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A year ago today, I met a guy that I would soon call my best friend. Although we speak anymore (for reasons unknown), I keep him in my thoughts everyday.

Our friendship was, different. I don’t feel a need to talk about his facial features or his stature because I was smitten with his persona alone, everything else was a plus. For one, we never officially kissed, let alone dated, in fact the most physical we had ever gotten was measuring each others hand and hugging. It was something cute, something refreshing. We would spend our school nights talking to each other into the wee hours of the morning, because we usually didn’t see each other at school.

In those conversations, we would naturally let each other into our worlds of privacy, telling each other our hopes, dreams, pet peeves and the most minute details about ourselves in hopes the other person would still want to talk to us afterwards. I’d always find myself hoping to run into him anywhere, since when I did, it felt like the whole world stopped for he was the center of my universe. I didn’t want to cage or to own him, I just wanted to embrace him.

Prior to our meet, I had always equated love with tolerance. For the first time in my young life, I felt jealousy, what being selfless meant, and I knew what it meant to love someone. I felt like Columbus, discovering a whole new world. Along with those feelings, I had also felt scared, and confused, but I knew he was always right there besides me. He was always willing to give me his time and his patience, whether I was angry at the world or living a wonderful life, it was him who was always there for me. No matter how muddy the waters got, he was always there for clarity.He gave me honesty, a new perspective, and a feeling of understanding. I always wonder if I did the same for him. Laying my heart on the line, to love someone is not to expect love in return, it’s the ultimate form of selflessness.

While we are parting ways officially in May, I’m not upset. I know I will see him again, because when you want to see someone again, you always will. I want to thank him for the love, and to show the gratitude and respect I have for him.Thank you my beautiful friend for teaching me what it means to be in love, seeing eternity in his eyes, you were a master. It’s may not be our time now, but maybe there is a plan for us. I love you.

- Piano Black


  1. says

    wow, that was beautiful… in a sad way. I somehow feel related to the topic but am not sure if it’s rational to love someone without expecting the same feeling back, it’s rather heart breaking and it’ll haunt you forever but I guess it’s better to experience love even when things don’t work out the way you want them to. I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Piano Black says

    Hello luna!
    Thank you very much! How did you relate to the topic(if you don’t mind me asking)?
    Pertaining to the whole rationality of loving someone, it wasn’t rational at all, but I thought that if I was just loving/liking him just because I thought he love/liked me back the same way then I just didn’t think it was right. For a while it was heartbreaking and I asked him how he felt about me and the dynamics of our relationship, but from the multitude of answers he gave me, it seemed like he didn’t even know himself. Thank you for reading this and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Take care!

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