Not the Ducks! – and Cancer Quackery

There exists a massive problem in India and that is the notion of western medicine.

There is medicine and there is quackery. Vaccination is an eastern form of medicine but it is still used because it works. Medicine is EVERYTHING that works and is proven to work scientifically. Everything that doesn’t work is quackery.

Flogging “Eastern” Medicine is just a method of denigrating real medicine by equating “Eastern” medicine as an opposite equal.

And it kills. It’s simple.

Read this. This is not on a small website. This is a major website and it’s flogging some really dangerous things.

Retired Major General Niranjan Singh Kullar, an 86-year-old cancer survivor, still works 18 hours daily as advisor to the CEO, Imperial Hotel, New Delhi, after more than three decades of army service. His twinkling eyes, upright gait and trim appearance exude energy and vitality. Who would guess that he is a veteran survivor of not one, but two forms of cancer? Or that he cured cancer through holistic, natural methods exclusively, without chemotherapy or radiation? His healing journey proves that miracles indeed happen to those who create them.

I call bollocks here. The problem is everyone who says they were cured from “Cancer” by holistic (quackery) medicine often shows poor diagnosis of common ailments and dubious patient histories.

Or straight up makes miraculous claims of efficacy.

In 1971, he had myocarditis, and in 1981, his kidney was removed. In 1984, brain tumour was detected. He had an enlarged prostate gland since 1986. Prostate cancer was diagnosed in 1998 at the age of 77, when the Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA) test showed a level of 54 ng/dl (normal 0.00 – 4 ng/dl). It was the third stage of cancer. His elder brother and sister had died of cancer.

I call epic bullshit on this.

Myocarditis is caused by infections. Usually by Parvovirus. His kidney was removed due to what? I am pretty sure quacks don’t remove kidneys and I am sure doctors don’t remove them for shits and giggles.

A brain tumour in 1984? How vague can you get. Medical things have names. A Tumour is the medical equivalent of “There is a Growth”. Tumour means unknown. There are neoplastic and non-neoplastic tumours. Benign and Malignant…

The stupid one here is the staging of prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Stage 1 is treatable. Stage 2 is treatable (you need to kill some lymph nodes).

Stage 3 indicates metastasis. The problem with prostatic cancer is that your prostate drains into venous plexus that are adjacent to the spine and any spinal metastasis is invariably fatal.

Major General Kullar advises, “Do not  operate on the cancerous area. I have seen generals dying because of such operations. If you touch the knife to the cancer, the cells multiply and spread like wild fire.”

Here is the problem.

Major Generals are great if you want to wage war on an entrenched enemy on a large scale but pretty useless when you require medical advice. And cancer spreads via infiltrative and venous routes. If you do a surgery correctly it won’t spread.

In this realm Major General Kullar may as well be “Joe the Plumber” for all the common sense his advice has. And the problem is people will listen to him and do what he says and people WILL die. It may not be a bullet of a gun but the people who listen to him will die of stuff that’s easily curable.

He used a herbal anti-cancer medicine prescribed by Mangilal Tanwar from Madhya Pradesh. He also followed the nutritional therapy devised by Captain Kailash C Saigal of Interocean Foundation, explained in the book, Down, Down Cancer. “There is scientific proof that certain components in food can provide significant protection against cancer. Food is your medicine and medicine your food,” he explains.

You mean like Vincristine? Because real medics never use medicine derived from plants.

Again. Captain is a poorly recognised rank in medicine.

And the Interocean Foundation flogs quackery as real medicine. “Down, Down Cancer” may as well read “Fuck Up Your Cancer Treatment”. Certain foods are NOT protective against cancer, certain foods CAUSE cancer. If you eat a lot of preserved or smoked meat (AKA Salami) you are more prone for bowel cancer. If you keep eating spicy and overly hot food without cooling it down you can give yourself a gastric carcinoma (and ulcers). Oh the same applies if you quaff hot coffee or highly acidic Coca Cola or fruit juices like pineapple.

But here is the thing? You have to abuse those mechanisms a lot. There is nowt wrong with a bottle of coke once in a while. There is something wrong with abusing it.

