A Special Thanks

Well I just tallied up the donations people have made.

And I can get a faster ticket home. You guys have thrown in a whopping £95 quid which is a bit more than needed. I don’t have to travel by train (If I did travel by train I wish I had my old camera because the views are simply astonishing) to get back saving me a grand total of 40 hours of travel overall.

In addition you lot have been so generous that I actually have an excess, so that money is going towards my new laptop fund. New Laptop fund first then money towards a spanking new camera to replace the one that was wrecked during the protests here. (Let’s just say people who opened it didn’t know how to assemble a DSLR let alone keep it dry during a near torrential downpour and it doesn’t really work any more). It’s 12 years old and lived a long and happy life before it even came into my hands 3 years ago. The new laptop fund is (thanks to your donations and income from the blog) at £200 (1/3rd of the way there).

So well done you guys. Thanks and keep reading and supporting me.

I also recently heard about how Justin keeps his income and wish to do the same thing when I head back to the UK and get a “proper job”. All proceeds from the blog will then be sent to a secular charity.

In short? We will donate to Medicin Sans Frontier and Orbis for single handedly bringing healthcare to some of the most deserving people on earth. If I forget? Remind me.


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    Finepix S1, it’s like 12 years old, I got it second hand/free (I had to cook him a meal. I cook like Physioproffe without the swearing) from a friend whose dad had one.

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    Wow! I remember when the s1 came out! It was a fascinating camera at the time, with the kind of sensor innovation that fuji was really known for at the time. So nikkor mount then. If you are not to heavily invested in lenses for the nikon mount I would recommend exploring the new wave of compact mirrorless systems. Olympus and Panasonic share a format called micro 4/3 that has some really affordable and interesting cameras that produce great results without the bulk of dslrs. My Olympus EP-1 has been getting much more work than my Pentax k-7 lately simply because it is so much more convenient to carry around.

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