A Crusade to start a Jihad

Frontpage Magazine interviewed the very terrifying William Kilpatrick, the author of Christianity, Islam and the West. For those who are unaware William is your typical islamophobe.

See there is a difference between genuine criticism of Islam and making up a bogeyman and to incite an unnatural and above all pointless fear in a group of people.

Kilpatrick: In a way it’s a continuation of an earlier book of mine, WhyJohnny Can’t Tell Right From Wrong.  That book looked at the ways in which moral relativism impaired Johnny’s ability to tell right from wrong.  Part of the new book looks at the ways in which cultural relativism, or multiculturalism, impairs his ability to tell friend from foe.  One of the chapters is titled “Why Johnny Can’t Read the Writing on the Wall.”  One of the main reasons Western citizens can’t see the obvious about Islam is that they have been subjected to an educational system that insists on the moral equivalency of all cultures and religions, just as it had previously insisted on the equivalency of all value systems.  So, the initial impulse for writing the book was my realization that the same people who introduced moral chaos into schools and society were now bent on normalizing an alien ideology.  Or, to paraphrase Mark Steyn, the people who brought youHeather Has Two Mommies are about to bring you “Heather has four mommies and a great big bearded daddy.”

To let you know the kind of man Kilpatrick is I present to you the above statement. It’s a tour de force of right wing intolerance to pretty much everything.

Moral relativism as opposed to moral absolutism is the notion that there isn’t a universal answer to all problems of constant values and rules. We know this because we actually have an entire judiciary system that deals with crimes on a case to case basis with judges who interpret the rules RELATIVELY and caveats to morality. The entire modern judiciary is a product of moral relativism. What Kilpatrick wants is an moral absolutism which is a world with no judges (Or if a judge exists his job is pretty much non-existent). It’s the reason we have juries and levels of guilt and can actually overturn the law in special cases or extenuating circumstances because we can recognise moral relativism as common sense.

And the reason he wants to do away with moral relativism is because moral relativists are apparently part of an educational system that insists on the equivalence of all cultures and religions.

Thus making Kilpatrick a Team America Character. I have the strangest feeling that this man probably watches that movie thinking it’s AWESOME rather than “It’s a parody”. There is just so many fallacies in this paragraph from “slippery slope” to the notion that respecting other cultures will somehow cause your culture to vanish while behaving like a racist prick….

Do you know what you call a group of people who flog one culture as superior to all others even against all evidence? We call them delusional. What happens when that culture seeks to destroy, denigrate, segregate or otherwise sideline other cultures that aren’t mainstream?

We call those men neo-nazis. Here is the thing. Muslims who come to our countries are quickly assimilated into our countries if you don’t treat them like pariahs. You can give some concessions, but the rules shouldn’t be flexed to give them an inordinate advantage. They quickly and easily assimilate. HOWEVER the issue is when you start giving a group special privileges when they don’t deserve it or refuse to criticise a group honestly. There is honest criticism that can be levelled at Islam. Demanding we stop teaching about Islam while teaching Christianity or American Patriotism blindly in schools is not just stupid, it’s also dangerous. History has show blind patriotism to be deadly.

America is not number 1. The faster Americans realise it the faster they can correct the reasons why they aren’t all that they can be. And for that the US habit of flag waving, excessive glorification of soldiers and war and a lack of emphasis on actual education needs to be corrected. Real pride in your country comes from being able to criticise your own country’s stupid moves.

FP: Why do you think there is so much ignorance in the West about Islam?

Kilpatrick: Much of the ignorance can be explained in terms of multicultural dogma combined with self-censorship.  In the West the multicultural ideology has attained the status of a religion.  Christians believe that Jesus saves, but multiculturalists believe that diversity saves.  And to question the dogmas of diversity is tantamount to heresy.  Nowadays heretics aren’t burnt at the stake, but they are threatened with loss of reputation and loss of employment, and sometimes, as in the cases of Geert Wilders and Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, they are hauled before courts.

As a result, people learn to engage in self-censorship or what Orwell called “crimestop.”  They won’t allow themselves to think certain thoughts or to explore certain avenues of inquiry.  This is particularly true in regard to Islam.  By now, just about everyone understands which thoughts about Islam are permissible and which are not.  As Andrew McCarthy points out, this results in a kind of “willful blindness” toward Islam.  Like the people in The Emperor’s New Clothes we deny the evidence of our own eyes when it conflicts with the official narrative.  In short, we prefer to remain ignorant.

In addition, elites in government, media, and education actively cover up for Islam.  The media doesn’t report even a hundredth of the negative stories about Islam and it does its best to deny any linkage between Islam and terrorism.  At the same time the media does everything it can to normalize Islam and make it seem as American as apple pie.  For example, a recentHuffington Post article likens Muhammad to George Washington.

The schools are engaged in a similar kind of whitewashing.  High school and college textbooks routinely define jihad as an “interior spiritual struggle” and describe Muslim conquests in the 7th and 8th centuries simply as “Muslim expansion.”  Moreover, many of these texts have a distinct bias against the West and in favor of Islam.  For example, while the Atlantic slave trade is described at length and in gruesome detail, the Arab slave trade which lasted longer and resulted in more deaths is rarely mentioned.  So, insofar as our children are learning anything about Islam, they are learning a Disneyfied version of it.

And aren’t our children learning the Disneyland version of Christianity? Shall we not teach them that the Catholic Church protects paedophiles? The homophobia? The reduction of access to healthcare in women? Sexism? Racism in this case? That religion was used to protect slavery and Christianity was responsible for warfare throughout the Middle East via the Crusades? That the history of “Rice Conversion” has ruined cultures across the world? That Christianity treated non white people as a handy group of people to eliminate at whim? That Christian belief in Africa is one of the reasons HIV/AIDS has become an epidemic there.

