Stop Another Rizana Nafeek

You already know my take on the treatment of prisoners by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I assume most of you read Maryam Namazie’s blog because she too covered the same topic a bit before me.

But I am asking you to go show your voices to try and stop another execution, this time in Iran.

Zanyar and Loghman Moradi, two young men, face imminent execution in Iran on trumped up charges of “enmity against god” and “corruption on earth”.

Maryam’s post has the details of what you can do. Go help out. It’s the least we can do.


  1. MCKN- Sri Lanka says

    I was jubilant with a SMS in the evening 9
    Jan, said that Rizana was “EXCUSED”… read the message again
    no!…she was “EXECUTED” ….all Sri Lankans’ strong feeling was that
    Rizana will be EXCUSED soon…

    I have no objection for the capital
    punishment for the people who deserve it…. no one object to hang those who
    raped that Indian Medical student few weeks ago

    BUT…. did Rizana deserve to be

    Did Rizana need to kill a 4-month baby of a
    family by intension of gaining more benefits from who treats always well? Who respects humanity? No !!!

    It was not her intension nor she was
    treated well….

    It was convinced to infant’s parents that
    this was a mistake and pardons her… baby’s father was agreed but not the

    Sharia low allows only victim’s nearest
    relatives to grant amnesty… but hatred of so called mother didn’t
    allow to alive another child who did the mistake

    Rizana was unable to explain the true
    story, she didn’t know the language well and she was forced… no legal support
    being given at the beginning… finally they sentenced her to death…

    Plenty of women coming back to homeland
    from Saudi Arabia with sexual harassments, various other abuses of their
    employers and also dead bodies

    No “Sharia low”…. against them…
    No called human right organization scream
    for them…

    Funny thing is that Muttur (Rizana’s
    village) mosque has accepted her execution… saying it was the “GOD’s Decision”…

    I cannot understand that a region stands
    for hatred of human being…

    I do not “HATE” anyone including my enemy
    who wants to kill me without reasons… I respect all the religions equally… but
    not the personal interprets for their own benefit…

    I follow unspoiled Buddhism in Sri Lanka..

    I am sorry Rizana… you are innocent… may
    your next births (as I believe) never face such cruelty….

  2. says

    The baby was not subject to any forensic analysis.

    If it was the case would have been clear since milk aspiration looks completely different in an autopsy to smothering.

    MCKN if you read the article on the execution of Rizana that I linked you can see the issues with the case. You literally are forced to sign confessions that you haven’t written under duress with no recourse to any science.

    This has more in common with a medieval witch hunt than any real recourse to the law.

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