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I’m A and I have been living in London for the past 1 and a half years.  Until then, I was born and raised in Chennai; and used to patriotically boast about the Indian-ness in me.  I was introduced to your blogs by one of my friends/colleagues who in spite of being a non-Indian, shares the same sort of feelings that I do on such issues on a humanitarian basis.  But for the past few weeks, whenever I read different stories (or more precisely tragedies) in the papers about sexual harassment; I realize I can’t improve the conditions or empathize, but quite helplessly apologize on behalf the sex-starved, perverted men who do the unimaginable.  At this juncture, I hope the world and most importantly our country and its women accept this apology even though it sounds insincere; as we have to enter the recuperation phase with regards to sexual harassment, women empowerment, and even corruption —
and we have to do this ASAP.

After reading your blogs on this issue, I can’t help but appreciate you for the time taken in closely following the issues happening back home.  So, I thought of feeding you some inputs as well.  Talking about culture and how women were suppressed heavily both in the society and even at home; I would like to say that I’m really lucky to have been born into a family that isn’t as bad as a few others.  With regards to your latest blog, I would like to bring to your notice that, the Indian culture very strongly teaches people to respect the elders and women.  I don’t know why, but somewhere down the line, they forgot the “woman”part of it.  I also have heard numerous stories where fathers, uncles and next of kin sexually harass and rape their minor daughters and nieces, which is HEART-BREAKING!  It was not just for daughters-in law but also for daughters and even wives to stay quiet and even leave the room when an elderly person enters.  I remember my grandma telling me stories about her mother and earlier generations wherein the wives weren’t even allowed to call their husbands using their names.  It was deemed disrespectful.

Before my mail gets too long, I would like to voice my opinion.  At the outset, forget all the debates about capital punishments, laws, corrupt officials, and so on.  There are TWO things that worry me greatly!

1) How will we make sure we make our country safe for women (especially our mothers, sisters, missus, etc.) — Capital punishment and castration?! – NO! we are taking about prevention and not cure (don’t know whether it can be called as cure in the first place).  Taking to arms and guns?! Hell NO! In fact, statistics in the US say that women become more vulnerable to injury when having a gun for self-defense; and statistics do not lie.  Please see –  To be honest, I’m even scared at the very thought of women resorting to self-defense classes (including the encouragement of using things like pepper sprays).

They might be enough for shooing-off the odd and lonely groper in a public place.  But aren’t we seeing what’s happening?! What can a helpless lady do when she is held down by a GANG of men?  Self-defense is as worthy as toilet paper then isn’t it? What will happen when you provoke a gang of men who already have perverse and wrong intentions.  Sadly, it won’t just be their privates that penetrate the poor lady, but even unimaginable things that are often reported.  Where is safety here?!  How can I “prevent” my sister or female-friend from being sexually molested?  This is what we, as a society should be concerned about! NOT changing the laws, or castrating the accused!  For God’s sake, lets for once shift the focus on the right questions (ie; preventive measures) in order to provide security to women rather than discussing about repair measures.

2) It is not just deep remorse that I feel when I read about such issues.  Its ANGER. Pure RAGE! The majority of politicians, who “RULE” our country are uneducated or have only a preliminary level of education and have some sort of criminal history hanging around like an albatross.  I am simply IRKED by the senseless misogynistic comments passed publicly by many such politicians and even worse — office bearers of high ministerial posts.  Given below is a collection of such comments which I thought might be of some interest to you.

“Mamata is decorating her house with rape victims.” – CPM leader Anisur Rehman.  Mamata bannerjee is the current Chief Minister of West Bengal.

“Those who claim to be students – I can see many beautiful women among them – highly dented-painted (sic) – they’re giving interviews on TV, they’ve brought their children to show them the scenes.” – Congress MP Abhijit Mukherjee

“Delhi’s burgeoning population trend is further exacerbated by the continuous and unbridled influx of people from all over the country”. – Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit (who happened to attend and “dance” at a controversial Punjabi singer – Honey Singh’s party when the entire nation and mainly Delhi was fuming and mourning the death of the 23 year old Jyoti.)

“Kal tak paiso ke liye TV par thumke lagati thi.  Aaj chunavi vishleshak ban gayi”  “You (Smriti) were loitering around acting in TV shows for money and today somehow you’ve become an MP”- Congress MP Sanjay Nirupam about  BJP’s Smriti Irani (on a LIVE debate at prime time on NATIONAL TELEVISION).

