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So… I got some amusing hate mail. I do reserve the right to post the stupidest and vilest of stuff but so far it’s been “God will punish you” and “You Suck Assorted Phallus” rather than “Anything particularly amusing”

You are going bankrupt! Just like your morals! I just saw the list of TAM speakers and you aren’t speaking this year! How does it feel to lose your income?

At this rate you will be sidelined in the movement. You and your femino-facist ideology is on it’s way out of atheism!


A Concerned and Sensible Reader

(Yes, I do Read My Hate Mail… I think the Animal Lib hilarity made me treat Hate Mail with pride that I am doing something right!)

Apparently I am going to go bankrupt because I am not going to be paid to speak at TAM this year.

This is news to me since I wasn’t aware that I had spoken at TAM last year or any other place for that matter. In fact I have never even been to any Atheist/Skeptic/Freethought Convention. Even when I went to the Rape Protests out here I didn’t speak even when offered the opportunity because it wasn’t my place to speak and also it would kind of ruin the mystique I have cultivated behind my enigmatic pseudonym.

You do realise I am not in the USA right?

Now my interest has been piqued…

Just who do you think I am? I am British, Brown and Bald, not one person speaking at TAM 2012 met that venn diagram of sexiness (I am the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk of Men!). To be fair from what I have seen, not one person at TAM 2013 meets that lofty standard either… Maybe I should change my blog’s tag line to “1 in 7 billion”.

I would like to go to TAM someday but if you read my “About” section you would know that I am pretty much stuck out here. One day when I have “Money” and “Time”, I will make the trip down. I may even get to speak on something that I think is important. But as for now? I can’t really move from here. Not without damaging the things I have spent the past 3 years or so working for. And I wouldn’t charge, in fact if I was offered money I would probably be more interested in spending it on my idea for a Blasphemy BBQ and to fundraise for a charity there. I may back a vaccination drive or a science demo for kids and adults! Woo! Scary Stuff!

And I never was “in” atheism to begin with. And to be fair consider that I started blogging because there were no ex-Hindus in mainstream atheism and there were no role models to help me when I struggled with my faith. My atheism was a relatively lonely road and I started blogging so that others get to see that there are ex-hindu atheists from a non-Indian standpoint. The people who you see at these meets were cool but they never really inspired me to be an atheist because I came from an entirely different background and because I was trapped between two different cultures. Atheists such as Periyar didn’t interest me because I had little in common with the struggles he faced. Dawkins I shared more with but his faith and culture were markedly different from mine. I was effectively on my own.

If this mental image of me “Stuck” out here helping out others instead of coming to TAM makes you feel “Happy” then good for you. It’s nice to be able to bring a smile to someone’s face without trying for once.

I am not naïve. I feel that you just don’t like whatever I do. Nothing I do would make you cheer apart from break my own leg. I could kill Polio with my bare hands and wipe leprosy of the map and you would still whine about what I do and demand that I be poor and not have money or not be allowed to speak.

There is just no pleasing some people.

Also? 9/10 for usage of the word “femino-facist”.


  1. otranreg says

    The feminazi trope (as well as mentioning ‘the movement’) is pretty solid evidence that you’re not the only FTBlogger who’s got this message.

  2. hexidecima says

    some cadbury’s dairy milk is always appreciated :)

    I would very much like to know which idiot sent the wonderfully ignorant email. People like that deserve to be ridiculed as much as possible.

  3. F [nucular nyandrothol] says

    I wonder what kind of budget one would have to be on to go bankrupt by losing a speaking engagement at TAM.

  4. TGAP Dad says

    As hate mail goes, the one in this post is pretty lame and mamby-pamby. No “you’re going to burn in hell for eternity and I will celebrate!” No death threat or racism. Markos Moulitsas gets MUCH better hate mail than that! The animal rights hate mail sounds promising. Give us some of that.

  5. ismenia says

    The Cadbury’s Dairy Milk of Men? It’s very confusing to read that whilst suffering from hormone-related chocolate cravings and waiting for my husband to get home with that very product.

    Doesn’t help that I’m coming down with a cold so pretty confused anyway.


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