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Now that I have your attention… This is a perfectly safe for work article. Except for the title. We all know why you clicked here. It’s to satiate your sordid bee lust. And yes I am not above sinking to sexing up my boring articles with pictures of titilation. Want more? Well then you just have to click on the link…

We communicate by sexy dancing…

But jokes and men who look like they have kidnapped the stylist for an Indian movie dance routine aside… The Right Wingers have come out in condemnation of the Boy Scout Association (of America) finally doing the right thing and recognising that gays have the right to exist and be scouts without any discrimination. It isn’t a major step but it is one that decentralises the decision allowing individual scout houses to decide their stance on gay scouts. In particular we have the WND who have put up two awesomely stupid articles. The first is from Barry Farber

Gays in the Boy Scouts? Scoutmasters, yet! Five years ago I’d have sooner believed you if you’d told me there was a campaign to grant long-repressed rights to blind hunters. How could such a preposterous idea zoom into serious consideration by the Boy Scouts? I may know the answer. The world may have seen it previewed on April 9, 1940.

Yes it’s preposterous that we should condemn and exclude people based on a private issue from an institution. How could such a preposterous idea zoom into serious consideration? Well… for starters the BSA was sponsored by various corporations who hire “gay people” and one of those corporations was based on computing a field founded in the works of Alan Turing who was as gay as they come. (Intel I believe is a sponsor) and here is the most important thing… Alan Turing died because of people such as Barry Farber. He was hounded and harassed until he took his own life. The man was a hero and a genius and people like Barry killed him because of who he chose to fancy. Never mind his achievements and who he was as a person, the genitals of who he fucked was more important than the man who ended WW II early and who laid the foundation of modern computing. And the ultimate irony is that Turing’s Invention is being used by people such as Barry to flog hate. And yes, it is a Godwin and a highly ignorant one at that. You see, Europe considers WW2 to have started a lot earlier than 1940.

The night before, Nazi German general Nikolaus von Falkenhorst had checked into the KNA Hotel in Oslo, Norway, in civilian clothes as a shoe salesman. Early the next morning he walked down the staircase resplendent in his German general’s uniform to greet his troops in their surprise invasion of Norway.

You know, it’s not really a crime to show up to another country in full military regalia. Particularly if you are an attache with a military rank. It’s considered “appropriate” to wear your dress uniforms on such incidents. But sure let’s go with this analogy.

“It was brilliant,” a Norwegian friend told me. “We were psychologically defeated before we even knew we were under attack. There was a German military parade in downtown Oslo! When you see a parade you think, ‘This is planned. This is official. All this is somehow OK.’” There you have it. A parade makes everything seem somehow OK.
Really? So what does the actual invasion of a country by Nazis have to do with the recognition of gays as equals.

And what an awesome parade we’re watching to smash the traditional Boy Scout policy! The parade begins at the White House and includes all liberal politicians and those dependent on liberals for re-election, the media, the faculty, lots of clergy – I’m not sure there’s any room left for actual gays in that parade. And, like those super-stunned Norwegians, the rest of us are standing curbside, watching with dropping jaws.

I am sorry but I think we are reading the wrong news. As far as I am aware the BSA has decentralised the decision to allow homosexuals into troops making it a local issue. I assume this has to do with sponsorships from major companies who wish to not be paying money for various bigots. It may also have to do with them being DECENT human beings.

America, have you gone mad? Don’t you remember being a 12-to-15-year-old boy? And weren’t you girls “awakening” at about the same age? Don’t you realize that homogrifying the Scouts would hijack the very mission of scouting and turn the organization into a beehive of erotic exploration? I don’t fear gay boys hitting on straights as much as I fear straights asking, “What’s this ‘gay’ stuff all about? Is there anything in it for us?” I also fear for the safety of young gays who, innocently or opportunistically, give a wrong smile or say the wrong thing to the wrong straight. In our Southern culture, you weren’t a “man” until you’d “slugged a queer” who approached you. I failed the test. I always just rejected the advance and got out of there.

