A Voice for Me/n – I Cannot Respect You and the People Who Associate With You

You are judged by the people you associate with. If your friend is a thief and you regularly protect your friend’s thieving habit then you are abetting the theft. Now that’s a crime. Free speech is a lovely little thing. Freedom of Speech however comes with Responsibility of Speech.

You are free to say anything you like. You are however responsible for what you say. You cannot claim to be a defender of free speech when you refuse to take responsibility for it. Some places have strict rules with regards to free speech and free speech within context. Even bastions of free speech like /b on 4Chan have “rules and limits”. The limits to free speech exist to encourage dialogue because dialogue without rules is what we call shouting loudly.

I cannot respect the people who associate with A Voice for Men. Every week they manage to do something worse than the last and all I can remember are the quotes from the people who said that it’s “Free Speech” and “Not Everyone Is Like That” and that “I should give people a chance to prove that they aren’t callous misogynists”.

And I repeat my statement. It is not for me to spend time with you and find your good side, it is for you to put your best foot forward. I am not a Disney Princess, You are unlikely to find me singing about the Colours of the Wind and I got better things to do than unleash your hidden good guy from the cold callous internet persona of a dick. So far what I see is an entire group of people claiming to be for Freedom of Speech who don’t show an ounce of responsibility with that freedom. You are free to drive a car but you aren’t free to drive it like an arsehole.

A Voice for Men’s piece on a Rad Fem is a perfect example of a diatribe of free speech that has gone uncriticised. Will AVfM run a counter piece against itself (It’s supposedly a bastion of free speech after all) saying “You Know That was In Poor Taste”.

Let’s get this straight. The original piece is “fucking stupid”. There are extremist “feminists” who are less about equality of women and more about female superiority. They however are a minority. They are ROUTINELY criticised by other women and indeed feminists for their stances. Fact Check Me’s piece is just plain stupid and works under some bizarre notion that the elimination of all men is a good thing and goes on to make some weird statements that make me wonder if Fact Check Me is an MRA poe rather than a real person. If this person is a real woman writing and indeed believing in these things then she isn’t a nice person and has little to do with actual feminism. From a quick shuftie around her site I can quite clearly see that either she is a parody that I don’t get or is a transphobic bigot. To hold her up as an example of how women treat men is like holding up Chris Brown as an example of how men treat women. There is a difference between demanding “respect and equality” and frothing at the mouth discussing the extinction of men due to fragile Y Chromosomes.

That’s genuine criticism. I am sure if I pick up one of her pieces I can mock it for what it is. The writings of a bigot. However the cure for bigotry is not MORE bigotry.

Although we have re-posted an original article written by the owner of an Aryan ideological site, we don’t agree with the point of view of the original author. It has been posted here in full for criticism and rebuttal. In the interests of complete transparency and disclosure, the original text included numerous spelling, punctuation and capitalization errors, most of which have been corrected in this reproduced text. For example, in the original copy, Jew was incorrectly spelled “men” and Aryan typed using the idiosyncratic spelling “women”.

The “Joke” Article is just distasteful. It replaces (if you didn’t click on the AVfM link) Men with the word Jews and women with the word Aryans. The problem I have with it is that Women have never marched Men into showers and to be poisoned to death while people who call themselves Aryans have marched Jews into said camps. Radical Feminists have never even done that… Parody is elegant, this is stupid.

And any moral high ground you have is lost by the Godwin and by claiming that men who have been the dominant gender in our society for pretty much all of recorded history can be equated to the horrific industrial scale massacre that was the Holocaust. It is absolutely reprehensible and shameful to utilise the deaths of the men and women who died for no reason apart from hate to flog your own hate.

I am sure MRAs will say “But Avi! Men Went To War and Died! Just look at Verdun or Ypres or Gallipoli!” and I will respond with this. There were no women politicians, there were no women who wrote the rules of war and there were no women who wanted the war or who had any power to control it. It was men who declared war on other men while women sat at home and made the guns and bombs for men to kill each other not because of a 10,000 year old plan to get freedom or to kill of all the men but because the men who made guns and bombs were needed to shoot other men in a pointless and brutal war. The people who sent men only to die in such distressing numbers were not women but other men and while it wasn’t a conscious effort to kill men, it was a by product of a society where women were considered inferior beings who couldn’t fight a war. It wasn’t women who created this notion but men.

We have come a long way since then but we still have a long way to go.

Obviously, the original author’s identity is disclosed neither on A Voice for Men, nor anywhere on the original Aryan ideology website, even in the site’s registration. While by itself this would not be conclusive, in light of the nature of the site’s powerfully anti-Semitic editorial position, this guarded anonymity indicates in the author a clear consciousness of guilt.

