Bristol University Christian Union

So the USA doesn’t have a monopoly on crazy bullshit.

It has come to notice that the Bristol University Christian Union has an rather quaint and rather illegal (by the laws of the University and the UK’s Discrimination Laws) rule in place.

That you can only speak at their meetings or teach if you are a man or a married woman who is chaperoned by her husband…

This is just plain stupid. BUCU what the fuck did you expect people to do when they found out that you were a bunch of sexists? Sit back?

From what I have heard (I have friends down there. Wave hello FTB!) the Student Union is pursuing action and the Bristol University has come out on the side of the Student Union. The BUCU rule isn’t a new one but is one that has existed for quite a while. It’s only now come to light that this policy has been practised due to the religious exclusion of women.

Needless to say both the society for Atheists and the one for Feminists are livid. Not to mention most students who belong to societies that don’t discriminate on the basis of gender.

The issue is under investigation but it is clear BUCU are in the wrong and will either be forced to change it’s rules or disband.

Doubts About Atheism? Fifteen Questions for Atheists Answered

I got these “questions” sent on a Facebook message after I corrected a friend on the whole “Israel Malarky”. Someone took umbrage to me stating that “If god is telling United States of America (or at least ‘MERICA!!!) to support Israel then perhaps we should stop listening to the voices in our head and rather use knowledge, skill and common sense to come up with solutions”.

A little google wizardry helps me find the OP… Matthew Clayton from the blog Loving Christ With Your Mind.

And I figured I should give an answer.

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Hags of Lag – Sunday Morning

Well? As you know the Gamers for Godlessness marathon takes place tomorrow. I have an exam in the morning (In like 7 hours or so) and I need to get some sleep after that. But after all that shenanigans I will be up bright and early to appear on this. So come around and watch as I ramble on with JT and Jason about stuff…