However there are no such thing as “Cancer Protective Food”. In fact the only food group I know off that actively reduces cancer incidence is Green Leafy Vegetables or Roughage. Eating the pages of “Down, Down Cancer” would probably be better at preventing cancer than the instructions inside it!

“Exercise, for cancer patients, is medicine. They should walk in the morning and evening for one hour or half an hour. I once had two telephones at the office. I kept them on the floor – one on the right, one on the left. I used to bend and pick them up for exercise,” he adds. He also underlines the importance of positive thinking. “I am never under any stress or tension,” he says.

Here is the thing.

I come from a culture that LOVES walking. Yet cancer still occurs despite the fact that we have joggers who often put up miles of distance a day. Aussies get cancer in pretty hefty amounts and as a group of people they are (IMHO) amongst the most outdoorsy in the world.

Major General Kullar’s brain tumour remains harmless due to the anti-cancer regimen. He has been free from prostate cancer for the last six years. Now his PSA test reading is zero.

Or you know, it’s a benign growth being flogged as a malignancy.

And the problem with benign brain tumours is that they cause pressure symptoms unlike benign tumours of other parts of your body. Even if it were harmless you would still see symptoms due to it being there.

And as I said before. Stage III prostate cancer is metastasis and that means Kullar is

1. In denial

2. Lying

3. Misdiagnosed

Take your pick. I am a big fan of option 3 considering this is a man who has generally seen quacks and a truly smart quack would be benefited by misdiagnosis of benign prostate hypertrophy as cancer and stage it as such. Because he would be able to demonstrate a rapid improvement in condition with little to no cost of medicine while fighting “Cancer”.

The ultimate joke is that the good Major General may not have any of these diseases. We speculate a lot but the claims he is making would (if true) give his doctor a Nobel Prize. Prostatic Cancer unfortunately has a high rate of metastasis due to the anatomy of the prostate.

The prostate is anatomically the male uterus, it’s role is to add secretions to sperm. It’s also covered in connective tissue which contains a rich plexus of veins. It’s why TRADITIONALLY the best approach to removal of the prostate is via the urethra (AKA we send things up your penis to remove the prostate from the inside…) rather than from the outside.

However this means in case of metastasis the cancer cells escape rather easily from the prostate. In addition the awfully silent nature of the prostate means that it is very very hard to detect early stages of prostatic cancer.

Star Jumps do not Cure Cancer. Occam’s razor dictates that the most likely explanation is “faulty diagnosis”.

Cancer encompasses a class of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell proliferation that can affect all organs. In metastasis, cancer cells multiply and travel through blood and the lymph system to the rest of the body. Cancer in any form remains a dreaded diagnosis, not just because of the looming shadow of death, but also due to the severe side-effects of allopathic treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

This is one of the most important thins you can take away from this piece.

There is no such thing as side effects. There are effects. The effects that you do not want are considered side effects.

A simple example? What’s the side effect for your OTC Anti-histamines (Drowsiness). And what’s the side effect for your OTC Sleeping Pills (Dry Nose and Mouth). Often the medication is the same. The side effects are just the stuff you don’t want to happen.

Chemotherapy and Radiation make you feel miserable because they are designed to kill cells and cancer cells are just as tough as your  own. We are trying to improve those methods to be extremely specific and indeed many modern chemotherapy and radiation treatments are a far cry from their early days.

If you are making the claim that “x” food kills cancer then you better fucking explain how the hell food is able to tell the difference between two identical cells, one  that’s behaving properly and one that’s not. Because that is the holy grail of cancer treatment. If we can identify individual cells based on a chemical nature rather than a visual one we can kill them a lot more effectively than with current treatments. Cancer would cease to be the killer that it is today.

Why Try Holistic Therapies?
According to a Los Angeles Times report, “Over 75 per cent of the oncologists polled said that if they had cancer, they would never use the same chemotherapy they prescribe for their patients, because of the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy, and its unacceptable degree of toxicity.”

My mother is an oncologist.

She also fought and survived breast cancer.

With proper screening you can get 95% survival rates for breast cancer. Skin Cancer has a near 100% survival rate. Cancer is treatable and curable. We save a lot of lives using science.