“Rapes are happening because men and women are interacting more freely”. – West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

“From which bhatar (Bengali slang for a prostitute’s client) did she (WB CM Mamata Bannerjee) get Rs 24 Crore (Rs 240 Million) to fund the Trinamool Congress’s poll expenses?” – CPM (M) MP Anil Basu

“Jaise jaise samay beet-ta hai patni purani hoti jati hai, woh maja nahi reh jata hai.” “As time passes by wives become OLD, and is no FUN to be with (or – becomes boring)” – Union Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal

“Just because India achieved freedom at midnight does not mean that women can venture out after dark”. – Andhra Pradesh Congress chief Botsa Satyanarayana

“One of the reasons behind the increase in incidents of eve-teasing is short dresses and short skirts worn by women. This in turn instigates young men.” – Trinamool Congress legislator Chiranjeet Chakraborty

“I think that girls should be married at the age of 16, so that they have their husbands for their sexual needs, and they don’t need to go elsewhere. This way rapes will not occur.” – Haryana Khap Panchayat member Sube Singh

“I don’t feel any hesitation in saying that 90 per cent of the girls want to have sex intentionally but they don’t know that they would be gang raped further as they find some lusty and pervasive people in the way ahead.”  – Haryana Congress spokesperson Dharambir Goyat

“Poverty and intoxication are the main reasons for rape as well as young people sitting together the wrong way. But also eating chowmein causes a hormonal imbalance which is a big reason for rapes.” (REALLY?!?!?!?!) – Khap leader Jitender Chhataar

“There is no need to give phones to women and children. It distracts them and is useless. Why do women need phones? My mother, wife and sister never had mobile phones. They survived without one”. – BSP leader Rajpal Saini

“Ban skirts as school uniform to reduce harassment of girl students.” –  BJP MLA Banwari Lal Singhal

“Rapes happen in India, not Bharat.” – RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat referring to westernization of our society.

“If you want to sell a BMW, obviously the BMW has to be strategically placed between two bikini-clad women, so that the people don’t notice the BMW, but the women.” – BJP member Sheshadri Chari

“Women display their bodies and indulge in various obscene activities. Women are unaware of the kind of message (their actions) generate.” – Vibha Rao, the chairperson of Chhattisgarh State Women Commission – referring to models and actresses.

“Virginity was preserved (before the British era), but purity has been totally disturbed by these models.” – Vishwa Hindu Parishad international president Ashok Singhal”

“There is a theory of social contract in the universe. A husband and a wife are bound by a contract which says – you (woman) look after the household chores and satisfy me, I (man) will take care of your needs and will protect you. Till she delivers her duties without fail, he keeps her on the contract and if she fails to honour the contract, he disowns her. And if it is the husband who is not honouring the contract, she can also abandon him. One can go for a new contract then.” – Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat

There are more.  I have added the translation in a few places, but the entire compilation was quite strenuously put together by the correspondents of popular news channel CNN-IBN

I literally fume reading their statements.  Again, are these the ones who have set out to amend our Laws?!?!? When a college graduate who is required to have a decent score and a CV is made to attend numerous interviews and struggles to get a trivial job with a basic salary, how can we SIMPLY let our nation be ruled by plain IDIOTS like these without demanding ANY educational qualifications whatsoever.  Not to mention the numerous criminal charges that person faces and in most cases even found guilty!!! When India’s most intelligent and the smartest of the lot, struggle for years to clear the service exams to get the much sought-after and revered posts in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), etc., their efforts and pride goes down the drain on day ONE of their service when they are made to stand and salute Ministers who barely saw high school!!!  I strongly feel the focus should also be on this 2nd focal point – Amend laws so as to demand a basic educational qualification for a person to be able to hold a ministerial post along with the necessity of having a clean Criminal sheet!!  The equally big problem of corruption will gradually decrease as well, if we have politicians who TALK SENSE and not blame Chow-mein for increased number of rapes!!
Hope I’ve been able to feed you on a few points from my POV.  Congrats again on your blogs.  Hope you keep up the great work and spread the word!!!

Kind regards,

Kids without God

While poking around on the Hatetheist post I ran across the Robin Schumacher response to TXBlue08’s Why I Raise My Children Without God post. And I figured that we need an answer.

