Age of Kali – Delhi Rape – Update

Ram Singh, one of the accused in the rape and subsequent murder of a young woman in Delhi has been found dead in his cell in Tihar Jail.

The official statement is that he had committed suicide by hanging, but one of the defence lawyers (V.K. Anand not Lal Sharma) has claimed that Ram Singh was murdered. He claims that the “There was no reason to commit suicide.” despite the fact that Ram Singh would probably have faced the death penalty.

An inquest will begin shortly but whatever it is, it’s just another incident in a very very sad story in Indian History.


  1. garnetstar says

    It’s reported that Singh’s father says Singh was raped and beaten in prison, but that he had a bad hand injury and could not have hanged himself.

    This is very sad, and should not have happened. I suspect that some will say “Poetic justice!”, but it’s not the way forward.

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