Don’t create fears that don’t exist. 1. Homogryfying is not a real word… 2. The scouts mission is to provide a social club for young boys and to teach them skills ranging from the urban to basic outdoorsmanship. 3. Straight people never ask “What’s All This Homosexuality Gubbins?” I have never seen gay people partaking in a social event that wasn’t open to straight people. 4. If you fear for the safety of young gays then ban homophobes. Don’t ban young gay kids from the scouts. Scouting is a privilege and the scouts do not need bigots. 5. Why is it that right wing conservatives are so irresistible to homosexuals? Do lesbians secretly fancy Ann Coulter? If my hypothetical son plasters his room with pictures of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are my two choices “Secretly Right Wing” or “Man Candy”?

The battle to diminish youth sex was lost – surrendered – with the schoolhouse condom giveaways. To a young teenager, that was the grown-up world telling you, “We know you’re going to do it, and we want to help you do it right.” And what message would the welcoming of gays into the Boy Scouts send? “Gay-play must be OK, or the grown-ups wouldn’t allow us to be camping, swimming, showering, sleeping, horsing around and walking through the woods together!” Admitting gays openly into the Boy Scouts is rather like insisting cigarettes be lit as close as you can get to the nozzle while the gasoline is being pumped.

No. It’s “please don’t have sex but if you do, use a condom so that you aren’t stuck with a baby and with no skills to pay the bills that come with a baby”. Gay Play? Mate… A Gay Play (while cool and all rhymey; Why yes I am a cultured limey) is Angels in America. What you are thinking about is GAY SEX! And I know “Gay Play” is okay despite not having indulged in it. Plenty of homosexuals find it pleasurable while I don’t find men sexually appealing. At no point was this due to camping, swimming, showering, sleeping, horsing around, riding horses and walking through the woods together. You are thinking of pornography, where such events cause sexiness rather than just sweatiness and blisters. And admitting gays is like tap dancing in a minefield (Make your own fearmongering analogies in the comments!)

From condemnation to condone-nation in one parade! The Nazis didn’t have it that easy in Norway. The Boy Scouts have never gotten the credit they deserve for successful boy-building. They deserve support, not poison pills that will cause too many parents to forbid their boys to participate. We checked books out of libraries to study what we needed to know to earn merit badges in subjects as wide-ranging as horsemanship, weather, science, building rafts, cooking, finding drinkable water in the wild, physical fitness, first aid, foreign languages, small-grains-and-cereal foods and over a hundred other merit badge subjects we needed to advance through the ranks. When’s the last time you applied yourself to subjects that didn’t necessarily interest you, to go from “a Star Scout to a Life Scout, a Life Scout to an Eagle Scout” or anything of the kind?

Boy Building? Oh man all that’s going through my head is the start of the Powerpuff Girls mixed in with the opening sequence of Astroboy and a hint of Megaman… I wish to know how the presence of homosexuals will stop you earning merit badges in small grains and cereals? First aid works irrespective of your sexual orientation. I fail to see how you would lose interest in these topics if a gay person was around.

My advancement to the top rank of Eagle Scout was delayed by the need to earn a merit badge in bird study. You had to identify 40 different kinds of birds in the field. And there just weren’t 40 different kinds of birds in North Carolina. The crusty-bellied nut-hatch, the nutty-bellied crust-hatch – I stalled for weeks at 37. And it never occurred to us to lie about bird sightings, even though lying would have been so convenient and so easy. Couldn’t America use a few generations like that?

There is a specific irony in suggesting that honesty and integrity are important to a scout and then expecting scouts to lie.

In an ideal world we wouldn’t even know whether a scout was gay or not. I don’t know if people who I work with are gay or not. Because it so rarely comes up in conversation…

Maybe I am not blessed with gaydar but honestly suggesting that lying is bad and then implying that homosexuals go back to living a lie in the same paragraph without your brain herniating is awfully impressive.