FP: What must we do to save our civilization?

Kilpatrick: We need to realize that we are in a high-stakes struggle similar in nature to the Cold War with Soviet-bloc communism. In this new cold war, our aim should go beyond simply resisting jihad. Our aim should be the defeat of Islam as an idea, because it’s an idea that we are fighting. The driving force behind Islamic aggression is Islamic theology, and if we want to be free of Islamic aggression, we need to discredit Islam as a total system. I disagree with the notion that the religious part of Islam can be separated from the political part. Although individual Muslims might be able to achieve that separation in their personal lives, in the Islamic faith the religious and the political are inextricably bound together.

So our overall aim should be to cast doubts in the minds of Muslims about the words and example of Muhammad. In other words, we should want Muslims to lose faith in Islam just as Soviet-era communists lost faith in communism.

Of course, that seems a tall order. It might be objected that Islamic beliefs are too deeply rooted to ever change. But “deeply rooted” beliefs are not always as deeply rooted as they seem. Forty years ago, the Catholic faith seemed deeply rooted in Ireland—but not so much today. More to the point, the deeply held beliefs of millions of Muslims began to erode under the regimes of secular strongmen in the Middle East and North Africa during the twentieth century. As Ali A. Allawi, a former Iraqi cabinet minister, observes, “It appeared to be only a matter of time before Islam would lose whatever hold it still had on the Muslim world.” The recent reemergence of supremacist Islam is largely a reaction to that loss of faith. We should do what we can to reawaken those doubts.

The other thing to keep in mind is that theologically and intellectually, Islam is a house of cards. It simply can’t stand up to the tests of critical reason and historical evidence that we apply to the Judeo-Christian revelation—which is precisely why we should apply them to an examination of Islam. Instead of engaging in non-challenging, non-offensive dialogue—a type of dialogue that only serves to legitimize Islam—Christian leaders ought instead to be challenging and questioning the tenets of Islam, particularly in view of the fact that Islam is built in part on a rejection of Christianity. Christian leaders can’t afford to delay taking a harder look at Islam because the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation is rapidly moving ahead with its project of imposing anti-blasphemy laws on the West—laws that are intended to prevent just such legitimate criticism.

I cannot stop laughing at this entire statement. It’s so comprehensively stupid that I don’t think you need the rest of the article to laugh at. This idiot literally wants to start arguing over who’s imaginary friend has a black belt in Karate.

A practice that traditionally has ended poorly all around.


  1. glodson says

    America, fuck yea!

    This jingoistic nonsense is part of the problem here. Don’t get me wrong, he’s flogging Christianity hard, but there’s this connection to the religion and our country here. The whole stupid fucking idea of a “Beacon on a Hill.” Our country comes from god, and our god is the bestest ever are common ideas. Criticizing a stupid war that cost too many lives, too much of our resources, is considered unpatriotic because fuck you. At least, that’s been the reaction I’ve gotten in my experiences.

    Don’t decry the Constitution(Unless it actually goes against god, then it is the fault of activist judges). Don’t complain when the government willing ignores the First Amendment for the sake of Christianity( It is traditional, and doesn’t hurt anyone but the non-Christians, and they aren’t really citizens anyways).

    This nonsense is not often so directly put. They don’t like challenges. They don’t like people learning about Islam. As you say, a religion deserves to be criticized, but that should be grounded in the truth.The people stopping Muslims from being a part of our culture are these bigoted assholes who other the Muslims.

    The ultimate irony is that before 9-11, before the right here made Muslims the enemy in their mind, is that people don’t have a problem with Islam. This is just speculation, but these idiots would be heaping praise on the theocratic Islamic nations, saying that they got government right.

  2. machintelligence says

    The other thing to keep in mind is that theologically and intellectually, Islam is a house of cards. It simply can’t stand up to the tests of critical reason and historical evidence that we apply to the Judeo-Christian revelation—which is precisely why we should apply them to an examination of Islam.

    Really!?! Pot, meet kettle.

  3. A Hermit says

    I love the implication that Islam can be challenged by Real Christians the same way Catholicism has been in Ireland…O-0

  4. smrnda says

    I received the type of liberal education and upbringing that this guy thinks is the cause of all our problems, but I never recall being taught that all cultures and religions and value systems were equally right and valid. I learned about human rights and to look at how well or how poorly any given nation or culture does at implementing that. If anything I was taught that, given that it’s a later religion, Islam is doing what Christianity did before.

  5. DeepThought says


    The people stopping Muslims from being a part of our culture are these bigoted assholes who other the Muslims.

    Oh, bullshit. I’m so sick and tired of Muslims getting a pass for things Christians get rightfully criticized for, because Christians are the dominant group and who are we to impose “Western imperialism”. No, you can’t be part of “our culture” and demand women wear the burqa, and forbid them to drive. No, you can’t revere the Quran as a “holy book” demanding the murder of all “infidels”. Oh, and just in case you wonder, I’m an atheist and neither a Christian nor a Muslim. I’d stop fundamentalist Christians from being a part of our culture as well if I had the power. Yeah, I really don’t want Creationism taught in school to my children.

  6. says

    @5, the first comment NEVER gave a pass to Islam. Criticizing one group, is NOT “giving a pass” to the opposing group. First comment was pointing out the hypocrisy of American Christians, and the dangers and complete bullshit of American Exceptionalism. Of course Islam is full of just as much bullshit as Christianity. It’s religion. It’s ALL bullshit.

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