Piano Black – Conversations with Creationists

Being raised in the dirty bible belt south,  I’ve had my fair share of awkward conversations with people with an unquestionable faith for a supreme being. I’ll demonstrate some samples of how a few of these conversations went;

Dad: So what do you want to do with your life?

Me: I want to pursuing a profession in psychology and get a doctorates, but I would like to
do psychology more along the lines of the neuro and cognitive sciences.

Dad: That sounds cool, but why?

Me: I feel like it tries to explain the how and why of humans in a scientific

Dad: Well, no, that’s what God and Jesus is for.

Me: So you mean to tell me that God and Jesus is the how and why to everything?

Dad: Right.

Me: I don’t believe you, because God and Jesus didn’t create vaccines, didn’t create
technology, they could not explain the how and why these things work.

Dad: *tense silence*“

My father is a man that after my parents divorce, discover the “Catholic Faith” and since then relies only on a higher being to explain all of this problems and his purpose. Thus shoving a greater wedge in our even more strained relationship.

Next conversation was with a close friend, that in her respect, we’ll just call her X. Although I love her and have the greatest respect for her, she worries me because she’s more inclined to believe obvious pseudo-science(brujería or witchcraft) and religion than theories that have a sufficient amount of logic and evidence. Here is a sample of our conversation pertaining to evolution;

“ *Me stepping out of my theater class amazed on how many people refuse to accept the Theory of Evolution*

  Me: Can you believe that people in my theater class don’t believe in evolution? They’re only argument against evolution is that “they don’t come for no ape”!

  X: Well, I don’t believe in evolution either….

  Me: What? Why?

  X: Because if evolution really existed since things adapt and die out, wouldn’t gorillas and monkeys have died out too?

  Me: I don’t really think you even understand evolution X, because neanderthals have died out, and other species have died out since we evolved…

  X: Oh…. but I still don’t believe in it, because God created adam and eve and that’s how we came about.

  Me: *Face palm* “

It makes me cringe when people present an argument, whatever it may be and whenever they are presented clear fact, with sufficient evidence, refuse to change their perception or even admit they are wrong.

I think it is fine to develop our own thoughts to create a unique perception. Am I totally demystifying  the fact that there is no God? Well, no, I don’t think I am. I completely understand I do not have all the answers that creationists or people with religion affiliation have. Personally, although I am skeptical of there being the “God” that everyone worships or talks about, I am also skeptical of there being absolutely no supreme being. I would like to believe that there is another life waiting for me, that something that is so much more greater than me is there watching me, and something to belong to. Yet I know I wasn’t being honest with myself. I choose to have beliefs, in fact, my four beliefs are faith, hope, love, and self-improvement. I have faith in science, others, and myself. I have hope that if we were to encourage others to discover the beauty of science and follow it’s mystery, we would all help make this life, a better one. I have love, because with love I find salvation, and with self-improvement, I will have some reason to keep learning, and to keep exploring.

These conversations above are just samples of my conversations with creationists. Although I know they can be frustrating to deal with, especially us who have no patience with ignorance and denial, we should keep on embracing our message of knowledge and honesty.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    Because if evolution really existed since things adapt and die out, wouldn’t gorillas and monkeys have died out too?

    My response to that is: “But I’ve heard you claim that your ancestors came here from Germany [or Africa or Japan or wherever]. Clearly by your logic, that couldn’t be true, because there are still people living in Germany! It’s exactly the same argument.”

  2. says

    I respectfully suggest that proofreading your material before posting would help you achieve credibility. Use of a spelling and grammar checker would help too.

    If you don’t, the powers that be won’t let you into 6th grade.

  3. Psychopomp Gecko says

    It can get frustrating at times. I’ve been there too. In fact, I still live there. You have to remember that all creationists are either liars or the lied-to. Mostly the lied-to, with the liars at the very top. Just try to remember that they are ignorant and work from there, and do your best to keep from letting the frustration get to you. Attacking them in anger may undermine any education you can provide them.

  4. piano black says

    @Bruce haha I think saying that the next time someone gives me a response like X would be a witty and fun way to assert my stance and prove a point! Thank you for reading. I hope you keep reading my work. :)

    @Jenny thank you very much! I understand what you are talking about. I will make sure to better proofread so I could get my ideas across more clearly. But what did you mean by the last sentence, could you elaborate? Thank you! And thank you for reading as well!

    @gecko I completely agree, and thank you for telling me that. I tend to be the type of person who let’s my emotions get the better of me. I’m sure if I’m just patient and nice when presenting my logic, the recurve could better handle that message. Thank you and happy reading!

  5. says

    Have you come across the Buddhist story of a fox chasing a rabbit? The guru points out that the rabbit will probably get away, because it’s running for its life, whereas the fox is only running for its dinner.

    In much the same way, you’re arguing for truth and sanity, and they’re “arguing” to stay out of a sizzling hot hell. Of course it’s extra difficult.

  6. piano black says

    @Sheila oh no I have not heard that story but it’s pretty cool. I think I just want to help people to stay thinking straight. But of course it is up to them on how they want to think. Thank you and happy reading Sheila!

  7. says

    Because if evolution really existed since things adapt and die out, wouldn’t gorillas and monkeys have died out too?

    My favorite answer to that is: “they are”
    Remember – evolution works slowly and the history of life moves at geological time-scales. The Humans are here and the habitat of other primates is rapidly dwindling. Some humans are even eating their primate cousins and there are plenty of endangered primates including gorillas.

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World’s_25_Most_Endangered_Primates lists a bunch of endangered primates including why they are endangered and “Human encroachment” appears all over the list.

  8. Piano Black says

    @Marcus Another great point. I think with majority of my conversations, they mostly deal with people who aren’t aware of their surroundings or simply just refuse to accept plain facts. Thank you for commenting. Happy reading!

  9. PatrickG says

    @ Piano Black:

    Living in the dirty bible belt south myself (albeit a slightly more liberal area of such), I hear you on frustration and the necessity of patience.

    I came to Kentucky from San Francisco, and the culture shock was … something. Sometimes I wonder how I would possibly explain to my former self just how different it would be. I knew people believed some truly wacky stuff, but I never realized just how many people believed it, or how sincerely some very intelligent people could believe absolute junk. Sort of like knowing apatosaurus existed vs. standing next to a reconstructed skeleton. A very immediate difference!

    But I don’t have to tell you all that, of course. You’ve lived it! Anyway, my tortured point is that you’ve got firsthand knowledge, and that could be a real strength as you continue your career. Just some random suggestion from a random person on the internet, of course. :)

    Btw, jenny’s remark seemed to be pretty useless snark. Particularly amusing given hir grammar in a recent Pharyngula thread… but now I’m just being snarky myself. :)

    You’ll develop your voice and style by writing (as everyone does), and you’ll develop your own method for catching minor mistakes as you go. Keep it up, and remember the map says “Here Be Trolls”.

    P.S. Avicenna: This is a science-oriented blog, and it’s spell-checking apatosaurus!!!11 I demand immediate upgrades to the site!

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