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Who are you? Where did you come from? What are you made up of? Better yet, what are you even composed up of? Let’s  start with composition and work our way backwards. From the time of conception to birth, hundreds of trillions of teeny tiny particles decided to try out a new combination, a combination like never before that will only exist once. You’re special, you’re wonderful, you’re you. Allow me to present another fact; the human body is mostly made up of H20 which in the cells consist about 65-90% of it.  With H20 being two parts hydrogen clung on to one part oxygen, so it isn’t a big surprise that humans are filled with mostly oxygen as well. But wait! There’s more! 99% of the human body mass is made up of just 6 elements; oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorous. Nothing that couldn’t be found at the drugstore. Now that we got that taken care of, we know what you’re made up of, but where did you come from?

Back in the day, about 200,000 years ago when a new type of primate from the family Hominidae and our genus or common characteristic being homo. Basically before your current anatomy, although luckily we managed to adapt to our surroundings(sounds a lot like evolution to me).We are referred to as primates is because we’re derived from our ancestors who happened to live in the tropical forests’ trees(think monkeys and chimpanzees). In fact, our last common ancestor and relative that’s still alive here with us is the chimpanzee.

To summarize thousands of years of where you came from; You evolved from primates(think apes), became Australopithecines(latin and greek for southern apes), once you were granted with the genus homo, you decided it was time for bigger fish to fry so you migrated out of Africa as a homo erectus, so combined with homo heidelbergensis(direct ancestor of the neanderthal), leading you to becoming a homo sapien(who you are right now) and we began to colonize the continents arriving at Eurasia, Australia, and then the Americas and even finding out ways to get to remote islands such as Madagascar and Hawaii, to soon occupy majority of lands except for Antarctica.

Now you’re here today, you know what you’re made up of and you know your origins, but that still leaves the question, who are you?

You’re human. You have opposable thumbs, and the size of your brain is relatively large to the size of your body. You as a human also have a tendency to explain natural phenomena through philosophy, science, mythology, and even religion.  You are responsible and given the power to create a meaning and purpose to your own life. To become further generically philosophical to the matter at hand, you are the past present and future, keep that in mind when you make choices for yourself, your kids and the world around you.


  1. Thorne says

    the human body is mostly made up of H20 which in the cells consist about 65-90% of it.

    So my wife is a liar? She swears that my body is about 90% methane, which is constantly being vented into her atmosphere.

  2. Thorne says

    One of the joys of a long marriage. There are no secrets, good or bad. Every flaw is exposed.

    About where we’ve come from, you started the story in the middle. Those six elements which make up the majority of our body? They are, if memory serves, five of the six elements which make up the majority of the universe, helium being #2. And they are roughly in the same concentrations in our bodies as they are in the universe, too.

    Even more amazing, each and every one of those elements, except for hydrogen, was forged in the centers of stars! So when you ask where we come from, don’t forget those first several billion years when our atoms were being formed. As Carl Sagan said, “We are star stuff.”

    The rest of your concise history of humanity is pretty good. I’m not sure I would categorize Madagascar as being “remote”, though. It’s far closer to Africa than, say, Iceland is to Norway.

    As for who we are? Well, as for me, I’m just a grumpy old man with more history behind me than before me, and with little to do other than critique the writings of younger, smarter people. So don’t take me too seriously. Just nod amiably and try to hide the laughter behind my back.

    And oh yeah. Stay off my lawn!

  3. Piano Black says

    Thnak you for teaching me all of that, or at least going further into detail(that wasn’t the first time I heard that we were made out of the same things as stars) !
    Much appreciated and I hope you keep reading my work.
    And I will definitely stay off of your lawn. ha.

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