I think this is “fucking baloney” since the usage of Chemotherapy with regards to disease is reliant on what kind of cancer you have, what stage it’s at and quality of life.

You see, if you are diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer then it’s usually because Pancreatic Cancer has started dicking with you. The problem with pancreatic cancer is that it invariably is fatal. So you undergo the surgery and the cancer is still around.

It is in your interests not to take Chemo/Radiotherapy or take a reduced dose of Chemo because the goal now is not surviving but living a happy life with the time you have. In many inoperable cancers this may be a better plan.

However if your cancer is imminently treatable then Oncologists will take chemo/radiotherapy and surgery.

I know where this argument is from…

The basis for this highly idiotic argument is from a book by Philip Day

“Several full-time scientsts at the McGill Center sent to 118 doctors, all experts on lung cancer, a questionnaire to determine the level of trust they had in the therapies they were applying; they were asked to imagine that they themselves had contracted the disease and which of the six current experimental therapies they would choose. 79 doctors answered, 64 of them said that they would not consent to undergo any treatment containing cis-platinum – one of the common chemotherapy drugs they used – while 58 out of 79 believed that all the experimental therapies above were not accepted because of the ineffectiveness and the elevated level of toxicity of chemotherapy.” (Philip Day, “Cancer: Why we’re still dying to know the truth”, Credence Publications, 2000)

The survey was done in 1985 and was not about ALL available therapies for lung cancer but about a new medication called cis-platin which was a new drug with many considerable side effects. Most doctors didn’t trust it as the research was just coming out and they wanted to see long time studies before taking it. The question in addition was about the use of cis-platin as a palliative treatment for non-small cell lung cancer which is incurable. 1 in 3 said yes.

The follow up was done in 1997 with the question of ““You are a 60-year-old oncologist with non-small-cell lung cancer, one liver metastasis, and bone metastases. Your performance status is 1. Would you take chemotherapy? Yes or no?” to which around 2/3 said yes. A number that doubled for chemo and radiotherapy and a number that quadrupled for just chemotherapy alone.

Again you have to remember that this is for PALLIATIVE Care. These would increase the length and quality of life rather than stop the disease.

Another study quoted was from 1991 and this one involved different cancers and different stages from early to terminal and included experimental therapies. It shows percentages as HIGH as 98% of doctors willing to undergo chemotherapy.

This is the definition of spin. 

Because we know what chemotherapy does and how effective it is. The statement by is a total and outright lie.

Chemotherapy and radiation kill cancer cells, but harm the immune system. The temporarily suppressed cancer often reappears, since the body cannot defend itself with weakened immunity. “How much better it is to nourish the immune system directly by the use of natural therapies to assist it in getting you well, instead of destroying it by the use of these therapies! Then the immune system itself can kill the cancer cells without any side-effects, and heal your body at the same time,” writes Dr Loraine Day, M.D., who cured her breast cancer naturally.

Loraine Day is so quacktastic that she thinks Smallpox was not caused by Variola but by other things. She is anti-vaccine and has repeatedly flogged various things.

Loraine Day is a poster child for how not to do medicine. Her only real donation to medicine is HIV screening. Don’t believe me? I will let the expert at quackbusting deal with this bullshit.

If you aren’t willing to sit through the absolute madness that is Loraine Day then this is the most important paragraph you will read about Day.

“I know of one case in which a 68-year-old man with cancer in his throat and behind his nose canceled scheduled treatment with radiation after seeing one of Day’s videotapes. At that time, the doctors thought this treatment had 70% chance of curing him. Without treatment, however, the cancer gradually spread to the surrounding tissues. Over a two-year period, the cancer became extremely painful and ate a hole through the roof of his mouth that makes it difficult for him to eat without the food going out his nose. Radiation and chemotherapy therapy made the cancer disappear from his nose and throat, but it has recurred at the base of his brain. Chemotherapy may still prolong his survival, but his trust in Day’s story reduced the quality of his life and appears to have shortened it by several years.