We learned all the military bugle calls, irrelevant now in our age of enhanced communications. But most of our training, indoctrination and education was vital and valuable. If, God forbid, war had come to our corner of the world, our Boy Scout training would have made us more valuable to our families, friends and neighbors. As a young reporter, when I got to Havana after Batista fled and before Castro arrived, Cuba literally had no government. While bullets flew, uniformed Cuban Boy Scouts were directing traffic. This is such a haunting reincarnation of the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” argument. I’m sure there were homosexuals in our Scouting ranks, but we never had any evidence or incidents. Ostensibly we were all just “boys.” How do we relieve the pressure on the Boy Scouts? Tell the liberals a new parade is coming, and we’ve got to support them in their struggle. This new parade stars those fighting for the right to burn the American flag in a crowded theater.

If war came to your corner of the world your “scout” training makes you a “terrifying liability”. Every idiot who says “If a War Came Along I would do x, y and z” is an idiot who should be laughed at for knowing how he would react in an untenable situation. You don’t know how you would react.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was a horrible piece of legislation that forced homosexuals to pretend about their sexuality because they not only had to lie about being gay but also had to pretend to be straight because if anyone FOUND OUT about their homosexuality they could be discharged.

The second article is just as good and from Jerry Newcombe

As of this writing, the Boy Scouts of America are toying with the possibility of accepting openly gay scoutmasters. No matter how the vote goes, the fact they’re even considering it shows how far we’ve gone. Some corporations seem to be putting pressure on the Scouts to cave. Even the president is putting on similar pressure.

Because heaven forbid we treat gay people properly! Oh won’t somebody think of the children.

While the previous article was almost amusing this one is more sinister.

Yet, even the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2000, in The Boy Scouts, et al. v. Dale, that as a private, voluntary association, the Scouts could exclude known, openly homosexual Scout leaders when, quoting the Court, “the presence of that person affects in a significant way the group’s ability to advocate public or private viewpoints.”

Actually the Boy Scouts prior to this were forced to change and accept the homogenisation of race within scouting rather than “Separate but Equal” scouts. It is bigotry and stamping out bigotry is our duty.

As a former Boy Scout (not very advanced, for our troop fell apart after a short while), I’ve marveled how all these years, the Boy Scouts have stood firm. But now there’s intense pressure on them to cave into the gay movement, just as about every other group has in society, even many of our churches (despite what the Bible has to say about homosexuality – including redemption. Thankfully, there are thousands of ex-homosexuals alive today, changed by the gospel).

People said the same thing when they were going to accept black kids into white scout troops. Turns out the Scouts Managed Just Fine.

As to the Boy Scouts, without officially allowing gay scoutmasters, isn’t it true that there have been many cases of molestation of boys by scoutmasters? Many lawsuits have been filed.

Wouldn’t opening up the Boy Scouts to explicitly gay scoutmasters increase the chances of that happening (not that all gays would do that)? Have we lost our common sense as a society? Must all private, voluntary organizations today succumb to the tentacles of political correctness?

Ah yes. This old argument. There have been many cases of molestation by scout masters who were married and had children.

Opening the Boy Scouts to openly (explicitly gay sounds like the scout master has all the badges on his sash attached to spell out GAY) gay scout leaders would just mean that the scout leader would go home to his loving partner who is a MAN.

It would not increase the chance of it happening any more than letting straight men teach young women would result in paedophilia too. No. All Private Voluntary Organisations need not succumb to the tentacles of political correctness, however we can vote with our money and support private voluntary organisations that don’t discriminate. Which is why I have cancelled by subscription to the KKK.

People seem to forget that the scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church essentially revolves around gay priests. You hardly ever hear about girls being molested by wayward priests. It’s almost always boys.

Except for all the young ladies who WERE abused by wayward priests and things like the Magdalene laundries…

Can anyone tell me why Catholic Priests are MORE likely to molest young boys than girls? It’s a case of access.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. William Donohue’s article, “John Jay Study on Sexual Abuse: A Critical Analysis.” Says Donahue, president of the Catholic League (Catalyst, July/August 2011):

And quoting Bill Donohue on this matter is utterly moronic. Bill Donahue attempted to blame the Catholic Paedophile Priest Crisis on Gays and Sexy Children.

