Honour in New York

We have come to believe that honour attacks and the like are a rarity in the west. That they mainly occur far away and are such fleeting glimpses into a terrible world. The readers eyeballs prick with tears between the bath and pre-lunch beers…

But we don’t expect this sort of attack in New York.

On Monday, a horrible person was convicted in court. He had systematically abused a 12 year old girl for 3 years while posing as a unlicensed therapist. The girl in question endured the abuse in silence, mainly because she had no one to turn to until she met a religious leader who she confided in. This man ran a blog to document and advise those who were victims of abuse, not in a judgemental preachy way but an actual “human way”.

For his troubles this man was stopped on the street and had bleach hurled at his face.

Now by this point people are expecting this to be some sort of story about someone who has insulted the islamic faith. Maybe someone who has irritated Hindus or Sikhs…

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg’s crime was to speak out against the abuse of a twelve year old girl for 3 years by Nechemya Weberman. Weberman was convicted of 59 counts of child abuse (molestation). Weberman was one of the people considered as “true” jews. He was a Satmar Hassidic.

Rather than praise the actions of Rosenberg the Ultra-orthodox jewish community which Weberman belonged to may have been responsible for trying to permanently blind and scar him with bleach. This is a honour crime.

Accusations of abuse are spoken in quite whispers around the Satmar Hassidic community and this apparently will lever open investigations into the reports of abuse. Traditionally the community has simply closed ranks but this marks a precedent and a very important one at that. That there are people willing to fight against injustice not because of a divine mandate but because of a human one.

To many jews the stories they hear out of the hassidic community is much like the tales Catholics used to hear out of institutions like Christian Brothers or Magdalene Laundries. But are they stories or truth? Hopefully we can find out so as to stop more cases like this one. It doesn’t need to be said that one of the main reasons that the abuse of a 12 year old was carried out for so long was that the young girl didn’t have any means of getting help in a purely patriarchal community which may have even excused this sort of behaviour in the past and actively hidden it.

So Part III in the Female Genital Mutilation Saga


A Skepchick writer has come out in favour of the Lisa Wade’s article in one specific way

No one likes to be told what to do? Especially by people outside the culture if they are using language condemning a practice that is harsh.

The problem is Lisa Wade poisoned that one point with the rest of her post. “With Therapy” women will have a normal sex life doesn’t excuse protecting a practice. With therapy a broken leg will heal, doesn’t mean running someone’s leg over with a car is harmless. She covers up harm and uses language legitimising a practice and treats it as a medical procedure.

The piece in from Heina refers to Ophelia’s and Zinnia’s pieces on the topic mentioning that they are facts of FGM light. And to be fair I had just run my “primer” on FGM earlier so I figured they didn’t go into the details about it because if people asked they could just go “Look at Avi’s Stuff” rather than hammering out the same primer. That’s my defence of why they didn’t really go into the details of the subject. [Read more…]

A Balanced Look at Female Genital “Mutilation” is Anything But

I started noticing a fair few hits from “The Society Pages” and went to see who was flogging my blog (That sounds… dirty, But then again with my accent saying “Can I butter your scones” can be considered as near pornographical).

What I came across was something that sets itself up to be a balanced view about the practice of female genital mutilation.

A lot of people who read that were obviously rather angry. One of them linked to my recent post on FGM and it’s defence in Islam. So I had a read on my way back from my exam and have a rebuttal. If you want to see another one, check out Zinnia’s piece on her blog.

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Won’t Someone Think of The Children

Not You!!!!

Apart from you guys!

Let’s just say… Jesus makes you think of children a lot. Sometimes in not very acceptable ways.

Oh get your mind out of the gutter! This is an article about abortion and in particular Matt Barber’s take on it where he writes an open letter to the women and “girls” who have had an abortion. He does ask us to keep an Open Mind and Hearing Heart and maybe an Empty Stomach, which is fine if you are planning to do battle in The Kitchen Stadium to topple an Iron Chef but not if you want to talk to idiots particularly about a topic which is personal, upsetting and above all private.