Another case I know about involves a 39-year-old woman who suddenly discovered that she had a malignant melanoma that had metastasized to her brain. The doctors thought that without treatment she might live for a few months and that with chemotherapy, she might live for up to a year. Some people in this situation decide that they want to live as long as possible, whereas others decide that it would not be worth suffering with chemotherapy for such a short extension. After listening to Day’s tapes, this woman became terrified about chemotherapy and decided that Day’s methods would cure her. She lived for about two more months, during which she stopped eating nearly everything she enjoyed and ate mostly raw vegetables and fruits. Before she got sick, eating had been one of her favorite activities. But during her final weeks, she felt miserable because she craved her usual foods, but she would not eat them and wound up “basically starving herself” and losing 40 pounds. I advise people who are terminally ill to spend their remaining time as pleasantly and productively as possible. The patient’s older sister, who shared this story with me, believes that Day’s advice greatly reduced the patient’s quality of life.”

And that’s without mentioning that she had more than one surgery to treat her breast cancer. What she does is an outright lie about her treatment which causes people to harm their own health.

Modern oncology (study of tumours) is based on the Halstead theory by W S Halstead. He focussed on treating and removing tumours to cure cancer. But cancer mortality rate remains unchanged despite advanced surgical techniques and aggressive modern treatments. Halstead’s theory is inadequate because it ignores the patient as a whole living organism.

Cancer Mortality Rates have fallen year after year.

The best example on here is Greta Christina whose cancer was beaten so handily that she didn’t even have the time to make a lifetime movie video. Halstead’s theory is solidly grounded by the increasing survival rates of cancer patients.

Also medicine recognises paraneoplastic syndromes as a real thing.

A paraneoplastic syndrome is a set of symptoms caused by the cancer due to the type of cells produced. The cancer basically produces hormones which screw over the body’s natural hormones balance since the hormones of the tumour are produced constantly rather than under the body’s control.

Yes there have been really weird cases where diabetes has been CURED by cancer. (The new cells produced insulin constantly).

But these indicate that medicine considers the entire body as a balanced living organism rather than a series of meat tubes.

“While conventional medicine primarily treats cancer as a focal disease with localized symptoms, naturally oriented physicians…view the body as a closed internal ecosystem, and believe that the dysfunction of this ecosystem leads to the development of cancer,” writes Dr Michael Lam, a top US-based physician and author of the book, Beating Cancer With Natural Medicine.

Michael Lam clearly doesn’t know anything about medicine if he thinks medics treat the body as a focal disease with localised symptoms.

There are symptoms caused by local growth and then there are symptoms caused by the cancer itself. The local growth stuff may be pressure atrophy or bone erosion.

Michael Lam is more famous amongst the skeptic community for his “Magnetised Water”. I don’t even need a degree in Physics to point out how stupid the concept is. If Dr. Lam is a “Top US-Based Physician” then I am the “Saviour of the Universe”.

Deepak Chopra, the apostle of Ayurveda and mind/body medicine, in his book, Quantum Healing, asks, “Why, when your body mends a broken arm, is it not considered a miracle, but when your body rids itself of cancer, it is?” Blending advanced physics with ancient Indian Ayurvedic insights, he shows that the human body is governed by a ‘network of intelligence’ grounded in quantum reality. This intelligence exists in our 50 trillion cells, and a cell can heal itself of even cancer. Strengthening of immunity, healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise and access to the Divine consciousness within, through yogic and meditative disciplines, can correct the wrong information that triggers uncontrollable cell multiplication, and cure cancer from the quantum level of the body.

Deepak Chopra is an apostle of industrial grade woo and doesn’t know what quantum even means. It just means Quantity healing which doesn’t sound as cool.

Your body gets rid of cancer on a DAILY basis. We actually have cells (Natural Killer Cells) which kill tumour cells.

However remember evolution? Yeah if a mutation occurs that provides the cancer cells the ability to lose structural elements that the NK Cells use to identify them as cancer cells then they become effectively resistant to the body’s own defenses (yes it’s a evolutionary mechanism if we treat the cells as a separate organism that just happens to have our DNA).

The prostate cancer actually exudes NK cell receptors which compete for cell receptors protecting them in much the same way that flares distract heat seeking missiles.

