Yosemite Sam

For many people across the world one of the stereotypes of Americans is “Gun Totting Cowboy”. And now there is even more reason to buy into the Yosemite Sam stereotype

Oh Rick! We are are laughing at you, not with you. Prayer doesn’t stop bullets, if it did we would be building our tanks with Bibles.


  1. says

    Stetsons are pretty cool…

    If only we could convince Americans that they could show their rugged individuality and frontier toughness with their choice of hats, footwear, and t-shirts – instead of guns – think of the money (which could be spend on more hats, footwear and t-shirts!) that would be saved on public emergency medicine every year!

  2. says

    PS – I have to admit that I do have a really nice stetson and a matched pair of stainless 8″ barrel 6-guns (.44 magnum) I took the firing pins out a few years ago and I don’t even remember where they are, so I suppose they should be classified as “attractive stainless steel hand-club with mother of pearl decorated impact surface”

  3. msm16 says

    Yall er just jellous of er freedom! (and by freedom i mean our freedom to die of a sucking chest wound)

  4. glodson says

    But I don’t even have a stetson. And I might live in one of the few homes that refuses to let a gun in it.

    Rick Perry, though, is a theocratic idiot. Last year, gearing up for his attempt at the White House, he did a prayer rally for rain. Invited all sorts of Christians, because it is fucking Texas. Then when we got some rain a few months later, he took credit for it. And people didn’t blast him for being a moron. The rally itself was run by a group of Christian Dominonists, which should tell you all you need to know about those dumb bastards. Really, they look at the theocracy in Iran and see it as a model just hosed down with Jesus Sauce. Hell, this state’s Republican Party Platform wanted to remove teaching critical thinking skills to children in school. Let that one sink in, and Rick Perry was part of the push to defund Planned Parenthood which provides much needed care to women, including contraception and abortions, because of the abortions. Which are not funded by tax-payer money in anyways, but they had to be punished for you know, Jesus.

    In some ways, that makes Perry’s comments here more cute than horrifying. I guess living in the same state that loves capital punishment to an astonishing degree that Perry vetoed a measure to ban the use of the death penalty on the mentally handicapped kind of changes what you think of as “cute.”

    Really, the sad truth is that Perry is like millions of the insane gun nuts around here. They all buy into this mythology of the gun. That the good guy with the gun wins. He never misses, he never hits an unintended target, that his gun is never used on the wrong person, that the gun is never accidentally used to kill a curious child who finds it, that without the gun his home would be overrun by the bad guys. It is less Yosemite Sam and more John McClain in their minds. It is like they watched all those 80’s American Action movies and mistook them for documentaries.

    Don’t get me wrong, in fiction, guns are cool. They allow for a satisfying ending that you don’t have to think about. Good guy lives, bad guy is dead. No messy questions. They are fun in video games. Running around and blasting guys with a shotgun is fun in a virtual space. Many of us, here in the US, get that. Most people are for some form of gun control. It is just the gun nuts are very loud, very well funded, and adept at spinning dishonest rhetoric to whip up their base, so we have utterly brain-dead debates. It is fucking embarrassing.

    Sorry, I fucking hate Rick Perry, and I don’t even own a stetson. At least winter here only lasts about a month.

  5. thebookofdave says

    First drought, now gun violence? If prayer is the answer to everything, Rick Perry, then put your money where your mouth is, and form a prayer circle instead of a campaign staff during your next run for office. It sure would solve a lot of problems in Texas.

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