1. cassmorrison says

    They are a lot of fun. I would suggest that you do invite only On Air sessions then post them to Youtube after because of the FTBullies cohort.

  2. says

    That could be done. Although I am willing to run it open for a few sessions to see if we are safe and simply banning idiots to begin with.

    Now to get people to help me set up the damn things…

  3. formerlysuspended says

    I would suggest that you find a different venue. Google is a frightening company which has shown no hesitation in sending information to the federal government without your consent or even knowledge. I’m also sure you’re aware that Google bought out YouTube some years ago.

    It would be just as simple to set up an IRC chat or even just a WordPress account where people can post comments back and forth. Just my thoughts.

    Please keep up the nice content.

  4. says

    Which federal government? I am not breaking any laws by being an atheist in India (freedom of religion) and the government is filled with atheists in the UK and so would be hard pressed to jail me. The US government probably has better things to do than spy on me (If you are spying on me… HELLOOO! Come see my hangouts!!!)

    Honestly? You shouldn’t think of it as “Spying on me” you should think of it as “Me wasting Hard drive space”.

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