However back to dealing with Mr. Chopra.

The body has a mechanism for healing a broken bone because bones break REGULARLY. You actually break bits of your bone on a daily basis and it is advantageous to have a mechanism that fixes these tiny breaks. The bone healing procedure is not perfect as seen by the existence of malunions and by the fact internal fixation of bones is a real (and common) medical procedure.

And good grief the usage of quantum physics by Mr. Chopra is so patently stupid that it is absolute nonsense.

Ayurveda against Cancer
North and South Indian schools of Ayurveda offer time-tested treatments against cancer. As per ayurveda, the human body is governed by the tridosha – vata, pitta and kapha. According to Dr Partap Chauhan of Jiva Ayurveda, Faridabad, “Cancer is the result of the body’s reaction to what aggravates the tridosha.”

Ayurveda may have had some successes (Rhinoplasty and Vaccination) but they were based on things people knew fuck all about.

We know that cancer is caused by mutations to DNA that codes for cell replication and control restrictions. Ayurveda is wrong. It is not an opposite view it’s an incorrect view. Western People don’t function in a different way to Indians.

Ayurveda suggests sticking to swastha, which includes regular seasonal routines of proper diet and natural lifestyle. When individuals ignore it and indulge in improper food, late nights, overwork, daytime sleep, stimulants, intoxicants, chemical drugs, stress and anxiety, the dosha imbalance starts triggering disease. This weakens the digestive fire (jataragni), causing formation of ama (toxins), which circulates in the body blocking channels (strotas). This causes deformation of channels. “This vicious cycle of aggravation of doshas and ama formation, coupled with deformation of channels, triggers abnormal cell growth, causing cancer,” says Dr Chauhan.

I wish I had digestive fire…

The fact that India allows Dr. Chauhan to call himself a doctor is terrifying. These quacks sit on the coat tails of real medicine and flog bullshit while claiming the achievements of medicine for themselves.

That’s the thing, every single fucking piece of quackery out there blames medicine for modern ailments. When the biggest cause of death in India is the LACK of modern medicine. Indians when left to Ayurveda didn’t live in a society where the average lifespan was 78 years. They lived in one where 48 was considered a remarkable achievement.

For cancer treatment, Dr Chauhan recommends the following Ayurvedic holistic methods:
• Abstinence from root cause: The first step is avoiding a harmful diet or lifestyle that aggravates the root cause, tridosha imbalance.

Because medicine tells you to smoke cigarettes and drink heavily. (To clear a point? I used to smoke. I was a Djarum Black kind of man).

This is fine advice except for the bits that Dr. Chauhan claims to cause whatever Tridosha Imbalance is. If something causes cancer then it’s sane advice to avoid it.

However the things he claims cause cancer are just stuff you do normally. This way Dr. Chauhan is protected.

See! You may have eliminated everything but you still are doing a job! The stress from your job is unbalancing your tridosha

• Eliminating aggravated doshas: They are eliminated by flushing them out of the body throughpanchakarma, involving purifying therapies to enhance metabolic processes. Panchakarma includes five techniques:
Vamana – emetics,
Virecana – laxatives,
Basti – medicated enema,
Nasya – nasal administrations,
Rakta moksana – blood-letting

Purging is straight up dangerous. If you already are weak due to cancer then the last thing you need is vomiting or diarrhoea.

If you aren’t someone with an impacted bowel (AKA you have so much constipation that we need to give you an enema) or have motility issues of the bowel then an enema is not necessary. It’s a pointless practice. Your body is pretty efficient at pooping without pipping fluid up there to flush the damn thing out.

Blood Letting is plain stupid. And no, while medical leeches are a real thing the usage of them is for a SPECIFIC condition where we understand why they are used.

In haematomas and fluid accumulation fluid needs to be drained. Sterile leeches drain fluid, are painless and do so pretty rapidly. Problem solved. They aren’t given to treat cancer!

• Treating jataragni: Jataragni controls digestion and nourishment. It helps the formation of nutritive fluid (ahara rasa), physical elements (doshas), tissues (dhatus) and waste (malas). Treatment maintains healthy jataragni functioning.

