What a Rush – Don’t agree with Idiots, it makes you look like one too

I ran into the link at Patheos on Bill Blankschaen’s blog (Bill in the Blanks).

And he agreed with the incredibly moronic comment on Rush Limbaugh’s show. It’s so stupid that I have to warn you to sit down lest the stupidity strike you down with a vicious blow. This is weapon’s grade stupidity, pure baloneyium so refined that unleashing it at MENSA would result in the formation of a generation of Darwin Award winners.

I figure I can kill two bird with one rock, dealing with the stupid in Rush Limbaugh is like trying to stop a raging dam breach with the fingers of a small child but it’s fun. Think of this as MST3K only with bad articles. We can laugh a little at his expense go about our lives since Rush has an entire career based on saying blatantly stupid things so that people agree with him. If you like you can go to the transcript link or you can listen to the show too.

RUSH:  I’m gonna take a stab at answering my question.  Obama is literally pushing people to snap, attacking the very sanity of the country.  To what end?  Aside from wanting everybody’s name on a list of some kind, why is Obama doing all of this?  I mean, all of this is so in our face.  Everything that people hold dear is under assault, deliberately making people upset.  This is not what presidents do.  Deliberately making people upset. 

Obama is not only a secret British Kenyan Muslim (His code name? Islam McJihad O’GunBomb. He went with Barrack Hussein to cover up his secret Identity.) he is also a Lovecraftian nightmare from the depths of the R’lyeh. What you guys don’t know is he secretly speaks like a certain black scottish cyclops.

In addition he is Santa Claus because everyone’s name is on a list (which is double checked). And wait? You posed a question and answered it yourself? Either that or he is Mark Zuckerburg or part of the US Government which has access to the electoral rolls… I mean poll books! (Phew! Islam O’GunBomb! Your British Secret is Safe With Us! Now overthrow those silly tea wasting non-metric using Americans so that we can install Death Panels).

Maybe this is about revenge.  You know, Obama used that word when he was on the campaign trail prior to the election.  He told his supporters in Ohio to go vote and get their revenge.  Revenge against who?  Well, obviously, the people that disagree with Obama.  But who are those people?  He clearly knows who they are, and I think the root of this, I think the answer to my question can be found in the comment that Obama made when he thought he was off the record at a fundraiser in San Francisco, when he talked about the bitter clingers.  These are people that the liberals all know.  These are the not very bright people that want life to never change.  They don’t want any progress. 

By voting! The fiends! How dare they vote! Revengeance and Universal Suffrage are Mine!

That birth control mandate was revenge on the bitter clingers. People clinging to their religion when things are happening so fast around them they don’t understand and they don’t like, so they cling to their religion as though being religious is clinging to something.  When people move in that don’t look like them and don’t like them, they cling to their archaic sexist and racist views, and they grab their guns or what have you.  Here’s what he said.  He said, “It’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

I am surprised no Creationist has put up Rush Limbaugh as evidence for the soul, because here is clearly a man who has no brain. It’s like he is a conduit to some sort of Stupid Force.

Birth Control was not revenge, it was so that women can access Healthcare. If a Jehovah’s Witness employee refused to sponsor your healthcare unless it rejected blood and organ transplants then it would be a colossal breach of human rights. Why should it be acceptable to deny women the access to healthcare.

I don’t know if the rest of that paragraph was hating on racists and sexists or just him being stupid.

And if you noticed now, Obama has found a way to get back at ‘em on every single point.  He is in their face on guns.  He’s in their face on religion. He’s in their face on immigration.  Amnesty by executive order was revenge on those who don’t like immigrants, in his view and the view of a lot of leftists.  You people in Kentucky, for example, you in the hills of Kentucky and West Virginia and in Georgia and the Carolinas, down there in Mississippi, Alabama, you people, you’re the ones, you don’t like all this change so you cling to all these old-fashioned standards.  And you’re holding this country back from moving forward, being modern and so forth. 

Yes, which is why people in those states still fly the flag of the Confederacy and routinely hang out in woods dressed up in robes, pointy hats while taking orders from Wizards and Dragons like some sort of highly racist LAARP.

