woman. Why? This woman claims that this was a potential rape…

And it can’t be a rape. All this man wanted to do was give a massage to a woman and he simply wouldn’t take no for an answer because she clearly didn’t know how good this man’s massages are.

Silly woman… Now she has a broken leg and a ruined holiday. But think of the man. He is now in jail and to be tried for attempted rape.

Poor guy.


  1. glodson says

    I just got a concussion from slamming my head on the desk as I can already hear someone making that very argument, albeit in less hyperbolic terms.

  2. blondeintokyo says

    Here you are!

    From personal experience, I can tell you this happens regularly. In Calcutta, a hotel manager tried multiple times in one morning to get me to unlock the door to my room with various excuses like “You asked for bath water.” (I hadn’t) “You haven’t paid for today’s stay.” (I had). After that, I moved hotels.

    My advice to any woman traveling to India is to bring your own combination padlock (so it can’t be picked) and don’t stay in any hotel that doesn’t have a way to fix the padlock to the door from the INSIDE. If you must stay in a hotel where you do not have a way to fix your padlock from the inside, then keep the key in the keyhole so that no one can put a key in from the other side, and for good measure have a chair wedged under the doorknob.

    Also, either get a sim card that allows you to use your phone abroad, or make sure the phone in your room actually works to dial outside. A friend of mine told me that someone locked her IN her room by putting a padlock on the door outside, and then this person switched off the breaker (they are often located outside the room, next to the door) so that she was locked in her room in the dark. She had to scream and pound on the door for a good thirty minutes before someone noticed and came to let her out. Whoever the “joker” was, he must have had himself a jolly old time listening to her screaming.

  3. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    I think the man / attempted rapist might be trying to massage the truth as well here – and failing at doing that too.

  4. otranreg says

    Thanks for the link, I find the calls for death penalty particularly ironic. I wonder why they aren’t introducing a bill to rape the rapists. That would destroy political satire.

    (and the cue to Europeans is obvious: don’t leave the EU, there are a few lifetimes of things to see, and you won’t be harassed by pervy turds in every other hotel. Also, let that vacation money of yours stay in the Union)

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