Shot for Shots

As I was writing today’s post continuing the vaccination theme, someone sent me this. In a repeat of the killings of medical personnel by the Taliban, Nigerian islamic militants (well it’s suspected) took a page out of their book and have killed personnel in two different clinics.

I know many of you have wished safety for me but I have to point out that the risks I am under are nothing compared to these brave people.

It’s terrifying that the biggest opposition to progress is religious extremism. And it’s even more terrifying that it is Islam as Islam is appalling at taking criticism of any sort.

The price of these deaths are more deaths to Polio. Nigeria is the biggest polio outbreak at the moment, the less vaccination occurs the greater the chance of resurgence. Nigeria was the source of the last resurgence and this time it’s willing to kill those who fight for health.

Don’t think of these people as extremists. Think of them as protecting an endangered species.


  1. TGAP Dad says

    Is this possibly done out of backlash – or fear of – the U. S. using the vaccination program for intel on Osama bin Laden?

  2. lordshipmayhem says

    It’s done, it seems, out of a religious belief that it does more harm than it could ever do good – causes sterilization or something, and is being used by the damnyanquis in an effort to prevent their Invisible Impotent Non-Existent Sky Fairy from winning via the womb. Or something else equally silly.

  3. says

    It’s believed each drop of the OPV indicates the total number of children you WILL have. It’s obviously true since people who vaccinate in the city and in the west tend to have two children…

    They also think HIV was spread like this to kill black people.

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