Why? Were you planning to expose her identity for free speech? And it’s not a racist website, it’s a radical feminist/female supremacy one. Don’t equate one to the other. One’s a deadly world view that has killed millions and been used to suppress minorities and even own them as property. The other is a rant by a woman who believes in a very flawed world view that to date hasn’t committed genocide AND honestly is happier sat away from the mainstream hating men. At no point have women and men from “Men’s Rightia” taken on the mighty female legions of “Feminst Land” in deadly aerial ballet. At no point have we waged massive wars of attrition on each other. In fact the worst we can claim of the radical feminists is a disconnect from reality.

This is more than opening paragraph of filler and misdirection, as claimed by the author. She’s chosen to open with mention menstrual and fecal excretion. She knows, at least subconsciously how repulsive her own anti-Semitism is to a healthy-minded adult. By initial mention of bodily waste, she has in effect, identified herself.

There is nothing wrong with menstruation and faeces. Honestly? As someone who routinely has to ask these things the quicker we realise that they are products of body function and are “unhygenic” rather than “gross”, the quicker you guys tell the doctors when something is wrong.

I cannot believe I can actually slate two articles at the same time but this stance applies to both. FCM’s usage of this is a tongue in cheek way of mocking MRA’s with biological functions that affect all women. The MRA’s problem is that they take this seriously. I don’t know who to mock harder. The original for the silly toilet humour or the MRA’s for the psych eval.

After her first overt antisemitism in mention of “something very wrong with Jews”, the original author takes a sharp left turn by seemingly irrelevant mention of a jello mold gone wrong due apparently to inclusion of pineapples. Having established herself earlier with faeces and excretion, any topic for a turn into banal drivel will do. A pineapple jello is utterly boring and that’s the point. She’s making it clear that the casual discussion of a final solution is as pedestrian a topic as trying and failing to assemble a predictable potlach contribution. She’s gone all the way to the sleepy suburbs to drive home the message that eugenic purification of the Aryan race provokes no flutter of conscience. She’s taken a purposeful posture of monster. This author, if we are to believe her, is proud to broadcast her regard for people of Jewish faith or culture as a subhuman nuisance.

Well everyone who cooks meat knows that pineapples are an excellent marinade due to a proteolytic enzyme pineapples contain which is what gives them their “tang” (and which is why if you eat too much your mouth gets sore) and which makes them a fantastic tenderiser for your meat. If you add them to Gelatin they break down the protein preventing setting.

She hasn’t gone all the way into the sleepy suburbs, she wants to make a post with a “read between the lines” format gimmick. It’s really not well done and jarringly obvious considering she tells you to do so at the end!

Antisemitism, hatred, and all of their attendant byproducts are thereby normalized.Indeed, after mention – ( but strangely, no citation ) of the dual Jew conspiracies of mandatory rape and world-wide Ayan infanticide, the author makes another detour into the boring, re-enforcing the normality and pedestrian character of the eradication by genetic degradation of Jews around the globe.

The “mandatory rape” stuff is stupid.

However female infanticide and foeticide is well known, well documented and a fact of life. Denial of the Chinese and Indian culture’s entrenched infanticide of girls and now the widespread foeticide of female foetuses is like denial of the Sun. Fuck! I Wanted to say Holocaust Denial but there can be only one Godwin in this post!

In India alone the gender difference indicates a loss of 50 MILLION women. If we assume China has a similar sized problem then it’s a total of 100 million girls missing from the world. Female foeticide and infanticide are real things, to poison the well by equating it with a Radical Feminist (I always assume that means she rides a skateboard) and her ideas on sex as being rape is stupid. To equate that further with the creed of white nationalism is puzzling as fuck and yet another fucking stupid move by A Voice For Men and their war on  women in India since a lot of the foeticide happens here.


Just imagine the paradise of a world totally absent of Jewry and all the Jews have built. Utopia coming soon, just as soon as the Hebes have all died off.But as before this atavistic hatred of the Hebrew faith and people’s of the world is too vicious and depraved to merit serious rebuttal. However, apparently the author’s TIVO crashed, and several episodes of some-show-or-other were not recorded. The repeat by the author of a detour into tedium is simple repetition and instruction by rote. Contemplation of, or evangelization of, or normalization of the exterminating an entire culture is certainly evil. Even the author implies as much by her own indirection and side-tracking. And the acceptance through banality and tedium is both her goal, and my own observation.The banality of evil.The great atrocities in history were not executed by fanatics or sociopaths, but by ordinary people who accepted the premises of their state and therefore participated with the view that their actions were normal.This has been described by American economist and media analyst Edward S. Herman as normalizing the unthinkable. According to Herman now Professor Emeritus of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, “doing terrible things in an organized and systematic way rests on ‘normalization.’ This is the process whereby ugly, degrading, murderous, and unspeakable acts become routine and are accepted as ‘the way things are done.’”All that is required is for you and I to do nothing.

