Not the Ducks! – Jagganath Chaterjee – A List of Things About Vaccination

I am always amused by the rants of Jagganath Chaterjee. Consider him to be the Gish of the Anti-Vax movement. A producer of long, rambling and pointless posts.

However this time he was awfully succinct and provided us with a short list of what he thinks is wrong with vaccination.

Vaccination Logic:

No Studies = No Evidence = Safe

Except there are studies showing that vaccines are safe. I got this one in under a minute of googling. There are others out there.

No surveillance = No data = No adverse event = Safe

The much beloved VAERS is a system by which the CDC for vaccine surveillance.

Adverse events = Coincidence

There are adverse effects to vaccination. However the majority of the serious ones are rare and the majority of the minor ones are things like pain, fevers, febrile seizures and irritation. Not Autism and ADHD and a myriad of other conditions the average anti-vax claims are “Adverse effects”. In addition these people handily forget the adverse effects of “harmless” diseases like measles.

Undeniable adverse events = We are looking into it

Actually? Anti-Vax claimed that autism is an undeniable adverse effect. Turns out it isn’t. We are looking into it is “honesty”. Unlike Mr. Chaterjee’s normal stance.

Parents concerns = Paranoia

Yes. Some of it is paranoia. Some of the anti-vax believe vaccines are being used to depopulate the world or make zombies or kill people and the only way to define such a fear is paranoia.

Mercury in vaccines = Good for the baby

Thimerosal again? Only the multi-dose bottles of the Flu Vaccine meant to vaccinate large populations has it. Thimerosal removal was one of the BEST things drug companies could have done to maximise vaccine profits. You see, it’s cheaper to make multi-dose bottles and dose from there. Now drug companies sell individual packaged vials at marked increased costs and without a preservative meaning the life span of vaccines is low meaning they cannot be stockpiled and have to be repeatedly purchased.

If Thimerosal was related to autism then you would have seen the incidence of autism go down. Instead it has gone up. The same applies to anti-vax. The rise of anti-vax should have seen a fall in autism but if anything it’s still gone up. Vaccines have no correlation to autism.

Also? There is sodium in your baby food. And chlorine.

Independent studies = Bad science

Every Independent study has sided with vaccines being a cheap, effective way to prevent diseases.

Herd Immunity = Moral Duty

Yes. Yes it is. If you are healthy and can be vaccinated it is your duty to do so because there are individuals in our society who cannot get vaccinated due to pre-existing health issues or whose immune systems are compromised. There is a reason our HIV+ patients survive longer than those in India or Africa even for the same parity of economic status. The presence of diseases that we have eliminated increase the chance of death.

Compensation to injured = Duh?

If the majority of people claiming to be “vaccine injured” are not injured then paying them compensation is pointless.

The irony is after posting this, Mr. Chaterjee was proud enough to regale a story where he claimed a child died due to vaccination. In it he convinced the mother of a child to cease the usage of our decadent “Western” medicine and instead use Ayurveda. Something tells me that the child had a genuine issue and that this poor woman took advice from a quack. The quackiest sort of quack.

When I first came across Mr. Chaterjee’s “work” I was shown a little pamphlet. It was a print out of his 40 Reasons to not vaccinate. It was interspersed with stuff from Mike Adams… It’s why I covered it the first time.

It was in the hands of a mother whose son was ill. She had tried everything over a week and he only got worse. From quack medicines to even prayer and exorcism. The patient presented with pain, fever, uncontrolled excitement and depression and violent biting seizures.

I helped cremate her son. He had no father and she had no money. She had spent it all on her “doctor”. Her child died of rabies. Had she come in after the initial bite her son would have lived. Instead he died chained to a bed in a quiet room in an empty part of the hospital where his screams couldn’t scare the other patients. We invariably shortened his life with the pain care we gave him but he died because of ignorance. And I can remember the agony this young boy died in.

Rabies is eminently preventable. The vaccination of our pets and the prophylaxis of bites has all but eliminated the disease. Jagganath’s bullshit has killed. It has probably killed dozens of people who have read his advice and believed him. We will never know because many of these people will honestly think they did the best we can.

To this day the mother whose son died thinks she did all she could. Can you tell a distraught mother whose only son is screaming himself to death that she was wrong? Her only crime was ignorance. The real criminal was the vultures who made a quick buck of this woman.

I would have given the boy the rabies vaccine out of my own pocket if I had to.

I wouldn’t advise you on how to fix your plumbing, build a house, do “computer stuff”. I stutter and falter and make idiotic statements when discussing things out of my knowledge and grasp. I am however willing to learn and improve. People have corrected me and I have learnt from things I am wrong about. If I have the time, I will read about a topic. I will try my best to improve.


  1. Mattir, Another One With Boltcutters says

    My daughter had an encounter with a probably rabid raccoon when she was 12. She is still here at 17, thanks to the local public health department and rabies prophylaxis – our pediatrician, whom I called first, has never seen a case of rabies and said that the raccoon probably licking the scratched-open mosquito bite on her ankle was “nothing to worry about.” I was pretty sure that was criminally negligent advice and followed up with public health. The DaughterSpawn occasionally spends time relating her experience online and arguing with various anti-vax and animal rights types, some of whom have had the gall to say that she should have died in agony than use a vaccine developed on and originally produced in animals or that various non-vaccine pseudo-treatments would have protected her.

    Having learned a bit about rabies and how preventable it is, I am a lot more conscientious about making sure my cats are vaccinated on schedule and a lot more horrified by the experiences of your patient and the 50,000 other people who die from rabies each year.

  2. says

    Indian anti-vaxxers perplex me more than others, because some of the earliest documentation of vaccination procedures is from India. According to Wikipedia, Chatterjee’s vaunted Ayurveda even contains a reference to inoculation.

    I’m not a doctor, but I know how read evidence. It just works, people. Get over it.

  3. says

    certainly like your website however you need to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very bothersome to tell the truth then again I’ll certainly come back again.

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