Age of Kali – Rape – Round up and more news

Naturally trigger warnings apply.

The visibility of rape on the sub-continent has increased, but the stories coming out of it are horrific. Earlier this morning I was berated for being a misandrist and a “man hater” (I don’t hate men, I just don’t want to sleep with them!). But jokes aside, this isn’t a happy post. There have been more rapes and ones just as bad (if we can compare rapes I suppose) as the Delhi Rape.

Let’s broaden the horizon. India and Pakistan have the same effective problem with misogyny, but India is a bit more progressive due to it’s secular constitution.

To start with a 9 year old is in critical condition after being raped by three men early on Wednesday in Bahwalpur (a small town in Pakistan). The reason for this is “unknown” but it may have been a threat. The young girl was abducted by three women to another location and raped by three men.

Oh don’t worry… When her mother tried to take her to see the police the kidnappers threatened her with death. The 9 year old sustained internal injuries and severe blood loss and is still in ICU care. Oh don’t worry! People are wanting to use Sharia law to solve this case! And as we know Sharia Law solves Everything!

Reports are also coming in of the very lovely Vikram Singh Brahma, a Congress politician (now suspended! At least Congress is NOW doing the right thing. Congress are a Indian political party) who was caught raping a woman by the victim’s husband. He had to be taken into protective custody due to being beaten by a mob of “fucking pissed off women”. They apparently tore his clothes off and slapped him until the police took him in.

And last but not least before revisiting the Delhi Rape is the lovely leaders of Kishanganj and Siwan districts in Bihar who banned the usage of mobile phones! Give yourself a big hand for winning the idiots of the year award! Because mobile phones, “short clothes”, talking to men and listening to music leads to crime against women!

Oh but that’s because of what they consider a sex crime. No it’s not rape they are worried about. It’s young women eloping with their boyfriends to get married outside their caste. Good job Bihar, everytime I think someone cannot do something terrible you have to throw up some incredible tossweasel that leaves me doing goldfish impressions.

Oh and guess what? Remember the Delhi Rape? Let’s go back to the latest developments…

The young man (her boyfriend) has regained consciousness. And what he says was rather damning.

I watched the interview (can’t find it online) so I shall paraphrase the salient points

1. The police showed up 45 minutes after the incident.

2. Until that point both of them were lying there unable to move.

3. The police then argued about which jurisdiction the case fell under.

4. Nobody… and this is what made me mad. NOBODY CALLED AN AMBULANCE!

5. The police in a “Wiggumesque maneuver” sat watching them (bear in mind a man with head injuries and woman suffering that level of injury) and only after repeated requests got him a sheet to cover his friend.

6. By the time the cops got their act together and moved the young lady they didn’t do so using trained medical professionals who weren’t fucking called out in the first place. They may have exacerbated the damage by moving her the way they did.

7. She was taken there in a Police van rather than an ambulance. Oh but the police didn’t want to get their clothes to get dirty so the young man with head injuries had to carry (YEAH!) her instead.

8. He also indicates that the bus was empty except for these men… That these men may have done this in the past and this may actually be a serial issue.

9. The police had the audacity to request he portray them in a good light…

Oh and yes, the assailants tried to run them both over with the bus. He pulled her to safety. The idea was that they would be able to report the injuries as a road traffic accident since thousands of people die in those in India per year and the police rarely investigate those. This may have been a pre-meditated and repeated attack.

But all this is nothing compared to the most heart-rending thing of all. The men who raped her and half killed this young man are horrible people. But I have always said that a hero is just someone who does the simplest of things when needed. Anyone can be one, you just need to do what needs to be done… That day there were no heroes and no one to help them.

No one stopped to help them. They weren’t abandoned on an empty road. There were people who saw these two lying and begging for help and just walked away. That these two people who needed help the most were abandoned because people didn’t want to get involved because they were both naked (it’s not mentioned if he was sexually assaulted too). Their nudity was more important than their health.

Be ashamed India, this is the price of the Victorian Morals that you think is so important. Are you not amused? This is the face of India in 2013.

Not progress, but deepest and darkest inhumanity. I fear this will be my last year here… I am going home soon… This is too much to bear…


  1. leni says

    I didn’t think this story could get any more appalling and soul-crushing, but it has :/

    I’m normally uncomfortable calling victims heroes, but it sounds like the young man did some pretty heroic things that day. It is so heartbreaking, I wish there was something I could do help besides weep for him in front of my computer like an idiot :/

  2. mildlymagnificent says

    I have my own vague feeling about that bystander thing. The police weren’t called for over half an hour – and then they did their outrageous farce-tragedy version of Keystone Cops meets Indian bureaucracy at its worst. I very much doubt this is the first time people have seen such gross, bumbling incompetence (leave empathy out of it for a moment) on the part of the police – which is likely to lead to reluctance or indifference about whether they are called at all.

    But I’m a bit mystified about why no-one at all, including the police, called an ambulance. Isn’t there a central emergency number where operators ask which service you want? Here, people who might be a bit incoherent with shock are prompted about whether ambulance might be needed when police attendance is requested and vice versa. I’d not be in the least surprised if things aren’t smoothly coordinated, but surely the question arises quite often?

  3. StevoR, fallible human being says


    What the ..


    Unbelievable and yet I find I have to believe it, not saying it isn’t true.

    Fuck humans suck.

    In “light” of such facts what can you say?

  4. StevoR, fallible human being says

    Seconding virtual (((hugs))) if you want them from me. I think we could all use them right now.

  5. sosw says

    That behavior on the part of the police just…

    leaves me doing goldfish impressions

    …I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your colorful expression.

    For the first few numbered points, I was keeping in mind Hanlon’s Razor, but overall it just looks like there is something more systematic about it. Given my lack of knowledge about Indian police (apart from the amusing – and possibly incorrect – claim I just saw on QI about moustaches), I can only guess as to the nature, whether it be apathy (either occupational or cultural), malice (victims are subhumans) or fear (cya in a totally broken system often involves doing as little as possible).

    I almost feel guilty (this being a reminder of certain parts of my privileged position) for living in a place where police tend to be genuinely helpful and trustworthy (except…one…big…fucking…exception…but it’s too personal). Stories like this are really shocking…even individually, without considering the fact that they aren’t unusual.

  6. says

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