The thing is Matt thinks the things he says are truths. Which is deadly as fuck, because this man genuinely believes that the entire history of the planet is based on a bunch of ignorant shepherds from the Middle East and their religion which was considered anti-knowledge EVEN during it’s own foundation. It’s a faith where the greatest sin and the deadliest thing in it was the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge isn’t treated as sacred or important, it is treated as dangerous. Abrahamic faith is not just a blindfold to reality but is also a lead pipe to the head when it comes to it so you either are simply blinded or worse, you perceive it in such a warped and weird way that the only thing that will knock sense into you is a horrific shock. Where every single thing that the person holds dear suddenly and simultaneously comes down. My transition to atheism wasn’t a horror filled realisation it was slow and gradual and rather painless. I never really had to wrestle with any demons all though I will Invoke Rule 34 for anyone wanting to see that particular fantasy.

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Ray Comfort is not a Genius

Everyone’s favourite banana fan is back with a new video called Genius.

If you want to have a look? Go watch it… But I warn you. I made my way through it painfully and regret doing so while sober.

There is not enough alcohol in the world that will get rid of the horrid taste of all the logical  and factual fallacies. This is not a video to watch sober, it will make you throw things at idiots. It has everything from “Atheistic Evolution” to “You Will Never Be Good Enough” and even a little bit of “No True Scotsman”. It even has the most hilarious concept of an “atheist/buddhist” in there whose response isn’t measured debate but crazy ranting.

Oh and John Lennon apparently didn’t believe in Evolution because people like a certain cephalopod obsessed overlord keep changing the boundaries of science. CLEARLY this is an early version of FTBullies.

It finally ends with the worst piece of music theory ever. The mutilation of the meaning of Imagine by Ray Comfort who claims that the line “Imagine there’s no heaven” indicates that heaven is a real place because it would be like saying “Imagine there’s no New York”. This is without paying attention to the rest of the song where he assumes “The world living as one” indicates the return of his god rather than say… The Smoking Mirror.

Just to be safe? Better keep a supply of your enemies ready for Human Sacrifice.

Just to get the bad taste out of your mouth? I leave you with one of my favourite renditions of Imagine….

In Defence of Twilight

[important]I dedicate this post to one of my oldest fans for her birthday. Without her constant spell checks and grammar my posts would be filled with a lot of spelling errors. Happy Birthday to the Meowcenary![/important]

I am personally not a fan of Twilight. I have read the first book (you cannot condemn something based on hearsay after all) and from what I figured it was a terrible story with a vapid protagonist and an even more vapid vampire derived from an Anne Rice character but with a lot more cardboardiness. In short? It was bad mormon tinged Vampire the Masquerade fanfic.

But ladies and young girls loved it. Possibly because it was sloppily romantic or a fantasy or they found some level of sexual and personal gratification from such characters. I suppose having a heroine with such a bland personality allows you to supplant her easily and become the object of the fantasy but I am not a psychologist and honestly don’t give a flying fuck about why anyone would like the book. If you like it then you like it. Maybe, just maybe… Women like highly anaemic men in silly outfits and funny accents.

The amount he spends on bleach alone...

I liked vampires before they were cool and sparkly

However some people just don’t get it. Mark Driscoll is just one such person.

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Ashley? More like ASH-LIE ! Am I Rite?

Well I am done with my first batch of exams. And hence I am tanked up on weird sleep patterns and loneliness.

After writing my take on the sad events of Ashley Miller’s run in with her racist father, I was shocked to see people… actually I wasn’t that shocked. I know the Stormfront exists, and there are people who genuinely think like that. It’s sad but we live knowing that the people like that are few.

