Not the Ducks! – The Problem with Indian Healthcare

One of the hardest things to do in Indian while being a Skeptical Doctor is dealing with your “fellow doctors“. Yes, the Indian government gives fairly large amounts of money (Roughly 200 million dollars) to people who are effectively quacks.

And the worst bit is Indians believe whole heartedly in native “medicine“. From traditional bone setters to ayurveda to unani, they are all supported with state money.

The man who calls himself a doctor may be a complete quack. It certainly makes me worry about who is treating my patients.


  1. markr1957 says

    Holy crap! Why do Indian government officials not take the time to read the NHS study reports on homeopathy, and at least exclude that particular fraud from getting funding! The only reference to research in the article seems to have been ‘performed’ by a so-called expert in the practice, so both his motives and his findings ought to be suspect!
    Avi, do you think that, if a particular ‘alternative’ proves to be useless, the Indian government will tell the people and stop funding it?

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