If I ran into a wizard in the woods of England I would either think that I ran into a role play session or if I accidentally stumbled on the set of Christopher Lee’s latest music video. If I ran into one in the USA I would have to decide whether I have run into a nerd or a bigot.

Maybe that’s it.  But clearly he has animosity for these people that he calls the bitter clingers, and everything he’s done has been in their face.  It really has.  And it continued today with this massive new effort now to stop gun violence, which is what they’re now calling gun control.  I want to go to the audio sound bites here.  Let me go back and replay the NRA ad that has the left in a tizzy.  Well, they were this morning.  They’re a little mollified now that Obama has spoken, but the NRA took it right to Obama. 

The NRA are so blinded by an almost religious fetish of guns that they think the solution to uncontrolled guns is LESS gun control. Because Afghanistan and Somalia are paragons of safety. Basically the NRA flog a fantasy of an every-man hero saving the day from ne’er-do-wells and rapscallions in a hail of bullets and obscenities. “Oh if I was there at this tragic event I would whip out my pistol and silence the dastardly fiend with hot lead and pithy one liners”.

ANNOUNCER:  Are the president’s kids more important than yours?  Then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools, when his kids are protected by armed guards at their schools?  Mr. Obama demands the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes.  But he’s just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security.

RUSH:  Ooh, you don’t do that.  You don’t call Obama an elitist hypocrite.  His kids are more important than yours, and you should damn well know that.  You should respect that.  His kids are more important than yours.  He’s Barack Obama.  He’s more important than you are.  You ought to understand it’s okay for him to do whatever he has to do to stay safe, ’cause he’s our leader.  We’re nothing without him.  And he’s nothing without his family.  You’ve got to understand that.  We can lose your kids.  We can have your kids get kidnapped, and that’s one thing, but not his kids. Oh, no.  The country can’t put up with that.

A bunch of leftist bloggers actually started tweeting things that I just said.  His kids are more important than yours.  Yes, they are.  He’s the leader.  He’s a Dear Leader.  He’s entitled to better food than you have. He’s entitled to more travel, better travel. He’s entitled to a nicer house than you, because we all need him.  That’s what they think.  Here is the state run media in lockstep on this.

Well? The President’s children are not being threatened by random strangers but by actual people who wish to kill them because they are President Obama’s Children. Why do you think the president of the USA has body guards?

Okay, here is a horrible statement of truth, not all men are equal when it comes to the value of life in certain situations, there are people who are more valuable due to who they are or what their skills are.

The best example of this is the quote from the very sad and very poignant Letters from Iwo Jima. Lt. Ito tells his soldiers to target the men wearing the uniforms of the American Medic. Because soldiers will die to protect him (Because a medic is more valuable in combat than the soldier, a medic is the difference between life and death and between keeping men in fighting fitness and watching them slowly succumb to a death of a thousand cuts in warfare. Even higher ranked officers will protect one.

The president is a man who is under constant threat of assassination because he is a symbol of the USA. He is a walking Twin Towers and infinitely more easier to bring down since human beings are a lot more squishy than buildings. So he has to be protected and the people who protect him know that.

No one is out to kill Rush. In this situation the lives of a few people are not worth that of the American President because he is linked to the stability of the country despite being “just a dude”. The people who are willing to kill him, kill for him and die for him are doing so in the knowledge that his existence as a symbol is important and that any harm to him would hurt the symbology of a country and the society within it and the SOCIETY is more important than the individuals within it.

Think of him as a walking “Eagle Standard”, Legionnaires used to die just to ensure that the Eagle Standard was always kept raised but if you think about it, it’s just a “flag”. Men died for a flag? Men have died for shiny pieces of metal too? No. Men died to uphold what the flag represented and indeed for what medals represent.

RUSH: See, Obama’s never personal. His bitter clinger comments, that’s not personal. When he mocks and makes fun of people who aren’t like him, that’s not personal. When Obama says he doesn’t know what’s in Rush Limbaugh’s heart, that’s not personal. When Obama says whatever he says about the NRA or whatever he said about Romney, that wasn’t personnel. Calling Romney a felon in his campaign, accusing Romney of heartlessly standing by while a man’s wife died from cancer?

