Be Loud, Be Angry, Be Visible

TW – Rape

Booysen was raped, mutilated and left for dead at a construction site near her Bredasdorp home in South Africa after visiting a sports bar on the night of the 1st of February. She died in hospital from her injuries the next day.

Details are sketchy but this rape and murder comes so shortly after the Delhi Rape that the similarities are chilling.

South Africa, like India is not safe for women. It is widely called the Rape Capital of the World which is a dubious distinction for a country that hosted the World Cup just a few years ago.

The headlines and advice is chilling even by the standards that I am used to. But what is more terrifying are the statistics. Rape is normal for women in South Africa. By Normal I mean the majority of women have stated that they have been raped. A third of South African men admit they have raped someone. This is a universal problem that affects all South Africans. Be it Mothers and Daughters or Sons and Husbands.

But we forget that these rapes are not committed by women. Sure some women may be complicit but the majority of rape is committed by men even if it is on other men.

The number of women raped every day increases at a massive pace. It is estimated that there are around 400 rapes a day just on women. And many people suggest that unlike India the normalcy of rape means that South Africans won’t respond in the same way.

So my advice is this. Tell your sons not to rape. Show your anger and hate of this terrible crime. Be heard and seen. Get Angry, Get Louder and Be Visible.


  1. Nepenthe says

    I think you meant to say “A third of South African men admit that they have raped“, unless you’ve seen wildly different stats than I have.

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