Oh the usual racist arguments were there… Black men are more like to kill their partners. (By that logic, white guys are more likely to sleep with your sister and your mother… Everything I learnt about white people I learnt from Jerry Springer.). People demanding she apologised. And oh yes I was paying attention to the Twitterz. The anti-atheism plus brigade were in full force there trying to co-opt her entirely shite day into whatever it is they are so hurt about.

But none come close to the crazy that this commenter managed to achieve.

Larry, in spite of your claimed high IQ, I can’t believe you would fall for this tall-tail by little miss “smart-ass.” You claimed you read her bio. She’s a feminist, an atheist and , ergo, a socialist democrat. NEVER engage these people. NEVER do it. They lie at the drop of a hat. They will do anything unethical, even criminal, if they believe it will further their warped ideology. Their ideology drives them. Nothing else. Miss “smart-ass” is most likely making up this entire, or most of, what she writes in this anecdote. And you fell for it. Her major objective here is to SLAM her dad – the “southern conservative.”

I personally thought “Sarah Palin Supporter” did the damage. The racism is just sprinkles really. Now it’s clear that the fruit fell really far from that tree but I think the main problem here is her dad believes in a fantasy world where black people aren’t human beings and Sarah Palin is the ideal role model for children along with “Maths is Hard” Barbie.

1) “Smart-ass” claims she has a black boyfriend. Well, where’s the picture of them smiling cheek to cheek? What a pic that be! This blog begs for that pic, yet it’s not prominently displayed at the top. Where is it? Well, it’s not there because “smart-ass” doesn’t have a black boyfriend (I explain why at the end of this post).

She is dating a black man not the Loch Ness Monster. Plenty of people date people who aren’t the skin colour as they are. And besides… Everyone knows that feminist atheists don’t show up in mirrors and on cameras. Which is why no one knows what I look like.

2) “Smart-ass” implies she brought her black boyfriend over to surprise her family members for Thanksgiving. Yeah sure. Like he would be a willing party to THAT! Think about it. Also, “smart-ass” claims her Thanksgiving is celebrated by her dad, his wife and his ex-wife (smart-ass’ mom) …all present together? Wife and ex-wife at the SAME festivity? Doesn’t happen people. Smart-ass’ Thanksgiving “surprise” should NOT be believed. If it’s true “smart-ass” and you really did bring your black boyfriend, show everyone some Thanksgiving pictures. Okay? Oh, also tell us where he slept that night. REMEMBER , feminist/ atheist/ socialist … lie ALL the time. It comes very easy to them!

Ah yes! It is a little known fact that the more melanin you have the more allergic to turkey you are. No, I think she wanted him to spend time with her FAMILY because he means something to her. And she doesn’t want to hide him like she is ashamed of him or that he is some toy to be put away when company is around.

And like all black people he slept in a coffin covered by dirt blessed by Tupac.

 3) “Smart-ass” claims she’s cut off from her dad,. Well if that’s the case, who’s paying for her graduate studies?

Student Loan? Job? If I can pay my way through medical school, she can do it too. If there is one thing people should take from this post it’s this. If you can do something then chances are there is someone else who can do it too.

4) “Smart-ass” claims that a “mutual friend introduced us” and it was a “long distance” thing. Oh yeah, now THAT sounds believable.

Because feminists are not introduced to men. They must bring hunt them down and paralyse them using their stings. Then and only then can they lay their eggs. Clearly Ashley is lying about this because she hasn’t posted pictures of the eggs yet.

5) No one with the professed beliefs of little miss “smart-ass” could acquire a boyfriend. Smart-ass’ beliefs and a boyfriend is like merging matter with anti-matter – KABOOM! Won’t work. Feminist are incapable of emotions or love. They are hate-filled women whom every male in his right mind would turn his back on.

Oh racist of little faith. Don’t you believe in the power of love? Or at least the power of Stockholm Syndrome? Or paralysing poison stingers?