CNN’s iReport recently carried a blog post entitled “Why I Raise My Children Without God” (which CNN says is the 2nd highest viewed post ever on their iReport site) by an atheist Texas blogger named TXBlue08. Her blog site, “Kids Without Religion”, is all about “raising kids as independent, logical thinkers”. In her post, she put forth seven reasons why she’s decided to bring up her children without a belief in God. Being a Christian and a parent, I thought I’d work through each one of her arguments and explain why, as opposed to TXBlue08, I’ve decided to raise my children with God.

There are more than seven reasons, the most important one I feel is that belief in the supernatural causes adults to be easier to con and to believe in things with a less critical eye. But let’s deal with each one as we go along shall we? [Read more…]

Javed Akhtar

Drama at the Jaipur Lit Festival with Javed Akhtar talking about religion

“I am an atheist, for me all religions are equal, I despise all of them. No religion in the world gives equality to women. Talking about religion is like going back to the cave age… If you want to practice religion, it’s your choice — if you’ve already decided to commit suicide, why does it matter how you do it!”

He said this in response to a debate on whether or not a modern nation state modelled around Buddhism.

However the response from Kancha Ilaiah was pretty sad.

“Life is not a cinema, certainly not Hindi cinema. I can’t go to thousands of Dalits and tribals and say become atheist. If there is one democratic religion they want to turn to, it would be Buddhism. I would rather trust their knowledge than that of the intellectuals.”

I think it’s pretty damning that while the Dalit who wrote the constitution could be an atheist, the current Dalits and tribals are assumed to be incapable of grasping a world without religion.

I Get Mail – I am an Hatetheist

I got mail calling me a Hatetheist (I think that means I worship Hate. Which is a lie. I am merely sponsored by Haterade! The drink to replenish your electrolytes and your HATRED!) and linking me to a list of things that prove I am one.

A little googling (Because I wished to check if someone else had written this) netted me a result.

Robin Schumacher thinks we are Hatetheists. And it’s a bigger and more comprehensive piece than the piecemeal list sent my way so I shall field that instead. It shall be a refreshing change of pace from the otorhinolaryngology and ophthalmology that I have to study. [Read more…]

Phone Blogging – Schrodinger’s Rapist

This is a rewrite – Blogging from the phone was an experiment and a total failure. It’s impossible to actually re-read what you wrote and spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and the like abound (even more than usual)

I dislike schrodinger’s rapist but I understand why the concept exists.

You see people judge me by what I am a lot. I have suffered some pretty overt racism (I have been prevented from flying kind of racism. I have seen my aunt stripped because they didn’t believe she was on near permanent dialysis… Because we were brown. It hurt a lot. They couldn’t even tell the difference between a HINDU and a Muslim then why on earth are they indulging in stupid procedures like this. No little old lady with a metal hip was made to strip… just the brown one) I don’t like being judged and a lot of who I am today is based on being a stupid 18 year old me prone to ripping his shirt while screaming “I WILL SHOW YOU ALL!!!”. I was the kind of person who would wear a “It’s okay, I normally pay to be degraded and stripped by a man in uniform” T-Shirt through security because for a fair while after 9/11 I would have to take pants off and get felt up. For me it was fighting back. Schrodinger’s Terrorist. (I also had an “It’s Okay! I enjoy it!” and a “At least buy a boy a drink first!” t-shirt)

I really wish women didn’t feel like all men are rapists but they do feel threatened by us because of the behaviour of our gender. Now we may not be “rapey” but there are a few who are. For all the good people do it’s easy to poison the well by the behaviour of the few. You may not be the grope monster (I am the gentleman grope monster. I take permission first!) but you certainly look like one. And that is unfortunate. So women feel threatened by us.

The correct way of dealing with this is not for me to act in the way that the grope monster does.

To walk a mile in their shoes and to recognise that their fears (While IMHO are stupid because of my experiences as a person who was judged by the fears people have had.) are based on genuine human experiences. But that’s the thing, my experiences are also subjective. My treatment as schrodinger’s terrorist means that other such treatments make me uncomfortable. I fear such concepts and dislike them because they look the same. The experiences that we face build us up. And that’s precisely why this concept exists. Because there is no “rapist” look. The nice man opening the door for you may be one, the guy you think is creepy may not.

