Ashley? More like ASH-LIE ! Am I Rite?

Well I am done with my first batch of exams. And hence I am tanked up on weird sleep patterns and loneliness.

After writing my take on the sad events of Ashley Miller’s run in with her racist father, I was shocked to see people… actually I wasn’t that shocked. I know the Stormfront exists, and there are people who genuinely think like that. It’s sad but we live knowing that the people like that are few.

Oh the usual racist arguments were there… Black men are more like to kill their partners. (By that logic, white guys are more likely to sleep with your sister and your mother… Everything I learnt about white people I learnt from Jerry Springer.). People demanding she apologised. And oh yes I was paying attention to the Twitterz. The anti-atheism plus brigade were in full force there trying to co-opt her entirely shite day into whatever it is they are so hurt about.

But none come close to the crazy that this commenter managed to achieve.

Larry, in spite of your claimed high IQ, I can’t believe you would fall for this tall-tail by little miss “smart-ass.” You claimed you read her bio. She’s a feminist, an atheist and , ergo, a socialist democrat. NEVER engage these people. NEVER do it. They lie at the drop of a hat. They will do anything unethical, even criminal, if they believe it will further their warped ideology. Their ideology drives them. Nothing else. Miss “smart-ass” is most likely making up this entire, or most of, what she writes in this anecdote. And you fell for it. Her major objective here is to SLAM her dad – the “southern conservative.”

I personally thought “Sarah Palin Supporter” did the damage. The racism is just sprinkles really. Now it’s clear that the fruit fell really far from that tree but I think the main problem here is her dad believes in a fantasy world where black people aren’t human beings and Sarah Palin is the ideal role model for children along with “Maths is Hard” Barbie.

1) “Smart-ass” claims she has a black boyfriend. Well, where’s the picture of them smiling cheek to cheek? What a pic that be! This blog begs for that pic, yet it’s not prominently displayed at the top. Where is it? Well, it’s not there because “smart-ass” doesn’t have a black boyfriend (I explain why at the end of this post).

She is dating a black man not the Loch Ness Monster. Plenty of people date people who aren’t the skin colour as they are. And besides… Everyone knows that feminist atheists don’t show up in mirrors and on cameras. Which is why no one knows what I look like.

2) “Smart-ass” implies she brought her black boyfriend over to surprise her family members for Thanksgiving. Yeah sure. Like he would be a willing party to THAT! Think about it. Also, “smart-ass” claims her Thanksgiving is celebrated by her dad, his wife and his ex-wife (smart-ass’ mom) …all present together? Wife and ex-wife at the SAME festivity? Doesn’t happen people. Smart-ass’ Thanksgiving “surprise” should NOT be believed. If it’s true “smart-ass” and you really did bring your black boyfriend, show everyone some Thanksgiving pictures. Okay? Oh, also tell us where he slept that night. REMEMBER , feminist/ atheist/ socialist … lie ALL the time. It comes very easy to them!

Ah yes! It is a little known fact that the more melanin you have the more allergic to turkey you are. No, I think she wanted him to spend time with her FAMILY because he means something to her. And she doesn’t want to hide him like she is ashamed of him or that he is some toy to be put away when company is around.

And like all black people he slept in a coffin covered by dirt blessed by Tupac.

 3) “Smart-ass” claims she’s cut off from her dad,. Well if that’s the case, who’s paying for her graduate studies?

Student Loan? Job? If I can pay my way through medical school, she can do it too. If there is one thing people should take from this post it’s this. If you can do something then chances are there is someone else who can do it too.

4) “Smart-ass” claims that a “mutual friend introduced us” and it was a “long distance” thing. Oh yeah, now THAT sounds believable.

Because feminists are not introduced to men. They must bring hunt them down and paralyse them using their stings. Then and only then can they lay their eggs. Clearly Ashley is lying about this because she hasn’t posted pictures of the eggs yet.

5) No one with the professed beliefs of little miss “smart-ass” could acquire a boyfriend. Smart-ass’ beliefs and a boyfriend is like merging matter with anti-matter – KABOOM! Won’t work. Feminist are incapable of emotions or love. They are hate-filled women whom every male in his right mind would turn his back on.