I don’t even know what all of this means but it sounds like bullshit.

Because our body doesn’t work like that. The actual belief from Ayurveda seems to be that all food is absorbed totally by the body and that stuff is excreted from the body to make up waste.

Rather than our body removing nutrients and leaving roughage to form the skeleton of waste along with gut flora. The majority of metabolic waste is either excreted as faeces in the form of bilirubin (the colour of faeces is due to the substance) or as urine and carbon dioxide.

• Rejuvenation: Rasayana medicines maintain enzymes and metabolism in peak condition, and enhance the generation of new cells and tissues. Rasayanas prevent and alleviate conditions associated with cancer, and increase ojas to boost immunity and strengthen cells and body.

I assume this is done by enzymes running up stairs while metabolism hangs out in a meat locker punching a side of beef.

• Satvavajaya chikitsa: Ayurveda considers mind and body as one entity. Cancer weakens the mind. Spiritual counselling and cultivating a positive, balanced mind are integral to Ayurvedic treatment. “By bringing our internal, physical and psychological systems into balance, we remove the cause of disease, cure its symptoms, and allow the damage to heal itself,” explains Dr Chauhan.

Cancer does not weaken the mind. The fear of death does. And modern doctors cheer up patients up and tell them the value of positive thinking.

Of REAL positive thinking, not unicorn belief.

Dr Chauhan has effectively treated cancer patients from India and abroad. Namrata (name changed), 30, had breast cancer. She had surgery and chemotherapy. “I lost weight, hair and appetite, and my skin looked like that of a 65-year-old. I went through it because I had no choice.” She also had sleeping disorder. After a year-and-a-half of treatment, cancer reappeared in 2005. She had another operation. Finally, she heard of Dr Chauhan. He gave Ayurvedic medicines to cure the side-effects of allopathic medicines, strengthen the body, and prevent cancerous cell formation. “I am following the prescribed diet, and regularly taking the Ayurvedic medicines. My tests are normal now. My appetite is good. I am not losing hair. I am feeling energetic,” she says.

Your tests are normal because surgery and chemo killed the cancer. Dr. Chauhan used the placebo effect with his bullshit, took credit for the achievements of medicine and then walked away claiming he CURED CANCER.

It’s like suggesting that the act of pinning on a little pink ribbon did more to cure cancer than all the chemo and surgery.

Alan Copeland tried Jiva’s Ayunique package. “My prostate, which was oversized, is now that of a healthy adolescent, according to the Western doctors. They don’t know why since their treatments only ‘hold’ the cancer, ” he writes. Jay Golding had non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was treated by Dr Chauhan. “My PET/CAT scans came back negative! No cancer!” He exclaims.

I know what Dr. Chauhan has done.

I too can cause your prostate to shrink. All you have to do is cut your meds with finasteride and doxazosin. Enlarged prostates in men are mainly due to Benign Prostate Hyperplasia and you can cause a marked improvement with these meds.

And Non-Hodgkins Lymphomas are treatable. I am sure Jay was on real medicine at the time and Dr. Chauhan just slinks about claiming it was his quackery that did all the heavy lifting.

Ashtavaidya tradition is a unique ancient branch of Kerala Ayurveda. Ashtavaidyas use only purely traditional methods. Ashtavaidyan E T Divakaran Mooss is the chief physician of the Vaidyaraj Oushadha Sala of Ashtavaidyas. He is also the advisor to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Maharishi Ayurvedic University, US. “Cancer is completely curable through Ayurvedic treatment in the Ashtavaidya tradition. I have treated about 100 leukemia patients successfully,” he says. The Ashtavaidya tradition assures complete cure if the patients start treatment early without any damaging modern therapies.

Oh then get this man a fucking Nobel Prize! 100% cure rates for Leukemia?

How much money do you bet his defence when it doesn’t work is “Well you used modern therapies eventually! If you stuck with my treatment it would have worked”.

And I love the numbers! I have treated about 100 Leukemia patients… My mother treats around 15 cases a week of breast cancer. Let’s say 50 patients a month. In 2 months my mother treats 100 patients. In a year my mother would have seen 6 times as many patients as this man would have seen.

