Merry Christmas

Do they know it’s Christmas? They better do…

Finally get to start Christmas, spent most of my day at work because that never really stops. And now am going to have the most Christmas Dish of them all!

Spaghetti Bolognese…

It’s weird living in India


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    I just received an email from my father in Manipur, who said that he can’t go spend Christmas with some Baptist families of his acquaintance because of the general strike and minor civil war that’s broken out there. Dad’s letters from India are always good for a “Whoah…” from back home.

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    The baptists used to be a Khmer culture called the Naga… There are very very few left. Most of their culture has been lost to the conversion to American Baptist Christianity. The “minor” civil war has left thousands dead and an entire culture that’s nearly dead.

    I am aware of more khmer culture than most naga because my grandmother left the Raj before it became free. My grandmother is the only one left out of her entire town. Well that was the fault of the Empire of the Rising Sun, but a lot of the culture of the city based khmer has been lost. The closest approximation is Manipuri culture.

    There are others like her but they are few and far between. It is a massacre akin to the destruction of Native American Culture…

    The general strike is due to another rape by baptists right wing sepratists… Yeah…

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