It is a symptom of the way things are in our society. The fever is a symptom of the bacteria, not the villain in the disease. In that way schrodinger’s rapist is the symptom of the pathogen that is rape and sexual harassment. The cure is to remove the pathogen. To create a world where women aren’t raped so women don’t see men as rapists. Now I have to fight that in a “For Fuck’s Sake Stop Raping” sort of way but you guys are lucky.

The best you got is “don’t take advantage of drunk women, don’t grab women without permission”. You can do more with that than I can. You are farther ahead on the ladder of progress towards an equal society.

Some rape culture can be blamed on women too. (WHAT!) Specifically what women are told by popular culture aimed at them. No means Yes is the WORST thing on earth and I have known women who have said that. No means Try Harder? No. No should mean No. Do not listen to Cosmo or Marie Claire or any other magazine of that sort. Women are straight up being taught how to play hard to get. That’s also encouraging rape culture because you cannot tell the difference between hard to get and no.

We will teach boys not to rape and we will teach girls to say No means No and stand by it.

But for now? I give you the advice that I gave my brother when he went on dates. No means No, Maybe means No. Yes means Yes. If maybe means yes then be pleasantly surprised but live your life with the notion that maybe means no.

It is my greatest wish to destroy the very concept of Schrodinger’s Rapist but to do that we have to create a world where men and women respect each other a lot more than they do now.

(BTW I wrote this as a comment and realised it would make a pretty decent blog post. And yes it is typed up using goddamn swype… So bear with me. And boy was I right. Phone blogging is great for twitter, not for an actual blog!) Once again I apologise to readers. I don’t really think this was a good piece. It shall however stay up as a demonstration of how crummy I can really write.

The Lappy is Dead. Long Live The Lappy || Charity for a Charity Case

[important]I am absolutely astounded by the love shown here today and hope to repay you all through the work I do. I want to thank everyone who helped either by donating or by simply reading the blog and passing it on. Thank you.

I would also like a special mention to Justin and Jason (JT) who helped me create a Ubuntu boot up Pen Drive (Considering Technology isn’t much of my forte) allowing me to keep updating the blog until the laptop arrives. I would also like to thank the tiny Internet Cafe who basically gave up a massive amount of their bandwith to fix up a linux USB for me. Any money donated from now on will go to charity. [/important]

My laptop died last night, it died in ignominy.

It’s an old HP Pavillion, nothing new certainly and it’s pretty old (verging on its 7th year which I hear is like 300 years old in terms of laptop age) but this is where the problems start. There are effectively no parts that can fix it. The basic issue is that the hard drive is “super fucked” and I am currently facing the Sam Vimes theory of Economic Disparity. Trying to fix the laptop will cost me more money than the laptop is worth and at the moment I cannot afford to fix it anyways because the place that fixes things of this nature is “miles and miles away”. I know it’s a stop-gap. I knew I was on borrowed time, I just didn’t expect the laptop to crash in the middle of work.

My work is constantly saved to an external hard drive (I keep patient files! I need serious back ups). So I just have to redo a couple of hours of it. Not a big issue…

What I have lost are the few shows I have that I watch in my downtime, the ability to play my DVDs and the few games that distract me from work. What I lost are my photographs and the few art pieces that I have done. I have also lost my primary method of writing which complicates matters. You see, the income I was earning from the blog was being ploughed into (ironically) a new laptop. I had hoped that my Laptop would make it another year at least before I had to change it. I was wrong. The laptop is dead.

I won’t lie. I can (probably) manage without a laptop. But it’s not the kind of managing people back home consider as acceptable. It makes my education harder but I can just rely on physical media (AKA books) for that. I can travel (it’s around 30 minutes to get to this place but it costs money to sit here) to an Internet Cafe to use the net and can check my emails and even fire off a short one from my phone. I can even update the blog like that but it does mean that posting any serious articles is straight up out. Any article above a certain size simply cannot be done

I have been effectively hamstrung as a blogger. The best I can do is work on articles piecemeal over 2 or 3 days to get them out by beg/borrowing/stealing internet on PCs when I can. It’s not “ideal” but it is doable.