This man is a deadly deadly quack. His entire mode of working is to ban real medicine so as to have a get out clause. The moment you suffer any major side effect from the cancer you will call an ambulance and activate his get out clause.

Cancer patients are initially given intensive three months treatment for removing toxins (ama) from the body, to purify and enhance immunity. Revitalised immunity heals cancer. Medicines are chosen according to the patient’s dosha constitution and the cancer condition. Patients must follow prescribed diet and Ayurvedic routine. Panchakarma is used only after the body recovers enough strength through detoxification. Finally, rasayana rejuvenation treatment through kutipravesika or vatatapika therapy is administered. Kutipravesika involves stringent rules and prolonged isolation indoors, which many patients avoid. Vatatapika is speedier and mostly used. Rasayanas are given life-long to prevent recurrence of cancer.

Imagine spending your life like this rather than actually getting treated.

Imagine doing a stupid song and dance that has ABSOLUTELY no effect apart from lining the pockets of these vultures.

Now remember where I work and what I have to deal with.

The Indian Government recognises this man as an equal to me. I have seen patients go to traditional bone setters (no really) rather than come see an orthopedic surgeon resulting in a non-union of bone resulting in a massive surgery to fix the defect which could have been easily solved at the start. One is a manipulation followed by casting, the other is open surgery. The quacks have the same rank as me.

Vaidya Chandra Prakash Cancer Research Foundation treats cancer through medicines based onAyurvedic rasa shastra (metallic therapy). Vaidya Balendu Prakash, who runs the foundation, first used the treatment on an infant with acute leukemia who had complete cancer remission within 40 days. In 1996, a project by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare studied the effects of his metallic formulations in Acute Pro-myelocytic Leukemia (APML). Ten out of 15 patients enrolled experienced complete remission.

Rasa Shastra kills. Many of the compounds are heavy metals and are straight up bad for you. These include medications based on lead and mercury.

We are not talking about small doses or homeopathic doses either. We are talking clinically significant doses. Again, remember where I am currently and what I face.

Renowned Ayurvedic specialist, Dr Nandlal Tiwari, Jaipur, Rajasthan, invented the cancer drug Carctol, based on his experiments and information gathered from Assamese tribals. Carctol contains eight herbal ingredients, and has a success rate of 30-40 per cent.

There have been no published clinical studies that support the efficacy of carctol. The irony is that there are real herbal drugs out there like Vincristine (Periwinkle). If I remember correctly Dr. Edzard Ernst was highly dubious about the claims of this medication.

I am aware that it contains rhubarb (a known laxative) and could easily interfere with medical treatments. The mode of it’s operation is apparently through the excretion of “acids” which is absolutely hilarious since the body has a method of dealing with pH imbalances already and if your body exceeds the narrow range of 7.35 to 7.45 (pH) bad things start to occur.

Your body doesn’t need help to maintain such a pH and any medication that causes a rise in pH is dangerous. Metabolic alkalosis is “problematic”.

Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal, Kerala, has a clinical research unit in the charitable hospital where 150 cancer patients take treatment weekly. Most patients there use Ayurveda as complementary to allopathy, though some opt for Ayurveda exclusively.

You can read more about alternative therapies to heal cancer here 

Urgh… That’s the worst thing. It’s that Indian doctors treat Ayurveda as an equal because they think Ayurveda is their cultural heritage and so agree with it’s bullshit.

In the west we have a method of at least finding out where blame lies in the death of a patient. In India the mechanism is not widely available. We don’t know how many people have died due to the quacks. We will never really know.


  1. Brian E says

    Vaccination is an eastern form of medicine but it is still used because it works.

    Odd, I thought it was Western. The word’s etymology of vaccine is from cow (vacca) and I thought that some person realized that the winsome milk maids didn’t have horribly scared faces because they got cow pox from milking the herd, which seemed to stop them getting smallpox. So, giving somebody a bit of the cow pox, or atenuated small pox did the trick. Perhaps I made that up?

  2. says

    There is a practice called variolation which works on the same principles. That’s originally used in India. It was the method of control before vaccinations. You can consider it an attenuated vaccine by modern standards.