AGAIN, the WHOLE and ENTIRE purpose of “smart-ass’ made-up story here is to SLAM conservative ideals and her dad. I don‘t doubt dad has told “smart-ass” to get lost! I would do the same if it were my daughter doing what she does. “Smart-ass” will get everything she deserves in life.

On a serious note? If you believe in the ideals of her father then you deserve the ridicule and flak you take for having such harmful, stupid and tragic ideals. If you would deny your daughter love and family because you think that me or any other man (or woman) who isn’t white as the driven aryan snow isn’t an appropriate date that it just means you are a terrible person. Because you cannot see past a stereotype.


Sugar and Spice

Madeline Kara had diabetes. Childhood diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases of children with type 1 diabetes affecting around 1.7 per 1000 Americans and a varying amount for type 2 (because ethnicity and socio-economic status plays a role).

I said “had”, because Madeline Kara passed away from a diabetic HONK coma. (Hyperglycaemic Hyperosmolar Nonketoic Coma – Uncontrolled diabetes is deadly.)

Because her parents would rather pray to god than let humans use their skill, ingenuity and knowledge to save their daughter’s life.

To realise how dangerous religion can be, we must first understand what a Delusion is. You are delusional can mean “You have no grasp of what’s going on”. But in medicine? A delusion is a psychiatric disorder where the patient holds a firm belief in something that can be empirically proven to be false. However any proof provided will be rejected out of hand and any attempts to convince the patient that their delusion is incorrect will merely become part of the delusion.

Leilani and Dave Neumann were so deluded by their faith that even after their daughter died they insisted that she would come back to life…

If we ignore the faith aspect of things, Leilani and Dave would be sectioned. They are clearly delusional. No psychiatrist in the world would consider them to be responsible for their actions because they are genuinely not thinking using the same logic that we come to accept as normal. They don’t believe in something we understand as real. However what complicates this is faith. Religion is the world’s most acceptable delusion. The joke amongst psychiatrist is that “God” is the only acceptable voice in your head.

Many people don’t know this but you are legally obligated to pull in an ambulance if someone is in trouble. This case is remarkable in Wisconsin because it sets a precedence for parents being liable for their actions with regards to faith. In the USA a whole bunch of states (I tried researching and I got up to 12) have clauses for the protection of parents who use prayer rather than medicine.

When tried both were sentenced to 25 years in prison, except the judge reduced the sentence to a month in prison every year for six months and then 10 years of probation. But here is the thing.

Why? If the reason they did this was “Aliens” they would be sectioned under various mental health acts (Insanity isn’t “getting off lightly”. Insanity Pleas are often WORSE than prison since they can keep you forever because your condition may require permanent care and it’s actually pretty hard to get it). But their sentence was reduced because they believed in a god. Wisconsin is one of those states with a law protecting faith healing. At best it can be tried as child abuse, not homicide.

It doesn’t matter what the outcome of the case is. The parents are not “guilty” of anything. It’s clearly a mental health issue and they are ill. They cannot be held responsible because they are clearly medically delusional about their actions. Punishing them will not make them understand. It won’t bring back Madeline and it won’t convince the faith healers to stop and take responsibility.

What matters is there is religion out there that CREATES these people. That feeds and creates this delusion.

Of Faith and Fannies – Female Genital Mutilation and Islam

Female Circumcision (Genital Mutilation) is one of the major problems facing women in large parts of the world. The practice is seen from parts of Indonesia through some areas of the Middle East to (it is thankfully rarer but it still occurs) to Africa where the practice is widespread due to a long history and the lack of a concerted effort to stamp it out. I will write a warning and say that this article is NSFW and not suitable for those of a nervous disposition as the subject matter is deeply uncomfortable. In addition due to the use of anatomical drawings I will suggest that this article be treated as not safe for children unless you as a parent wish for them to learn about a darker side of the world. This is ludicrously uncomfortable for pretty much everyone. Hence this ludicrously long disclaimer.

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