The Other Malala

Sometimes we need to read deeper into the stories that grasp our attention.

We are all familiar with Malala and her brave stance. But remember, the Taliban didn’t just shoot her. They shot other people too.

Seema Jilani makes an excellent point here. We have basically picked a poster child for women in Afghanistan but forgotten about the other girls who were injured for wanting the same things that she did.

There is a project to help rescue the other girl (the third one is in hiding) who was shot by the Taliban and who we have effectively “doomed” to death.

So give. Give generously… This isn’t just about poster children. And tell them FTB sent ya…


  1. latsot says

    This is an excellent point. Poster children are incredibly important as a focus for our outrage at their treatment and for raising awareness, but we should take care that we are raising awareness and support for a whole set of problems, issues and causes.

    Malala has made great strides in her recovery and has said some very inspiring things. There’s a danger that we might start to see this as a problem solved rather than a problem still very much problematic.

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