        Four related events emerged at the peak of the crisis that account for what happened:


  • there was an exodus of heterosexual priests after Vatican II, a large percentage of whom got married;

How weak is the faith of your priests… And I also must point out that t here is no reason for this since nothing said at Vatican II involved straight people. In fact one of the MAJOR changes due to Vatican II was the elimination of the institutional racism against Jews. That was one of the most “controversial” things being changed.

  • the effect of this exodus was to leave behind a greater proportion of homosexual priests;
  • a tolerance for sexual expression in the seminaries was evident at this time, leading many previously celibate homosexual priests to act out;
  • there was a surge of homosexuals into the seminaries. It was the interaction of these four factors, I would argue, that accounts for the increase in male victims at the height of the sexual abuse crisis.

Yes, because the abuse wasn’t taking place before.

And if there were so many gay priests why weren’t they fucking each other rather than little boys? William’s argument was stupidly insulting and grossly dangerous at the time let alone fishing it out today. It is what lawyers pull out as examples of Defense In Lack of Depth. It’s a poorly thought out, insulting and stupid argument.

Jesus warned about those adults who would cause little children who believe in Him to stumble. It’s a very severe warning. You can look it up for yourself (in Matthew 18:6-7). When an adult molests a child, even if that adult has a clerical collar or a Scout uniform, is he not defying the words of Christ, not to mention doing untold damage to the child?

Unlike Jerry here when a Priest (or a Scout Leader) fucks a child, we don’t consider the sin to be on the hands of the child but on the hands of the ADULT. Matthew 18:6 is a moronic argument to make because it appropriates blame to children by assuming that children are willing participants in this abuse rather than those that have been coerced and their trusts violated by acts.

And even if they were “willing” participants, they were incapable of fathoming the meaning of the act.

A lot of single parents struggle to provide positive influences to their children. The Scouts provides an exemplary, affordable outlet and means by which many of these young boys can find positive male role models. Now, will there be many parents (single or married) who will avoid the Scouts because they can’t be sure if their child will be safe? We should speak now before it’s too late. (The Boy Scouts’ number is 972-580-2400.)

Except the numbers of scouts has RISEN every single year and will probably CONTINUE to rise. And will probably rise even more if the scouts are seen as a place where all are welcome rather than “just homophobes and straights”.

In “Slouching Toward Gomorrah,” Robert Bork writes, “If we slide into a modern, high-tech version of the Dark Ages, we will have done it to ourselves without the assistance of the Germanic tribes that destroyed Roman civilization.”

How the fuck are you going to slide into a modern, high-tech version of the Dark Age?

I assume this is what a “Modern, High Tech Dark Age” looks like

Will nothing slow down society’s mad dash toward Gomorrah?

Remember kids the people who had the original “Mad Dash Away” from Gomorrah ended up shagging their dad… And being turned into a pillar of salt. But at least it was good heterosexual incest…

The Boy Scouts are better off without support from these nutters.


  1. smrnda says

    “In our Southern culture, you weren’t a “man” until you’d “slugged a queer” who approached you.”

    And anybody from such an ignorant and backwards culture should not be taken seriously as an authority on anything, unless they’ve somehow renounced or distanced themselves from the primitivism later in life.

  2. bradleybetts says

    So I wrote a massive list of all the fallacies in these two ridiculous articles (opens with a Godwin, assumes him and his homophobic friends constitute “the rest of us” (why do Right-wingers always do this?), makes up the word “Homogrifying” etc.) and honestly decided it was too big to post. Seriously, these two guys are journalists?! WTF?

  3. glodson says

    In our Southern culture, you weren’t a “man” until you’d “slugged a queer” who approached you.

    Sorry, I had to stop there.

    Fuck you, Barry Farber. I know the parts of the US I grew up in could be bad. But fuck you for saying that. Fuck you for believing it.

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