And India Cried

“It’s because India is crying.” – A Random Protester

I was supposed to go down to two different protests, one a general one and the other a more quiet affair, the turn outs were low for two reasons. The weather was frankly atrocious making movement hard and people less likely to want to protest and because many people didn’t feel that it was appropriate to protest about the rape the day the victim died out of courtesy to her family who must be suffering a lot even without politicising the day.

The second event took place though with a small gathering of people who stood and spoke, recited poetry and told each other what they would be doing to fight the culture of rape.

A truly sad day but one where you realise that there are people fighting this who do require a voice and who often do not have one.

Some interesting mentions…

1. A man who had turned up in a suit to the first protest with the words “I am a Philanthropist, but you still cannot mug me”.

2. The KFC outside which the second protest walked joined in for a few minutes to show solidarity.

3. The poetry recited

4. The people who organised it even if it was a small, short event.

It may not mean much in the grand scheme of things but it’s a stance and a stance that has to start somewhere. Yes, there were some outlooks that were reactionary but there always are. There are also cool heads and we have to hope that they prevail.

My camera didn’t survive the day but here are some photos…


  1. Rodney Nelson says

    Thank you.

    “Don’t tell women what to wear, tell men not to rape” sums up the problem very well.

  2. morgan says

    Avicenna, I am so enraged at what what done to that young woman and her friend. I have an important question… Although it is horrific, would it be useful for reports to include the specifics of what what done to this poor woman? I’ve seen very little that doesn’t gloss it over. No one is mentioning the “rope-like” intestines pulled out of her with what appeared to be the hooked end of a tire iron. I’m physically sick just typing those words but doesn’t this horror deserve NOT to be glossed over? She was not “simply” raped and assaulted,” if there is even such a thing. Would stupid people think such reporting was just violence porn? I’m truly interested in your thoughts, and those of your readers. Thank you so much.

  3. says

    That may be embellishment. And I will point out that doing that will cause instant death… You can’t just “pull intestines out”, they are attached to supportive tissue that carries arteries and veins.

    Hara kiri kills by blood loss from damaging these vessels. The reason no one reported it because it probably isn’t true.

    Eye witnesses in India are often unreliable… They think it’s helping but it’s “unlikely” that this scenario took place.

  4. bobo says


    Thank you for the correction on the other thread. What they did to her is absolutely horrifying in every way. I have felt sick since I first heard about it. It makes me incredibly sad.

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