It’s not racism if it’s religious!

This is why the USA lags behind in education. Because rather than teaching from a centralised school system you get places like these schools in Texas. Oh don’t worry! It’s not racist! It’s divinely ordained!

Now a lot of the kids will be sent here to learn this kind of nonsense by well meaning parents but a lot of kids who will be subject to this will be innocent bystanders who just happen to be in class.

  • Instructional material in two school districts teach that racial diversity today can be traced back to Noah’s sons, a long-discredited claim that has been a foundational component of some forms of racism.

  • Religious bias is common, with most courses taught from a Protestant — often a conservative Protestant — perspective. One course, for example, assumes Christians will at some point be “raptured.” Materials include a Venn diagram showing the pros and cons of theories that posit the rapture before the returning Jesus’ 1,000-year reign and those that place it afterward. In many courses, the perspectives of Roman Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Jews are often left out.

  • Anti-Jewish bias — intentional or not — is not uncommon. Some courses even portray Judaism as a flawed and incomplete religion that has been replaced by Christianity.

  • Many courses suggest or openly claim that the Bible is literally true. “The Bible is the written word of God,” students are told in one PowerPoint presentation. Some courses go so far as to suggest that the Bible can be used to verify events in history. One district, for example, teaches students that the Bible’s historical claims are largely beyond question by listing biblical events side-by-side with historical developments from around the globe.

  • Course materials in numerous classes are designed to evangelize rather than provide an objective study of the Bible’s influence. A book in one district makes its purpose clear in the preface: “May this study be of value to you. May you fully come to believe that ‘Jesus is the Christ, the son of God.’ And may you have ‘life in His name.’”

  • A number of courses teach students that the Bible proves Earth is just 6,000 years old.

  • Students are taught that the United States is a Christian nation founded on the Christian biblical principles taught in their classrooms.

  • Academic rigor is so poor that many courses rely mostly on memorization of Bible verses and factoids from Bible stories rather than teaching students how to analyze what they are studying. One district relies heavily on Bible cartoons from Hanna-Barbera for its high school class. Students in another district spend two days watching what lesson plans describe as “the historic documentary Ancient Aliens,” which presents “a new interpretation of angelic beings described as extraterrestrials.”

This is so intensely laughable as a subject that you don’t even need to make fun of what they write.


  1. glodson says

    I have a different word for it. Stupidity. And a different phrase, forced ignorance. They want so desperately to stop people from thinking about their religion, and its implications. Humans in general seem to cling to whatever we are exposed to first. Admitting that we were mistaken in a belief can be difficult. In my own history with Christianity, it took me years to admit that it was nonsense. That was because I exposed myself to apologetics with the goal of confirming my beliefs, reconciling them with science, and avoiding all the doubts that gnawed at me. All because I was exposed to this, one could say indoctrinated, as a child.

    That was just once a week, with the added social pressures of course. No one directly challenged my beliefs. No one need to. The facts were there. The tools were there for me to use. But somehow, religion was special. Religion was not to be questioned. The threat of hell helped. Nothing like telling a 6 year old that he’ll burn forever in a lake of fire for doubting the existence of a magical sky wizard and his zombie kid.

    This invasion of the schools is even more maddening to me as I will have to teach in this environment. How can I properly teach any science with this backdrop of insanity? I’m starting to wonder if my performance will be judged based on how much of this shit I can shovel into the kid’s head. It is disgusting. Hell, I’m considering homeschooling my daughter rather than let her deal with this nonsense. Fuck this state. Fuck David Barton and his fucking Wallbuilders, and fuck the Texas Board of Education for allowing this bullshit.

    Sorry. Just a bit pissed about this and there’s not much I can do about it. The Republicans here want an ignorant mass in their public education. It is good for them, and their shitty religion. As long as people don’t think, they’ll just agree with the hyperbolic bullshit.

  2. TGAP Dad says

    Not sure you how much you know about elementary education in the U.S., but since I am an American, and put three offspring through school here, I have seen a thing or two.

    Firstly, anyone in the U.S. can set up a school, and looking about, it looks like just about everyone has. Standards vary by state, but generally there is some minimal standard applied if you set up a school exceeding some enrollment threshold. Generally, these standards are quite low, and don’t always specify curriculum.

    In every state, parents are free to keep their children out of school and “educate” them at home. I refer to this as “free-range education/child care.” I nearly every case, the reasons for this are to promote their nutty religion and keep the evil secular schools from turning their children away from jesus. And yes, they actually believe the public schools are evil.

    Because republicans go ape-shit about schools not being godly enough, and because to them any union is an. Evil corrupt institution, they like to direct tax dollars to other schools. These are charter schools, which are, theoretically, public schools. They are supposed to accept all students and adhere to the same standards as school districts, of which they are not a part. These requirements have been violated with impugnity, but the drive continues apace.

    Public schools vary greatly from district to district. Sometimes, schools that are within walking distance to one another are in separate districts, but are worlds apart in terms of their funding, class size, poverty levels, non-native English speakers and teacher pay. You can literally improve your child’s chances of a high-quality education by moving 1 or 2 blocks.

    Education in the U.S. is totally screwed, and will not be fixed without federal intervention, like desegregation in the 60s. With our utterly dysfunctional congress, all we can do is ride it out.

  3. Francisco Bacopa says

    Gotta point out that these are ELECTIVE classes, and that college admissions staff here are hip to this. Dude with an A in a class like this out in Midland or up in Tyler is gonna get bumped by a straight B and C black girl from the better inner city high schools in Houston or Dallas.

    This is not the Texas I grew up in. We had the “Strange Demise of Jim Crow”. We ran as far away as we could from this right wing bullshit in the 60’s through 80’s to attract foreign investment. And it worked! We weren’t just the New South like Georgia and Alabama used to be, we were way out in front. How did it all go wrong? I think we had proof when Dub Bush, a loser if there ever was one, beat incumbent Ann Richards back in 1994. We fucked back then and inflicted our disease on the rest of America. I am truly sorry for this.

  4. says

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