Oh racist of little faith. Don’t you believe in the power of love? Or at least the power of Stockholm Syndrome? Or paralysing poison stingers?

AGAIN, the WHOLE and ENTIRE purpose of “smart-ass’ made-up story here is to SLAM conservative ideals and her dad. I don‘t doubt dad has told “smart-ass” to get lost! I would do the same if it were my daughter doing what she does. “Smart-ass” will get everything she deserves in life.

On a serious note? If you believe in the ideals of her father then you deserve the ridicule and flak you take for having such harmful, stupid and tragic ideals. If you would deny your daughter love and family because you think that me or any other man (or woman) who isn’t white as the driven aryan snow isn’t an appropriate date that it just means you are a terrible person. Because you cannot see past a stereotype.



  1. says

    If you learned about white people from Jerry Springer I don’t see how you missed the likelihood of marrying animals or having twisted relationships with your best friends, boyfriends, mother’s cousin’s wife who was really your sister.

    Also, just fyi, the last time I saw an feminist with a man she had him by his hair dragging him while her club was swung over her shoulder (think caveman style). :P

    I don’t follow all the racist drama in the world but I love the tone of your post.

  2. Nepenthe says

    Shhh… we’re trying to keep the poison stingers on the DL here! *sheaths hers* (And you don’t even want to know where they are.)

  3. didgen says

    Yes, but the racist idiot finishes well. Stating Ashley will get what she deserves in life. I hope that is true, just as I hope someone filled with that much hatred gets all they deserve.

  4. Kevin K says

    The feminist stinger. Gotta watch out for that!
    Bet a bazillion dollars “Larry” is a T-foot fan.

  5. silomowbray says

    Doesn’t the writer sound like he’s terrified and is blanketing his fear with BIG RAEG?

    Uppity Atheist Socialist Communist Democrat Wimmenz with Jungle Fever!!!!!111 Teh world is D00m3d!!

  6. Psychopomp Gecko says

    Ah ha! Shakespeare was onto you, feminists! Just look at The Taming of the Shew:

    Petruchio: Come, come, you wasp; i’ faith, you are too angry.
    Katherina: If I be waspish, best beware my sting.
    Petruchio: My remedy is then, to pluck it out.
    Katherina: Ay, if the fool could find it where it lies.
    Petruchio: Who knows not where a wasp does wear his sting? In his tail.
    Katherina: In his tongue.
    Petruchio: Whose tongue?
    Katherina: Yours, if you talk of tails: and so farewell.
    Petruchio: What, with my tongue in your tail?

    And the only thing that shall silence is me is if a feminist comes over here and stings me herself.

    *walks away, muttering to himself* That was pathetic, Gecko. If that’s your way of getting a date, then it’d be better to get thee to a nunnery.

  7. markmanning says

    My pile-on for this nut-case is to quote him in his rant and to offer proof of his ignorance:

    “Also, “smart-ass” claims her Thanksgiving is celebrated by her dad, his wife and his ex-wife (smart-ass’ mom) …all present together? Wife and ex-wife at the SAME festivity? Doesn’t happen people.”

    I am a 68 yr old white male. If my unmarried son were to bring a new girlfriend (or boyfriend) of any race to our family holiday gathering, she (or he) would be received with warmth and hugs because she (or he) would be there by my son’s choice – which choice is actually HIS with no conditions. She/he would also have to witness the good company and laughs being shared with my first wife (12 years; mother of my 2 sons), and my current wife (19 yrs), the two of whom are and have been for those 19 years, not only convivial but reasonably close and warm friends.

    Real love knows no bounds; your earlier commentor apparently knows no love.

  8. says

    The previous commenter, markmanning #9, commented about ex-married couples with their current souses all together, sharing the same party. Like, I too am from a family whose parents are divorced, as well as my best friend. Our two families, both my parents, and both their significant others, as well as my best friends families, all get together periodically for the most epic of epic parties. Hell, I even brought an ex girlfriend of mine to one of those parties! It was a great time. And I have the photos to prove it too.

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