Dear Russia

I got a hold of Dr. Lively (Doctor of Theology)’s letter to Russia cooing about how it was responsible for the frankly terrifying anti-gay propaganda law. Basically? It’s a law that cannot be repealed since the law protects itself from being repealed since any attempts to change it are by nature Pro-Gay. 

I am Dr. Scott Lively, president of Defend the Family International, a human-rights organization based near Los Angeles, Calif. I hold a Juris Doctor of Law from Trinity Law School, a Doctor of Theology from the School of Bible Theology (both of which schools are in California), and a certificate in human rights from the International Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. I am the author of the Riga Declaration on Religious Freedom, Family Values and Human Rights, and several books, including “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party,” which is currently being translated into Russian for publication in 2008.

Dear Russia.

I am just a medic.

And even I know that this man’s qualifications are simply being used to impress you. Let is actions speak louder than words. This man is a bigot and by associating with his stance you have proven to us that you too are bigots.

And if he has a certificate in “Human Rights” then I think International Institute of Human Rights needs to seriously consider who it hands those out to.

I have just completed a speaking tour through your beautiful country and have come to love your culture and your people. I had the privilege of visiting numerous Russian cities, from Vladivistok and Blagoveschensk in the Far East, to several cities in Siberia, and St. Petersburg in the West. I’ve been impressed by how much Russians are like Americans in many ways: both are intelligent, resourceful, competitive and entrepreneurial. These similarities are both good and bad. They are good in that our nations have a foundation for friendship, but they are bad in that they make Russia vulnerable to the same destructive forces that have harmed America.

What Harm? You mean the destruction of the economy that has occurred wasn’t due to the lack of sensible legislation and economic control but due to two men fucking? REALLY?

The purpose of my visit was to bring a warning about the homosexual political movement which has done much damage to my country and which has now taken root in Russia. This is a very fast-growing social cancer that will destroy the family foundations of your society if you do not take immediate, effective action to stop it.

No it won’t. Honestly? How on earth do gay people undermine family? WHAT IF MY WIFE/HUSBAND RUNS OF WITH A LESBIGAY? Is not a sane fear, it is a stupid one. In a society where the GLBT are not oppressed you are unlikely to marry a gay man/lesbian woman because they are more likely to be sure of what they want in life.

Homosexuality is a personality disorder that involves various, often dangerous sexual addictions and aggressive, anti-social impulses. This combination of factors causes homosexuals to have an intense loyalty to each other and a common goal to change any society in which they live in organized “gay and lesbian” communities. They have no acceptance in a society that restricts sex to heterosexual marriage, so they work to eliminate sexual morality and remove all limitations on sexual conduct. Importantly, their initial strategy is not promote homosexuality, but to spread sexual immorality among heterosexuals, especially the young people. Only later, when the culture has become sexually corrupt, do they openly step forward to take power as the natural leaders of such a society.

1960s called. They want their definitions of homosexuality back.

Take over power? Guys? Elton John has no real say in our society. I know we call them Queens but it doesn’t mean they give out Royal Decrees.

The process of change always begins with the institutions which shape the thinking and behavior of young people. First comes the promotion of sexual promiscuity through mass media, then the introduction of high-profile “gay” celebrities such as Elton John and George Michael, then the development of “gay” political cells in the universities. Later comes the advocacy of “gay rights” by politicians and community leaders.

Both of whom are British and not American. And our society hasn’t suddenly busted out into an orgy of man on man action. (Although I have been gone for a while…).

Sex is fun. Indulge in it safely. Don’t reduce your sexual ideology to treating it as if it is sinful. It’s not healthy and it’s just sad.

It is no accident that Hollywood promotes sexual immorality. The American entertainment media is heavily influenced, in some cases controlled, by professional homosexual activists who use television, movies and music as a tool of social engineering. Russian youths are being shaped in this way, just as American youths were, beginning in the late 1950s. However, the now wealthy and powerful global homosexual movement has perfected its tactics and can transform a society very rapidly.

Making it more Fabulous Instantly!

Some Russian universities, especially in the larger cities, now have “gay and lesbian” clubs. Remember that their focus is always on the young people. The homosexuals know they can’t change the values of the older people, but that young people, especially those who are sexually active or cohabiting, are easily persuaded to accept homosexuality as just another lifestyle. In fact, many young people become active defenders of homosexuality, because the “gay” movement portrays all homosexuals as helpless victims of societies who “just want to be left alone to love whom they please.” The universities serve as recruitment centers for both homosexuals and their heterosexual allies and protectors.

Of Course Scott Likely would be against education. Just look at his qualifications!

The homosexual movement tries to win public sympathy by claiming that homosexuals are “born that way” and cannot change. This is not true. There is a large association of doctors and therapists in the United States who help homosexuals to recover (see and many thousands of former homosexuals who now live normal lives. But unfortunately, there is an even larger network of homosexual activists and their allies (backed by the full power of the European Union, some U.S. agencies and institutions, and numerous international NGOs), who insist that homosexuality is unchangeable and must be protected by government. Their goal is to pass a law prohibiting discrimination against homosexuals, which then serves as a legal foundation for the rest of their agenda: publicly funded and protected “gay pride” parades in every city, homosexual marriage or its equivalent, promotion of homosexuality to schoolchildren, full acceptance of homosexuality in every part of society, and punishment of people who disagree.

