What Are You Thinking?

Boys will be boys.

That’s what we say when we get up to hi-jinks and shenanigans. And my youth was filled with such shenanigans. Everything from beer laden break ins into a girl’s dormitory to chat up young ladies who smiled at us to epic drinking sessions. But that’s youth and I kind of have mellowed out (really mellowed out… celibacy for 5 years and only 3 weeks of contact with alcohol that doesn’t blind you).

I was “having fun”. In retrospect it was a lot of fun being silly as a teenager.

However there are some people who never think about their actions. I mean “really inappropriate behaviour”.

Do men (and let’s be honest? It’s mainly men. Although there is a rising number of ladies who have started doing this in response…) think that grabbing a random passing arse would result in a positive response? I mean the only way I can see that working is if the woman knew you and this was cheeky flirting that both of you appreciated. At no point have I ever heard the response to such inappropriate behaviour as “Yes, Let’s Go Fuck”.

Is it power? I mean there are so many chances for that to backfire particularly in the west. In India perhaps the mob may weigh in on the man’s side (If you dressed better he wouldn’t touch you up!) but in the UK?

Is it the thrill of escape? Like the thrill of the kleptomaniac’s theft? Is it a compulsion and therefore uncontrolled?

Or is it just plain stupid attention seeking? Are people giving you a positive feedback which encourages this? Of course they probably are. But they aren’t supporting you. They are laughing at you as well.

So which goes back to the question to those who act like this… Just what are you thinking when you do that?