Trashy, Glamorous and Insightful – Shobha De

She was (in)famous for writing proper trashy romance lit and pseudo-erotica. Less 50 Shades of grey and more throbbing manhoods…

But there was one thing I loved Shoba De for growing up (despite not having read her books) was how much scandal she caused. And let us be honest here.

Her books were terrible.

But for many women they were the first taste of sexuality. These were a generation of Indian women’s 50 Shades of Grey. A lot of the sexual freedom that Indian women have today can be directly linked to her works in some small way of emancipating women and making them realise that their desires are normal. This was a little sexual revolution in a world where women weren’t expected to have “fun” during sex.

And she has a phenomenal article out on censorship in India. This is worth a read.

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