You mean he made fun of sexists and racists? Oh no! Won’t someone think of the bigot’s feelings!

Romney is a man who is unnecessarily cruel to animals. Romney is basically a rich multi-millionaire trying to associate with the common man despite never having touched one outside a campaign trail. It’s good that he lost, perhaps the Republican party will learn something and stop fielding religious nutters and start fielding human beings who do things for a nation, not for the sake of some imaginary being.

Here is Yvette, Gainesville, Florida. I’m glad you waited. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, how are you?

RUSH: Good. Thank you very much for calling.

CALLER: Oh, thank you for having me on. Okay, gun violence is gun control. I like the comments of the children standing behind him and writing the letters. But are they the same the children who wrote letters to Santa Claus, hoping that he’s gonna bring them toys and gifts, that Santa Claus who isn’t real? So we’re gonna put our thoughts or our hopes behind…?

Gun Violence is Gun Control? Er… No.

Gun Control is akin to Car Control. You have no qualms about restricting the usage of cars and increasing their safety and the way they are used while we want less rules about the deadly weapon than for the vehicle that CAN become a deadly weapon. And it’s a terrifying sign when the children you are complaining about have a better idea about gun safety than you do.

RUSH: Are you questioning the president’s commitment to the safety of those children?

CALLER: I’m questioning the president’s reality. If he really wants to stop gun violence or reduce gun violence, it’s gonna take more or something different than gun control because controlling guns means only the law-abiding citizens will not have guns. Drug dealers will have guns, terrorists will have guns, crazy people will have guns.

RUSH: That’s true. I’ve often wondered, what is so hard for the left to understand about that? By definition, if you have gun control laws, the law-abiding will be the only people that don’t have guns. In fact, the most stringent gun control laws in the country today are DC and New York and they’ve got the highest crime rates with guns. Doesn’t that tell them something? So it must be something not to do with guns. It’s gotta be about something totally different than gun control.

Yes, but Drug Dealers are more likely to Shoot Other Drug Dealers. A lot of the gun deaths are due to “innocent bystanders” in the horrific drug wars. HOWEVER? A lot of it has calmed down, if we are to believe the lovely lads at freakonomics due to the falling price of Coke resulting in the product being less profitable than before and therefore prime selling spots aren’t as needed any more.

Terrorists? The biggest terror attack in the USA was committed using box cutters. The biggest in the UK using stuff you could buy legally. Not one used guns. And nearly every Al-Qaeda manual says to purchase a gun or a semi-automatic rifle LEGALLY because you can totally do that in the USA because most terrorists are amusingly very moral and law abiding as people until the event itself. There are very few “repeat” Islamic Terrorists. How on Earth do “Crazy People” get guns if they are illegal? Does LunaticsRUs sell them if you can provide a psychiatric statement?

NYC actually has one of the lowest murder rates amongst large US cities and DC’s gun ban is stupid because it’s impossible to enforce since you can just go buy a gun somewhere else and bring it into the city. Particularly since the issue here seems to be illegal gun usage most of the guns used by these “gangsters” are usually stolen from people who do have guns. Because surprise! A stolen gun has two advantages, no. 1 resale value. And No. 2 they are effectively no longer registered. You can totally bust various hats into people’s posteriors and since the gun isn’t registered to you, as long as there are no witnesses and there is no actual weapon to be found with your details on it there is no way to link you to the crime because the gun’s ballistics match would not be registered under your name. It would be registered under Mr. X who would have to be investigated instead. You literally have the ideal one shot murder weapon unless you are an idiot. And that’s why there is a market for stolen handguns.

It’s ex-legal guns that are causing the problem.

CALLER: I think it does. It’s just terrible that 26 people died in Sandy Hook and 20 of them were children. Terrible. Very sad, coming up to Christmas. Hopes and dreams the young children had, their parents and weddings and congratulations that will never occur. However, on any given day in America, more than 3,000 children are killed from abortion, and we have no problems with that. We’re okay with that; it’s not an issue. You can’t spend 40 years telling people and telling children that if I make a mistake — if something comes up and this child that I don’t want is in the way of my future and the way of me graduating high school, is in the way of me going to college, is the way of me being happy, is in the way of whatever I want out of life — then it’s okay for me to kill the baby. But later on when I become a disgruntled employee, when I become an unhappy student at school because children are bullying me, then I want to eliminate them to get them out of the way? It’s the same concept.