Except these people aren’t in power. They haven’t normalised anything and the majority of people would mock her stance. She hates men with the force of a thousand dying stars. To equate her minority world view to a world view that was once the majority in Europe and indeed America (lest we forget, anti-semiticism was pretty widespread. Remember the Catholic Church stopped actively hating Jews in the 1960s).

This isn’t normalising anything. In fact the little MRA diatribe forgets to mention that the author hates feminists because he is too busy trying to imply that she is one. FCM is a genuine strawman, a perfect opponent for the MRA since it confirms his greatest fears.


Both of these sides are despicable for different reasons. Her for her hatred. The MRAs for the usage of the Holocaust to paint themselves as professional victims in a world that simply doesn’t work the way either of them think. No one here is a winner, everyone involved loses. The MRAs lose harder because the point that they did have in their favour was thrown away by trying to equate their lot with the lot of Jews in Nazi Germany.

When you have the high ground you should stick to it. Don’t use it as a platform to jump off in order to drill yourself deeper into the ground than your opponent.


  1. glodson says

    Well everyone who cooks meat knows that pineapples are an excellent marinade due to a proteolytic enzyme pineapples contain which is what gives them their “tang” (and which is why if you eat too much your mouth gets sore) and which makes them a fantastic tenderiser for your meat. If you add them to Gelatin they break down the protein preventing setting.

    I didn’t know that. I just knew that it worked. Cool, now I know why, and damn you Alton Brown for not telling me beforehand!

    Anyways, great post. I am sure that the person who wrote that crap, if truly confronted for being ground-breakingly stupid, will pull out the “Only Joking” defense.

  2. TryApa says

    “It was men who declared war on other men”
    As we can see patriarchy hurts men, no it even kills them to the millions/billions. If misandry exists, it’s because of patriarchy. How can they still support a system which is killing them, do they really think they get benefits from it?

  3. bradleybetts says

    I made the mistake of following the link to the AVFM article… NSFW. Seriously, the first couple paragraphs that I read did not indicate in any way that their lambasting of judaism is supposed to be satire or a parody of another article. So it just looks like a big screed of anti-semitism. I had to click off before a colleague saw it and assumed I was some sort of neo-Nazi.

  4. kevinkirkpatrick says

    Both of these sides are despicable for different reasons. Her for her hatred. The MRAs for the usage of the Holocaust to paint themselves as professional victims in a world that simply doesn’t work the way either of them think. No one here is a winner, everyone involved loses. The MRAs lose harder because the point that they did have in their favour was thrown away by trying to equate their lot with the lot of Jews in Nazi Germany.

    This statement really bothers me. It bothers me because I see punching-up vs punching-down as categorically different (particularly when it’s “talking about punching”); not just two versions of a “bad thing” with latter just being “more bad” than the former.

    I encourage you to go reverse-AVFM for a moment. Consider this woman’s blog as an anti-Aryan screed penned by a Jewish woman from the depths of Auschwitz, having watched her children led off to the gas chambers, lamenting the ceaseless cruel treatment that Aryans had brought upon the Jews for centuries on end, yearning for a world in which all the Aryan monsters were just shipped away once and for all. Now, imagine a modern day Stormfront blogger discovering this woman’s screed amongst Holocaust memorabilia, reversing “Jews” and “Aryans” and holding that up as an example of how the Jews were just as despicable as the Nazis (because by switching the terms around, he’s shown the racist beliefs of both sides were interchangeable).

    That is the dynamic I see when I read the AVFM article.

    In that hypothetical, can you see the problem with a non-Jewish blogger criticizing the Stormfront writer with “Wow, those Stormfront guys sure had the moral high ground here, because yeah, that Jewish woman was being absolutely HATEFUL, but they just blew their chance to keep that high ground because they went and godwin’d it?” That hypothetical reporter’s blog? That’s exactly how your blog entry reads to me.

    Yes, the woman who wrote the original blog used some downright heinous imagery (and unfortunately, some bad science, which was the only thing I found mildly irksome in her post). But SINCE IT IS COMING FROM THE OPPRESSED MINORITY POSITION, it IS imagery, and I imagine that it’s the exact level of hyperbole that actually expresses the righteous anger that has built from a lifetime of systemic injustice in a man-favoring culture.

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