Dear Saudi Arabia – Your Laws are not Divine. They are Insane

The following is NSFW and contains a trigger warning for rape and injury. I speak forensically and medically and the information may not be suitable for children or for life in general. 

Lamia was five. On the 25th of December 2011 she was brought to a hospital. A day we consider as Christmas.

She was diagnosed with skull fractures, spinal fractures, broken ribs and a greenstick fracture to the left arm. She was covered in bruises.

She was also raped. Now medically speaking children under the age of 12 are not physically large enough to handle sexual intercourse with a human penis. This will usually cause major trauma. Her medical report states that she was raped per oral, rectal and vaginal.

She was then burned. The rapist tried to cauterise her rectum shut. She survived, but not for long. She died on October the 22nd, 2012. After eleven months of torment.

What of her assailant? Well he was pardoned. Because he was her father and he was in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Sharia law states that he is pardoned because it is not murder, being the source of his daughter’s life he cannot be held responsible for taking it away. (It also applies to wives)

The father is a good god fearing man. A preacher no less! Often appearing on Saudi Arabian TV. He initially blamed te medic for these injuries. I can categorically say that there is no procedure that involves being burned with an iron rod and heat cautery is normally done with electrical implements rather than heated rods. And are not advised for the repair of muscle tissue or epithelium.

Sharia law is the millstone against progress. It is the Rock of Sisyphus constantly destroying any and all progress that muslims may make. It is pure poison. It is anathema to humanity.

This crime may have occurred in another country without Sharia law. The law won’t stop idiots from being idiots. The law won’t stop monsters from being monsters either. The law however punishes and shapes what is acceptable behaviour. In a sane country, Fayham al Ghamdi would have been jailed for a very very long time. In Saudi Arabia where the death penalty is levied by accusation, where murder is treated like a witch burning rather than the process of the law, this man was hit with the strongest sanction of the Sharia Code with regards to his “crime”.

He was fined.

The world ill needs such barbarism. Islam must throw off the chains of Sharia before it can progress. Otherwise the moderates and progressive muslims will become fewer and fewer while the numbers of the blind fanatics increase till all we are left with is a cult of obedience to laws that are blatantly harmful. It is bad enough to believe in a religion where there are whips and chains in your mind without having to build real whips and chains to accompany them.


  1. says

    It seems like we’re chasing our tails – is that really sharia, or just abuse of power that’s being ratified and justified by sharia? It seems to me this kind of vileness, misogyny, and tyranny is like squeezing a balloon filled with water – you push over here and it reappears over there. Just getting rid of sharia wouldn’t do it: the whole culture has to change. At which point people (rightly) begin to pipe their eyes about “cultural imperialism!” and whatnot. But, yes, the culture must change. Why do we value “culture” so much? Keep the coffee and the cool head-gear but stop abusing the women: you can pick and choose what parts of a culture survive and what don’t.

  2. glodson says

    I’ve read this account a few times now. Each time I read it, I get sick to my stomach.

    Each time I read it, I have to fight the raw and visceral anger I feel. It is made so much worse that this man’s “punishment” is a mockery of all that is decent, a mockery of the very idea of justice. This is what religious law have wrought. It takes misogyny and makes it holy.

    This guy would likely be an asshole without religion. I can’t say that removing religion would have stopped this bastard. I don’t know that. I do know that there’s something seriously wrong with him, and there’s something seriously wrong with a government that allows this to happen, that gives a man such authority over women. It is sickening.

  3. says

    I can’t say that removing religion would have stopped this bastard.

    I doubt it.

    My theory is that religion evolved to answer the question “why?” when an authoritarian said something. Because it was a little harder to answer than “OR THAG POKE WITH SHARP STICK.” It saves on a lot of pokings and really pokings are bad for business. Being able to say “THAG RULE BECAUSE GOD WANTS THAG TO RULE!” confuses the rubes. I don’t know any way to promote that past the status of unsupported theory, though. But if I’m right, it’s got some implications: authoritarianism is the problem, religion just filled an ecological niche eating the scraps and shining the boots of the authoritarians. The real problem is the authoritarians – the religious leaders are generally authoritarian submissives who aren’t dangerous except to prey that has been disarmed and shackled to a stake.

  4. glodson says

    I do believe that, at the heart, the authoritarianism is the problem. Many of us, that being humans, have this distressing tendency to believe what we consider to be a good authority. Be it god, or some prominent figure. This guy is an abusive bastard. He’s not like the insane bastards maiming and killing kids in Nigeria because of witchcraft. I think the religiosity fuels that more than their own abusive tendencies. He’s not like the abusive assholes who beat their kids like the fucking Pearls recommend. I think the religiosity fuels that savage part as well.

    But I do agree that he likely felt safe enough to act in such a matter thanks directly to religion. I think you are right about that. I was just saying that there’s a possibility that this man would have done the same without religion.

    Either way, this use of religion as a source of authority does cause problems. In part because religions are outdated and savage. But beyond that, I think that anytime we rely to much on the weight of authority, it causes more problems. At least, that’s been my take thus far.

  5. Brian M says

    Certainly, the underlying problem is authoritarianism. But I’m not sure that there has ever been any human society above the scale of a clan that has not required some level of hierarchy and authoritarianism.

    Is this, for example, worse than the obedience to authority, based on nationalism, that fosters torture and renditions? That excuses armed SWAT gangs to break into a home with the wrong address and shoot an 82 year olf homeowner? etc. etc.

    Not excusing religion, of course. And religion which augments and encourages horrible travesties like this must be opposed. But so should deferral to smooth-talking mouthpiece-monsters like the ever-so-obedient-to-The- Owners like Colin Powell (it is the 10th anniversary of his lying performance at the UN).

  6. Francisco Bacopa says

    OK, so here’s all we need to to get the International Olympic Committee to ban Saudi Arabia from the Olympics. South Africa was banned in the 70’s and 80’s, and I’d a lot rather be a black man in South Africa back then that a Saudi woman today.

    Ban them from the Olympics. Keep then from bringing their dressage horses to the US for private competitions. Deny visas to anyone from a family who does shit like this.

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