Here is where the stupidity begins. Brace for Impact.

Instead America should just have state orphanages where you can dump unwanted babies! Just like Romania did! Hurray for sensible plans!

If you cannot tell the difference between a foetus and a child then you cannot tell the difference between an egg and a chicken.

I don’t even know what the concept is. Abortion has nothing to do with gun crime and the life of a foetus has bugger all to do with the shooting of 26 people. A foetus is not a person.

RUSH: Well, it’s a good point. You know how to stop abortion? Require that each one occur with a gun.

You may as well suggest that all abortions should occur by surgical two by four for all the sense that this makes.


  1. slc1 says

    If you cannot tell the difference between a foetus and a child then you cannot tell the difference between an egg and a chicken.

    Actually, it’s even worse then that. The born agains insist that a fertilized egg is a person. This is absolute insanity as more then 1/2 of all eggs that are fertilized fail to implant and are flushed out. This makes god the worlds greatest abortionist.

  2. says

    Yes, which is why people in those states still fly the flag of the Confederacy and routinely hang out in woods dressed up in robes, pointy hats while taking orders from Wizards and Dragons like some sort of highly racist LAARP.
    If I ran into a wizard in the woods of England I would either think that I ran into a role play session or if I accidentally stumbled on the set of Christopher Lee’s latest music video.

    I had a brain-fart when I read that, and imagined a wonderful short video starring Ian McKellen somehow accidentally getting mixed in with a bunch of KKKers and going all Gandalf on them. And the music would be done by Dru Hill, a special track called “How fucking stupid are you?” and Jack Black would have to reprise his role as jesus, to show up at the end and, um… Sort it all out.

  3. says

    How on Earth do “Crazy People” get guns if they are illegal?

    It’s interesting to read about what Anders Breivik had to go through to get his guns. It was substantially harder than going to WAL-MART but there are enough guns in Europe, and the borders are getting more porous; it’s still a matter of money.

    In the US the FBI spends a certain amount of effort on agents that appear to be “hit men” and sellers of explosives. They apparently vacuum up a pretty large number of idiots every year who offer an undercover FBI agent or an informant $10,000 to kill their boss, or whatever. Eventually if there are enough efforts like that, you can suppress an activity fairly far because it’s just a probability game: am I talking to a real “hit man” or an FBI agent? As a thought experiment, how would a country like Norway prevent another crazy from taking a trip to Ukraine and buying a rifle? Fake weapons dealers (or substantial rewards for information leading to…) would work, but they’d have to be in the other countries. This shit is complicated. I caught a presentation last month from one of the child exploitation unit of the Irish police and you can imagine the web of relationships they have to deal with; they’re fighting with both hands tied behind their backs, but they’re doing the best they can.

    There is one point regarding gun bans like DC/NYCs, which Bruce Schneier caught up on, regarding security mechanisms like banning an entire shape at nuclear facilities. Basically, at one nuke research plant, they decided that all spheres were classified. That way: if it’s a sphere, it goes in a safe. Even if it’s an orange. Now, there is no time wasted as to whether or not that’s an OK sphere or not an OK sphere. That’s one reason why “assault weapon” bans are stupid. What would actually make more sense would be flat-out bans and now “if it’s a gun, it’s probably illegal” is the rule. Instead, in many cities, you don’t know if you see a gun if it’s a cop, a criminal, or a gun nut lawyer, or private security. There are just too many people who are allowed to carry guns for a ban to be meaningful. This applies to cops, too. What we should be doing is telling the cops “oh, you want military weapons for your swat team? great, then the beat cops don’t need to carry an arsenal. because you’ve got a swat team for doing all the big gun battles.” Parking meter cops don’t need guns. How about that idea? And I did not feel a surge of confidence when I saw a Mass State Trooper carrying around an H&K MP5 inside Logan Airport. I don’t trust cops’ fire control a whole lot. Maybe officer mall ninja should be carrying a taser and a camera. If he wants to carry an arsenal he can join the national guard and drive a fucking tank on weekends.