So I am asking for help. I need a new laptop. I need to basically raise 600 pounds for a half decent laptop that I can use for everything from work to blogging, to watching YouTube videos of cats and defeating the zerg. I have looked through laptops and the problem seems to be that everything that is relatively future proof at least for the next 3 years is in the 600 to 800 pound range. And even custom building a laptop (A cheaper option than many standard purchase laptops because for the same price you often get a better spec) shares the same problem where something relatively future resistant and capable of medical usage is around 700 pounds.

I have 200 pounds roughly from the blog income and from my savings towards a laptop. I require 600 pounds to make the grade for a laptop that does the job and a bit more. I am basically at 25%…

And what makes me worry was the treatment Greta Christina got for using such charity on something as important as shoes and feel odd to ask for the same for something as silly as a laptop. So I am asking for help. Help that I sorely need and it feels awkward asking because of pride and because normally I am the one being asked. So please help out. In any small way that you can. If we hit the target of 600 pounds, I will pledge any excess to a charity that is very close to my heart.

The Spastic Society of Tamil Nadu saved my family, my Uncle was injured severe in a car accident. He is partially paralysed when a truck hit his tiny car. He was a geologist and even helped find oil for a living before his accident. He spent 6 months paralysed in a bed on the edge of death, he then picked himself up. He taught himself to write with his other hand, he taught himself to speak again, to feed himself, to dress himself up.

There were no physiotherapists and no such luxuries as leg braces. My uncle refused a wheel chair, he instead rode a bicycle. A two wheeled bicycle. He is the most determined and bloody minded person I know off. And he works for the Spastic Society of India, a charity that is dedicated to a very Indian response to disability. It’s attitude can be described as “fuck all the naysayers you guys can do whatever you feel like. We shall train you.”. It’s given disabled people who often were thrown out onto the streets to beg a second lease of life. Any excess above the laptop mark will go to this charity. In addition I have heard what Justin Griffith does with his blog income and I agree that once I start earning a salary as a doctor I will do the same as him. The money generated by the blog and by donations will go to a medical charity or into a FTB disaster relief piggy bank to be broke open to throw money at natural disaster relief on behalf of atheists as a whole.

The donation link for the laptop is below.

Donation Link for Avicenna’s Laptop

In exchange for that?

A few people have wanted to know where I got the graphics for my blog. Honestly? They are my work. You may have seen some of them before as I was one of the contestants on Greta’s cover design contest (I actually have her book which probably cost her a fair bit to send).

So I will relinquish all rights to the cover graphics, since quite a few people have wanted to use it for various memes or if you want to simply want to cover up the blog title and use it a s a desktop wallpaper or whatever. It’s free for use. In addition any other graphics I produce from from now on will be provided on a full commons license for usage by the community as a whole.

The High Res Donation Link Graphic



You are free to borrow this for nefarious porpoises

[error]Update – Jason and Justin have been helping me try and restore some function to my laptop by booting Linux from a pen drive. It means I can possibly have basic Internet to keep the blog ticking over. To everyone who donated I wish to thank you for everything you have done. I just finished making the pen drive with the help of the lovely people who own a Internet Cafe and am on my way home to see if it works.[/error]

Reality vs. Ken Ham

The USA has a major problem with Creationism. Now before you all (Y’all?) descend on me calling me a commie secret muslim (This seems to be a major problem) you have to realise that I actually quite like America. I just feel that a lot of it is wasted on Americans who don’t seem to appreciate what they have. That the crass commercialism and the vapidity of populist American culture makes them ignorant of their own achievements and their own incredibleness that they are forced to make things up and lie to themselves.

The second time I went to the USA I made a trip to the Scripps Aquarium. Oh for those who have been, you would know whose office is near enough to the Scripps Aquarium. I have had the dubious pleasure of seeing Duane T. Gish (AKA Thermodynamics Disproves Evolution because there is an increase of net complexity and no source of energy! AKA the man who never learnt about photosynthesis or indeed noticed the giant ball of nuclear fire in the sky). It was my first “taste” of Creationism.

I was pretty lapsed at this point and began to debate evolution on forums, but I kept getting exposed to more and more creationists as time went by. My initial atheism may have been born out of the sheer madness of the violence perpetrated by Hindus and Muslims on each other but I cut my atheist teeth on creationists.

