Exam Update

First Exam Down… It wasn’t as easy as expected but I managed something. Hopefully it is sufficient for a pass… Social and Preventative Medicine is “tough as nails”.

For those who don’t know what it is, SPM is a field of medicine dedicated to vaccines and public health works. It is the field of epidemiology and statistics and plans such as “wear your seatbelts” and “eat more fruit” and “lose weight”. It’s the grand strategy of medicine with small changes that affect thousands of people to give you a result.


  1. glodson says

    I would imagine that the whole anti-vax morons make this field even more important, as a group seems hell bent on stopping something that is at the core of being good for everyone. (They piss me off to no end, and again, guess where Dr Wakefeild ended up? Come on, guess. Fucking Texas.) It isn’t like there are children with legitimate medical reasons for why they can’t be vaccinated, and it isn’t like those children rely on herd immunization to keep them safe, not to mention the other child who face the risk of easily preventable diseases that can cause pain, debilitation and even death.

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