  4. says

    The gun addicts say that any restriction is a violation of their 2nd amendments rights. I don’t know why I’ve never really heard anyone say in reply that registering their weapons, waiting a few days, and background checks don’t have anything to do with owning guns, except for proven violent offenders and unpredictable mental illness sufferers. They still get to own guns. Next fucking thing you know, they’ll be claiming that it’s a violation of their second amendment rights if the government doesn’t give them all free guns.
    I also want to tell these freaks that if every citizen has the right, then every inmate in prison should get to pack heat, as well as 7 yr. old kids – 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, year olds, and even fetuses, embryos, and even zygotes have the right to bear arms.

    There is no chance for reason with these critters anyways. I was arguing at work with someone about Obama just after the election, when he said that Bush was a hero, and we got into it – on facebook. It followed the usual trajectory, and no opinions where changed.
    The next day he comes in and says that he can’t believe anyone likes Obama, because, get this, he wouldn’t reveal his tax information. He said it with loathing and contempt. Several of us immediately tried to set him straight, and the most we got was a sort of suspicious puzzled look.
    The point being that these radical conservative types seem to believe the EXACT OPPOSITE of what is true, in everything.

    This is why I mention the thing about allowing incarcerated violent offenders, and anyone that is old enough to hold a gun, because if they think there should be no restrictions, that only citizenship is the requirement to having the right, then effing well get on it. It is patently absurd, of course, but they face a paradox: either everyone get’s to have a gun, or some restrictions are necessary.

    Avicenna, every article I read here contains at least one or more gems like this – “If you cannot tell the difference between a foetus and a child then you cannot tell the difference between an egg and a chicken.”
    Last time you used the example about building tanks out of Bibles. This is great stuff, I think!

    Oh, one more thing. All these goofs want to talk about is the supposed effect of owning guns leads to less crime. They always keep their already lame focus on crime and murder.

    The forgotten facts of owning guns they will never bring up whatsoever. These are that most people feel scared when to many people pack guns, and the primary effect of owning guns, is that women are victims to this:

    1. Across states, more guns = more female violent deaths

    We analyzed the relationship between firearm availability and unintentional gun death, homicide and suicide for women across the 50 states over a ten year period. Women in states with many guns have elevated rates of unintentional gun deaths, suicides and homicide, particularly firearm suicides and firearm homicides

    2. Across high income countries more guns = more female homicide deaths.
    The United States has the most firearms and U.S. women have far more likely to be homicide victims than women in other developed countries.

    and most importantly:

    1. Batterers’ use guns in a variety of ways to intimidate their victims
    We analyzed survey data collected from over 8,000 males enrolled in a certified batterer intervention program in Massachusetts, 1999-2003. Recent gun owners were 8 times more likely to have threatened their partners with a gun than non-gun owners. Four main types of gun threat against partners were (a) threatening to shoot then, (b) threatening to shoot a pet or person the victim cares about, (c) cleaning, holding or loading a gun during an argument, and (d) shooting a gun during an argument.

    2. Batterers with guns are more dangerous than batterers without guns.
    We analyzed survey data of over 4,500 men in Massachusetts batterers’ intervention programs. Risk factors for having a gun included having gambling problems, having attempted murder, and having threatened a partner with a firearm.

    These guys don’t need to go to couples counseling. Why would they? Guns are great for bridging the communication gap, and there is no waiting period to get results, or the hassle of booking appointments.

    These people are suffering from addiction in every way. They obsess about guns, they feel they can’t cope without guns, and scoring and using guns is the most important thing in their lives.

    What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Addiction?

    A symptom is something the patient senses and describes, while a sign is something other people, such as the doctor notice. For example, sleepiness may be a symptom while dilated pupils may be a sign.

    Substance dependence – when a person is addicted to a substance, such as a drug, alcohol or nicotine, they are not able to control the use of that substance. They continue taking it, even though it may cause harm (the individual may or may not be aware of the potential harm).