    It’s just that vaccinia was less dangerous than variola even when attenuated. The person who brought the practice to Europe is believed to be Marco Polo

  3. garnetstar says

    “Metallic therapy” was used to address other diseases, once. Arsenic was administered for syphilis, and lead or mercury salts for gonorrhea.

    Why? Because they are poisons. The hope was that the spirochetes and bacteria would die at a lower dose, before you died. Sometimes that happened. And a lot of the time, the patient died as well. After suffering through “side effects” that are typical of heavy metal poisoning, as cancer patients suffer the effects of modern chemotherapeutic agents.

    I’m sorry, but metallic therapy *is* chemotherapy. So is taking salicylic aspirin for headaches. Whether you swallow Bayer tablets or chew willow bark, you’re ingesting a chemical. “Herbal ingredients” are also chemicals.

    The only question is, how effective against the disease are the chemicals you are ingesting, the chemotherapy you are undergoing, vs how dangerous? You can ingest herbs for childhood leukemia, or the treatments that have changed the 5-year survival rate from around 20% in the 1950’s to above 95% today.

    Your choice.

  4. Greta Christina says

    Hear hear. Hell yes.

    In particular: This notion that conventional medicine “ignores the patient as a whole living organism” is total bullshit. In America (where I’m most familiar with the medical system, especially since my wife is a nurse practitioner), doctors are desperately trying to get their patients to exercise more, be less sedentary, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less junk, lose weight, manage their stress, and quit smoking. This notion that conventional medicine ignores the patient as a whole living organism and only focuses on localized illness or injury may have been true decades ago, but at this point it’s a ridiculously out-of-touch caricature.

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  6. LegalCat says

    My mom, an inveterate hater of standard-issue American medicine, was totally convinced about the “ignores the whole patient” thing. When I’d point out that Kaiser, her medical provider, had posters plastered all over every square inch of wall space urging its members to get out and exercise, quit smoking, and eat healthy diets, she dismissed it with “Oh, yeah, sure, but that’s just because they want to save money.” Well, yes, right, good point, they’re a medical provider and they want to provide less medicine, and they see keeping their patients healthy as a way to accomplish that. Is that actually a bad thing? Never could convince her, though.

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  10. awaneesh roy says

    Rhinoplasty and vaccination only are from eastern/ayurveda?
    Humoral theory of diseases by Hippocrates is similar to tridosha theory of diseases by Ayurveda.
    Chopra and jiva ayurveda are amalgamated form of ayurveda with market.
    In many ways your article is nearer to reality but it requires rational approach while criticising aayurveda concepts than dogmatic phase of indian medicine and history.

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  12. Kharkhua says

    Really nice article, I’m an Assamese and I can tell you that there is no cancer killing herbs that our tribe possesses. All are total bullshit spewed by con artists, the Ayurveda is not the Ayurveda of the ancient age, seriously the old Ayurveda was not all about eating plants and shit, it had instructions on how to perform rhinoplasty and brain surgery.

  13. Sunil says

    Absolutely agree wiyth your information. However regarding DR. Prakash, you have missed out that he uses Arsenic salts for treatment , principally for Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Arsenic Trioxide is used in Allopathy for exactly same indication. Hence there is no diiference in the intervention except the method of administration , it is Oral against i.v.
    Ayurvedic compunds are basically immunomudulating & affect NK cell population esp . enhance their cell killing properties , I have personally worked on this aspect in SCID mice with excellent results.
    Other facts absolutely correct , Ayurveda needs to provide evidence based therapies!
    Excellent & informative note.

  14. says

    Yes but arsenic salts are a very very wide and vague category, while arsenic tetraoxide is only used in refractory conditions of APML. The choice of drug is all trans retinoic acid. That doesn’t mean the Vitamin quacks have anything going for them either since there is a massive difference between a carrot and this.

    The Oral vs IV route is incredibly different. Many drugs simply cannot be given oral.

    It’s simple. NaCl is a salt.of sodium
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    Simply saying “salt” means little. Arsenic Tetraoxide is a specific compound with a specific effect and a toxic one at that. Not any arsenics just this one.

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