Age of Kali – Bihar and a Mango Orchard

A 32 year old woman from West Bengal travelling to Delhi has died on Saturday.

While travelling through the state of Bihar an unknown series of events caused her to get down between stations during a train slow down.

At some point she met with a group of drunks.

She was found on Sunday, hung from a tree in a mango orchard. She was raped.

It wasn’t suicide either, she was strangled to death according to the autopsy (For those who are unaware there are MASSIVE differences in the damage that can differentiate between hanging by suicide, hangman or strangulation) indicating an attempt to cover up her rape and murder as a suicide.



  1. S M says

    I bet you the rape apologists (maybe we should call them ‘rapologists’) in society will declare that it was her own fault for getting down from the train in the middle of nowhere, for being alone, for crossing the ‘Lakshman rekha’ etc etc.

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