    Substance dependence can cause powerful cravings. The addict may want to give up (quit), but finds it extremely difficult to do so without help.

    The signs and symptoms of substance dependence vary according to the individual, the substance they are addicted to, their family history (genetics), and personal circumstances.

    The person takes the substance and cannot stop – in many cases, such as nicotine, alcohol or drug dependence, at least one serious attempt was made to give up, but unsuccessfully.
    Withdrawal symptoms – when body levels of that substance go below a certain level the patient has physical and mood-related symptoms. There are cravings, bouts of moodiness, bad temper, poor focus, a feeling of being depressed and empty, frustration, anger, bitterness and resentment.
    There may suddenly be increased appetite. Insomnia is a common symptom of withdrawal. In some cases the individual may have constipation or diarrhea. With some substances, withdrawal can trigger violence, trembling, seizures, hallucinations, and sweats.
    Addiction continues despite health problem awareness – the individual continues taking the substance regularly, even though they have developed illnesses linked to it. For example, a smoker may continue smoking even after a lung or heart condition develops.
    Social and/or recreational sacrifices – some activities are given up because of an addiction to something. For example, an alcoholic may turn down an invitation to go camping or spend a day out on a boat if no alcohol is available, a smoker may decide not to meet up with friends in a smoke-free pub or restaurant.
    Maintaining a good supply – people who are addicted to a substance will always make sure they have a good supply of it, even if they do not have much money. Sacrifices may be made in the house budget to make sure the substance is as plentiful as possible.
    Taking risks (1) – in some cases the addicted individual make take risks to make sure he/she can obtain his/her substance, such as stealing or trading sex for money/drugs.
    Taking risks (2) – while under the influence of some substances the addict may engage in risky activities, such as driving fast.
    Dealing with problems – an addicted person commonly feels they need their drug to deal with their problems.
    Obsession – an addicted person may spend more and more time and energy focusing on ways of getting hold of their substance, and in some cases how to use it.
    Secrecy and solitude – in many cases the addict may take their substance alone, and even in secret.
    Denial – a significant number of people who are addicted to a substance are in denial. They are not aware (or refuse to acknowledge) that they have a problem.
    Excess consumption – in some addictions, such as alcohol, some drugs and even nicotine, the individual consumes it to excess. The consequence can be blackouts (cannot remember chunks of time) or physical symptoms, such as a sore throat and bad persistent cough (heavy smokers).
    Dropping hobbies and activities – as the addiction progresses the individual may stop doing things he/she used to enjoy a lot. This may even be the case with smokers who find they cannot physically cope with taking part in their favorite sport.
    Having stashes – the addicted individual may have small stocks of their substance hidden away in different parts of the house or car; often in unlikely places.
    Taking an initial large dose – this is common with alcoholism. The individual may gulp drinks down in order to get drunk and then feel good.
    Having problems with the law – this is more a characteristic of some drug and alcohol addictions (not nicotine, for example). This may be either because the substance impairs judgment and the individual takes risks they would not take if they were sober, or in order to get hold of the substance they break the law.
    Financial difficulties – if the substance is expensive the addicted individual may sacrifice a lot to make sure its supply is secured. Even cigarettes, which in some countries, such as the UK, parts of Europe and the USA cost over $11 dollars for a packet of twenty – a 40-a-day smoker in such an area will need to put aside $660 per month, nearly $8,000 per year.
    Relationship problems – these are more common in drug/alcohol addiction.

    One is too many, and a thousand never enough.

    Sorry for the very long post, everyone.

  5. garnetstar says

    A little OT: I had a friend from Romania (escaped at night by going under a barbed wire fence and running across a field with tower guards shooting at him), who told me that he loved the US and its freedom. But, he said, if abortion ever became illegal, he would leave, because of the hell on earth he had seen that cause in Romania.

  6. bradleybetts says

    People clinging to their religion when things are happening so fast around them they don’t understand and they don’t like, so they cling to their religion as though being religious is clinging to something. When people move in that don’t look like them and don’t like them, they cling to their archaic sexist and racist views, and they grab their guns or what have you.

    Was that supposed to be a caricature of Obama’s viewpoint or was Limbaugh actually telling the truth for once?

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