This large association of “doctors and therapists” are outnumbered by mainstream medicine who point out that anti-gay therapy is harmful and akin to torture. The psychological damage of such “therapy” is inhumane.

And yes. We want laws preventing discrimination.

When people say promoting homosexuality to school children they are picturing a demonstration of anal sex rather than say “Sometimes two men love each other too” and moving on to making macaroni pictures.

Unfortunately, many Russians believe this could never happen in their country. That’s what we believed in the United States. But the change has already begun in Russia. Just talk to the university students in the major cities, or search on the Internet for “gay” activities in your own city. There was a “gay pride” parade this August in Omsk, the Novosibirsk newspapers are now printing “gay” dating ads, there are at least three “gay” Internet sites for teenagers in Krosnoyarsk, and Saint Petersburg already has a population of homosexual men who meet for sex in certain public parks. These examples may seem like a small threat considering the strong opposition to homosexuality in most of Russian society, but I beg you not to ignore these warning signs. They are like the smoke from a forest fire. If you wait until you can see the flames from your own house it will be too late.

I cannot stop laughing at how Scott thinks the Internet Works. These people don’t stop being gay because you oppress them. They just stop being happy…

What can be done to protect Russia from the “gay” movement?

Apparently “Draconian Laws Reducing The Freedom of Homosexuals and Allowing for them to be openly targetted by hate groups” is one of them.

First, begin an immediate campaign in every city to promote marriage and family values, and to discourage sexual promiscuity and cohabitation. Young people at every grade level should receive age-appropriate instruction on why sexual morality and family values are important to their future, and older students should learn how to prepare to be a good husband or wife. Every city should offer marriage seminars and counseling to help strengthen existing families. Cities should celebrate family life and offer many pro-family programs and activities. 

Second, begin training doctors, psychologists and therapists in the techniques of helping homosexuals to recover, and offer this therapy as a public service. Promote recovery for homosexuals in public advertising and reach out to young people who may suffer from same-sex attraction. Catch it early and spare these youths a lifetime of pain and suffering. Importantly, if Russian authorities publicly promote recovery for homosexuals, the “gays” will not be able to deceive the public with their “born the way” propaganda.

Third, criminalize the public advocacy of homosexuality. My philosophy is to leave homosexuals alone if they keep their lifestyle private, and not to force them into therapy if they don’t want it. However, homosexuality is destructive to individuals and to society and it should never publicly promoted. The easiest way to discourage “gay pride” parades and other homosexual advocacy is to make such activity illegal in the interest of public health and morality.

Fourth, develop family-friendly media alternatives to the immoral products now being imported from the U.S. and Europe. Russian society is rich with talented people. Russian media companies should become competitors for the hearts and minds of the young people, and even set the example for how to produce good quality entertainment that uplifts, not degrades, the human spirit.

You know what?

I was joking till I got to this bit. Now I am just sickened.

You know what Russia? You did what this wanker wanted. You actually went out of your way to make life miserable for a minority who suffer immense bigotry. Of course the people who do this never saw the bigotry… The KKK don’t think of themselves as bigots. Neither do the homophobes who do this.

How can you read this man’s hate speech without feeling depressed.

Das Vidanya Russia, You Chose Poorly.


  1. sc_fe1bb3ef491761db0e810c06a7807404 says

    Russia thereby denies some its citizens to practice eudemonia- human flourishing as they deserve to do.
    They should not have to be stoic to undergo this bigoted attitude for the pleasure of bigots.
    They should practice eudemonia however they choose.
    This law decreases eudemonia, making for less utility.
    It violates the categorical imperative.

  2. smrnda says

    “I’ve been impressed by how much Russians are like Americans in many ways: both are intelligent, resourceful, competitive and entrepreneurial.”

    All said, I grant that you have to be pretty resourceful to survive a country like Russia, but outside of selling off old CCCP uniforms on eBay, I don’t see much evidence for ‘entrepreneurship.’

    Worse, I think that Russia seems adamant on entering a new Dark Age, mostly fueled by US missionaries. They misdiagnosed the problems of Russia and blamed them all on the godlessness of the Communist era, so rather than say, helping a nation figure out how to fix economic, social and technological problems using say, a more open and responsive government, they convince them that *magic* will fix everything and the ship just keeps sinking. These missionaries know the deal; a nation with a low standard of living will provide more converts since religion thrives on desperation, and so they have no incentive to do anything to benefit the Russian people.

    And now they’ve decided to engage in some scapegoating of gay people as the source of all problems, as if we don’t see happy, successful, gay-accepting nations. Even in the US you can see that areas which are pro GLBT equality are usually a lot better places to be than where it isn’t.

  3. beardymcviking says

    Thanks Avicenna, for writing this. there needs to be more noise made about this spread of bigotry. Just as we make gains for justice in some places, we step (jump?) backwards elsewhere. It’s really depressing, watching the rise and rise of homophobic, but also racist bigotry in Russia lately.

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