Age of Kali – Here we are Again

There isn’t a day that goes by in India without another rape.

However sometimes there are specific cases that come to light where we can focus on the real ills of society.

On Friday Night a woman and her husband were setting up a tent in Madhya Pradesh. They were attacked by around 4 to 6 men (the numbers vary) with the husband being tied up. She was then repeatedly raped before the group made off with their electronics and money.

They managed to escape, flag down a passing motorcyclist and get to a hospital where evidence was taken despite the ensuing media circus.

However I must point out that the only reason this was taken as seriously as it has been was the ferocious aftermath of the Delhi rapes and the fact that this woman was from Switzerland.

20 year jail sentences and death penalties won’t stop rapes. They will just punish them. What India needs is a cultural shift. Where we teach our young men not to rape and we teach our young women to not accept rape.


  1. rbier says

    I’m from Switzerland and our country is horrified by what happened to this woman. Especially the way she was treated by the police has been criticised. I don’t even want to imagine how Indian women are treated in such a situation. However, as usual there are voices blaming the victim, saying that it’s all her fault and that she shouldn’t have travelled around in India, especially by bike. I haven’t made up my mind about this, yet. While the goal should be that everyone can travel to anywhere they like without being assaulted, media here in Switzerland covered the rape case in December extensively and this couple knew about the risks they were taking.

  2. S Mukherjee says

    rbier — you haven’t made up your mind yet about what? About whether to blame the victim and her husband? Let me help you with your decision — THE VICTIM IS NOT TO BLAME IN ANY WAY. Do you understand? This couple may have been silly and naive, but that does not mean they deserve to suffer like this. There must be rape cases happening in Switzerland too, so would you advise all residents of Switzerland to get out of there, and then turn around and blame them if they did get attacked? Shame on you for even having such a doubt.

  3. rbier says

    Yeah, shame on me for trying to ponder different points of view…Facts don’t disappear just because you refuse to look at them. India doesn’t get safe for women, just because you choose to ignore the risks.

  4. S Mukherjee says

    I am an Indian woman, born and brought up in India, so I know a thing or two about living there while being female.
    rbier — what risks do you mean? If you think this couple should have magically divined that their surroundings were not safe for them after hearing about the Delhi rape case, why should they have? The Delhi case happened in a big city, inside a vehicle. This couple were in the great outdoors, in a sparsely populated area. Very different situations. Maybe this couple were photographers, or making a documentary, or birdwatchers or something? Is this how you think about people who get into trouble climbing the Alps and then have to be rescued by helicopter — ‘stupid people, who asked them to climb the Alps when it was snowing, serves them right that they got stuck in an avalanche!’
    You implied in your first comment that you hadn’t made up your mind whether to join in blaming the victim or not. And you said in your second comment that you were ‘pondering different points of view’. You see, when you are trying to decide whether to blame the victim, you are essentially trying to decide whether to support the criminals. Yeah, India won’t get any safer if we ignore the risks, but you know what? It won’t get any safer if we keep making excuses for criminals to continue their harmful activities.

  5. rbier says

    S Mukherjee
    “rbier — what risks do you mean? If you think this couple should have magically divined that their surroundings were not safe for them after hearing about the Delhi rape case, why should they have? ”

    During the last 3 months, Swiss Government issued several official statements, in which it STRONGLY discouraged women from travelling to India because of the risk of being sexually assaulted. There is an official (permanent) list of the government with unsafe countries and regions, with an explanation why they are unsafe and what groups of people are most at risk. India is one of the countries on the list, the government explicitly tells women not to travel to India because they may be assaulted. Everyone who wishes to travel to such a country is made aware of this list and, therefore, knows about the risks. And, as I said, during the last months Swiss government had a campaign in order to inform people explicitly about India, since it is a country lots of people dreame of visiting. So, tell me, how did I mean they should have “magically divined” that their surroundings were not safe?

  6. rbier says

    And regarding your last statement: I never made excuses for criminals. What I said is that everything should be done in order to stop these crimes. Sadly, (not only) in India we are not there, yet, and women continue being raped. So, how do I make excuses for criminals by choosing not to travel to these countries in order to minimize my risk of being raped and advising other women not to go there, too? Being raped in India as a tourist, therefore, is what we should do, because if we choose not to travel to India as long as rapes are still such a big problem, we are blaming the victims?

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