And Zack Kopplin reminds me of the things I fought for. And Zack reminds me that I have met people from the old areas where evolution wasn’t taught. People who forever would be ignorant of science because they were taught applied theology instead. People who genuinely believed in 6000 year old planets and 4000 year old floods and the like. I remember things like Dr. Dino and his museum piece of a giant. I was a kid but remember laughing at those silly things while people like Hitchens and Dennet and Dawkins fought against such silliness.

And now Zack Kopplin has come under the firing line of the always amusing Ken Ham. [Read more…]

A Crusade to start a Jihad

Frontpage Magazine interviewed the very terrifying William Kilpatrick, the author of Christianity, Islam and the West. For those who are unaware William is your typical islamophobe.

See there is a difference between genuine criticism of Islam and making up a bogeyman and to incite an unnatural and above all pointless fear in a group of people.

Kilpatrick: In a way it’s a continuation of an earlier book of mine, WhyJohnny Can’t Tell Right From Wrong.  That book looked at the ways in which moral relativism impaired Johnny’s ability to tell right from wrong.  Part of the new book looks at the ways in which cultural relativism, or multiculturalism, impairs his ability to tell friend from foe.  One of the chapters is titled “Why Johnny Can’t Read the Writing on the Wall.”  One of the main reasons Western citizens can’t see the obvious about Islam is that they have been subjected to an educational system that insists on the moral equivalency of all cultures and religions, just as it had previously insisted on the equivalency of all value systems.  So, the initial impulse for writing the book was my realization that the same people who introduced moral chaos into schools and society were now bent on normalizing an alien ideology.  Or, to paraphrase Mark Steyn, the people who brought youHeather Has Two Mommies are about to bring you “Heather has four mommies and a great big bearded daddy.”

To let you know the kind of man Kilpatrick is I present to you the above statement. It’s a tour de force of right wing intolerance to pretty much everything.

Moral relativism as opposed to moral absolutism is the notion that there isn’t a universal answer to all problems of constant values and rules. We know this because we actually have an entire judiciary system that deals with crimes on a case to case basis with judges who interpret the rules RELATIVELY and caveats to morality. The entire modern judiciary is a product of moral relativism. What Kilpatrick wants is an moral absolutism which is a world with no judges (Or if a judge exists his job is pretty much non-existent). It’s the reason we have juries and levels of guilt and can actually overturn the law in special cases or extenuating circumstances because we can recognise moral relativism as common sense.

And the reason he wants to do away with moral relativism is because moral relativists are apparently part of an educational system that insists on the equivalence of all cultures and religions.

Thus making Kilpatrick a Team America Character. I have the strangest feeling that this man probably watches that movie thinking it’s AWESOME rather than “It’s a parody”. There is just so many fallacies in this paragraph from “slippery slope” to the notion that respecting other cultures will somehow cause your culture to vanish while behaving like a racist prick….

Do you know what you call a group of people who flog one culture as superior to all others even against all evidence? We call them delusional. What happens when that culture seeks to destroy, denigrate, segregate or otherwise sideline other cultures that aren’t mainstream?

We call those men neo-nazis. Here is the thing. Muslims who come to our countries are quickly assimilated into our countries if you don’t treat them like pariahs. You can give some concessions, but the rules shouldn’t be flexed to give them an inordinate advantage. They quickly and easily assimilate. HOWEVER the issue is when you start giving a group special privileges when they don’t deserve it or refuse to criticise a group honestly. There is honest criticism that can be levelled at Islam. Demanding we stop teaching about Islam while teaching Christianity or American Patriotism blindly in schools is not just stupid, it’s also dangerous. History has show blind patriotism to be deadly.

America is not number 1. The faster Americans realise it the faster they can correct the reasons why they aren’t all that they can be. And for that the US habit of flag waving, excessive glorification of soldiers and war and a lack of emphasis on actual education needs to be corrected. Real pride in your country comes from being able to criticise your own country’s stupid moves.

FP: Why do you think there is so much ignorance in the West about Islam?

Kilpatrick: Much of the ignorance can be explained in terms of multicultural dogma combined with self-censorship.  In the West the multicultural ideology has attained the status of a religion.  Christians believe that Jesus saves, but multiculturalists believe that diversity saves.  And to question the dogmas of diversity is tantamount to heresy.  Nowadays heretics aren’t burnt at the stake, but they are threatened with loss of reputation and loss of employment, and sometimes, as in the cases of Geert Wilders and Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, they are hauled before courts.

