Oh Noes! Won’t Somebody Think of the Priests!

The priests of the UK have written a letter in opposition of Gay Marriage,

So far it has 1000 signatures and says that allowing gays to get married will lead to persecution against Catholics.

Repeat after me. No one is going to force priests to get married to each other. No one is going to force you to officiate at the wedding of two gay people. Why would gays want to get married by a religious official who hates them. It’s like me demanding that my hypothetical future wedding be officiated by a neo-nazi.

The Outrage! Quick Geoffrey! Fetch the fainting couch!

Hello Whine Whine Whine? I need a Whaaambulance.



  1. Randomfactor says

    As (I think) PZ noted earlier today, it’s all about the money. The Church will lose favored access to public facilities if they discriminate.

  2. Igor says

    Why even now, catholic priests are routinely forced to marry men and women who are satanists or worse, atheists, in direct contravention to the priests’ beliefs and in violation of the 1st amendment. What’s next, they will be forced to officiate divorces and give last rites to homosexuals? And to think Come to think of it, I should have been more offended when a Russian Orthodox Priest refused to oversee my Bar Mitzvah after accusing me of killing Jesus.

  3. sillose says

    maybe theyre afraid they will have to marry children before they can rape them? thats next you know, a law that forbids the rape of a child unless youre married. maybe even makes it flat out illegal! its a slippery slope people!

  4. opposablethumbs says

    Whine? Don’t you know all the cool kids say whinge these days?

    Same as whaaaambulance for ambulance – it’s because it rhymes with “nine nine nine”, the emergency services phone number.
    And yes, oh dearie me those poor, poor priests all up in arms about losing a little more of their precious special status and the freedom not only to exercise their bigotry but to impose it on everybody else too. Why they’re positively martyrs to their beliefs, the poor little homophobic misogynist child-rapists that they are.

  5. StevoR, fallible human being says

    Fainting couch fetched. Oops, no, sorry, that’s the farting couch instead!

    Oh dear, poor priests having to live in a world where homophobia isn’t the usual acceptable prejudice and peopel just don’t care about the Pope’s pronouncements anymore.

    Love is love,
    People are people,
    God isn’t there.

    Get over it.

  6. michaelnicholson says

    No one is going to force you to officiate at the wedding of two gay people

    Why? How would that be different from the B&B case?

    If we assume for a moment that the government makes gay marriage offical, then why should these people get an exemption from performing their duties on grounds of religious bigotry indoctrination beliefs?

  7. says

    @ michaelnicholson #10:

    Because it is not the government’s business to be telling what religious institutions can or cannot do in relation to the “performance of their duties.” Much like it is not religious institution’s business to be telling the rest of us how to live our personal lives. Here in the States, we have a neat little thing called “separation of church and state,” guaranteed by the First Amendment.

    This means that no law can be passed based on religious beliefs. (There are no secular reasons to disallow gays to marry. Therefore, the ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.) Likewise, the First Amendment also protects religious institution from government invasion. Congress cannot pass laws that force a religion to do something against its beliefs if there are no secular reasons to do. (There are no secular reasons to force priests to marry gays.)-

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