The Rattler

Okay, so my night off ended miserably. Patient comes in with a lovely little slit in his leg caused by a knife. Turns out he has been bitten (or is alleged to have been bitten) by a snake and tried to drain the poison.

A Snake of unknown species no less. It was described as arm length and black. So without knowing what species it is we had to give multi-valent snake venom along with at tetanus shot.

The ambulance just arrived 30 minutes ago and he has been sent on his jolly way after polishing off the last of my pasta. He seemed stable (considering the way he was polishing off my Pasta?) but he needs to be placed in observation for a day or two.

I however need to have breakfast and get ready for a freethinkers meeting (my first one anywhere ever) in a few hours. I think I may die standing…

Stupid snakes, first that whole Garden of Eden malarky and now my precious sleep…



  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    If it was black, it prob’ly wasn’t a rattler.

    Here in the southeast US, if you get bitten by a black snake, you have probably made the acquaintance of a water moccasin (aka cottonmouth). However, moccasin bites tend to get very nasty very fast (the venom effectively necrotizes tissue), so it exercises a negative effect on appetite.

  2. says

    The list of snakes in India that can kick your arse out is pretty big… From Sea Snake (Yeah the one Aussies tell you to worry about) to banded krait, to Russel’s viper to cobras… India is kind of like Australia in it’s mad snakes…

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