As a result, people learn to engage in self-censorship or what Orwell called “crimestop.”  They won’t allow themselves to think certain thoughts or to explore certain avenues of inquiry.  This is particularly true in regard to Islam.  By now, just about everyone understands which thoughts about Islam are permissible and which are not.  As Andrew McCarthy points out, this results in a kind of “willful blindness” toward Islam.  Like the people in The Emperor’s New Clothes we deny the evidence of our own eyes when it conflicts with the official narrative.  In short, we prefer to remain ignorant.

In addition, elites in government, media, and education actively cover up for Islam.  The media doesn’t report even a hundredth of the negative stories about Islam and it does its best to deny any linkage between Islam and terrorism.  At the same time the media does everything it can to normalize Islam and make it seem as American as apple pie.  For example, a recentHuffington Post article likens Muhammad to George Washington.

The schools are engaged in a similar kind of whitewashing.  High school and college textbooks routinely define jihad as an “interior spiritual struggle” and describe Muslim conquests in the 7th and 8th centuries simply as “Muslim expansion.”  Moreover, many of these texts have a distinct bias against the West and in favor of Islam.  For example, while the Atlantic slave trade is described at length and in gruesome detail, the Arab slave trade which lasted longer and resulted in more deaths is rarely mentioned.  So, insofar as our children are learning anything about Islam, they are learning a Disneyfied version of it.

And aren’t our children learning the Disneyland version of Christianity? Shall we not teach them that the Catholic Church protects paedophiles? The homophobia? The reduction of access to healthcare in women? Sexism? Racism in this case? That religion was used to protect slavery and Christianity was responsible for warfare throughout the Middle East via the Crusades? That the history of “Rice Conversion” has ruined cultures across the world? That Christianity treated non white people as a handy group of people to eliminate at whim? That Christian belief in Africa is one of the reasons HIV/AIDS has become an epidemic there.

FP: What must we do to save our civilization?

Kilpatrick: We need to realize that we are in a high-stakes struggle similar in nature to the Cold War with Soviet-bloc communism. In this new cold war, our aim should go beyond simply resisting jihad. Our aim should be the defeat of Islam as an idea, because it’s an idea that we are fighting. The driving force behind Islamic aggression is Islamic theology, and if we want to be free of Islamic aggression, we need to discredit Islam as a total system. I disagree with the notion that the religious part of Islam can be separated from the political part. Although individual Muslims might be able to achieve that separation in their personal lives, in the Islamic faith the religious and the political are inextricably bound together.

So our overall aim should be to cast doubts in the minds of Muslims about the words and example of Muhammad. In other words, we should want Muslims to lose faith in Islam just as Soviet-era communists lost faith in communism.

Of course, that seems a tall order. It might be objected that Islamic beliefs are too deeply rooted to ever change. But “deeply rooted” beliefs are not always as deeply rooted as they seem. Forty years ago, the Catholic faith seemed deeply rooted in Ireland—but not so much today. More to the point, the deeply held beliefs of millions of Muslims began to erode under the regimes of secular strongmen in the Middle East and North Africa during the twentieth century. As Ali A. Allawi, a former Iraqi cabinet minister, observes, “It appeared to be only a matter of time before Islam would lose whatever hold it still had on the Muslim world.” The recent reemergence of supremacist Islam is largely a reaction to that loss of faith. We should do what we can to reawaken those doubts.

The other thing to keep in mind is that theologically and intellectually, Islam is a house of cards. It simply can’t stand up to the tests of critical reason and historical evidence that we apply to the Judeo-Christian revelation—which is precisely why we should apply them to an examination of Islam. Instead of engaging in non-challenging, non-offensive dialogue—a type of dialogue that only serves to legitimize Islam—Christian leaders ought instead to be challenging and questioning the tenets of Islam, particularly in view of the fact that Islam is built in part on a rejection of Christianity. Christian leaders can’t afford to delay taking a harder look at Islam because the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation is rapidly moving ahead with its project of imposing anti-blasphemy laws on the West—laws that are intended to prevent just such legitimate criticism.

I cannot stop laughing at this entire statement. It’s so comprehensively stupid that I don’t think you need the rest of the article to laugh at. This idiot literally wants to start arguing over who’s imaginary friend has a black belt in Karate.

A practice that traditionally has ended poorly all around.