The Way I Write Isn’t Fast

I haven’t covered the news of the horrific and public rape of a student in India because I haven’t had time yet to be happy with what I have written. I am not ignoring it, I just will publish it when I am happy with the end result. New things are happening with that story every hour out here and Indian news sources aren’t the best. So until the facts are clear I will not be publishing…

It is a heinous crime but facts are what put people away and facts are what changes the world. I apologise if I sound like I am ignoring Indian issues but it isn’t what I meant to do. I intend to give it the time and place it deserves. I am not a writer, I just write for fun. Sometimes work comes first (I have an exam tomorrow for example). The way I write is comparatively slow and over more days than other writers. I often work on multiple articles in bits and pieces rather than hammer out articles whole. I also take my time and write when I can.

It doesn’t mean I am ignoring an issue. It just means that I am slow. Bear with me.


  1. StevoR, fallible human being says

    No worries – I can certainly relate to that & strive to be patient.

    Indian news sources aren’t the best. So until the facts are clear I will not be publishing…

    How do they compare with US media or British, Aussie* or other media – any idea(s)? Which media do you think is the best or worst and why? (Course that could be a whole article in itself too couldn’t it?)


    * True story my local (Aussie) newspaper once had a small article discussing how astrologers had discovered a new pulsar. Aaaaarrrrrgh!!!

  2. left0ver1under says

    “I am not a slow writer. I am not a fast writer. I am a half-fast writer!”
    – Robert Lynn Asprin, sci-fi and fantasy author

    I forget who it was, but the other day, a blogger elsewhere was attacked by rightwingnuts (and MRAs, IIRC). She didn’t write a knee-jerk and uninformed opinion on a certain event, and for that, idiots repeatedly posted garbage on her blog.

    There’s nothing wrong with thinking and fact checking before speaking. It’s far better than speaking from ignorance or spewing some gainsaying stupidity (like Joe Lieberman and NRA loons did today).

  3. says

    Which other day? MRA and Right Wing Nuts tend to post anywhere they find out a open forum to descend on….

    It’s not just facts it is also because there are a lot of emotions that are running wild right now and I have an exam tomorrow… When I have finished it, I will probably write.

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