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Yes… I know. I am showing off…

But I really don’t care at this point. It’s not all doom and gloom because there are people in my life who make all the tragic cases better. That even around people angry at how women are treated there is one person who I can come back to and be silly and forget.

So if you fancy something a little less grim than my photos of protests, go poke around Tigasuku’s blog. She’s got photos of her Barcelona trip on there.

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And India Cried

“It’s because India is crying.” – A Random Protester

I was supposed to go down to two different protests, one a general one and the other a more quiet affair, the turn outs were low for two reasons. The weather was frankly atrocious making movement hard and people less likely to want to protest and because many people didn’t feel that it was appropriate to protest about the rape the day the victim died out of courtesy to her family who must be suffering a lot even without politicising the day.

The second event took place though with a small gathering of people who stood and spoke, recited poetry and told each other what they would be doing to fight the culture of rape.

A truly sad day but one where you realise that there are people fighting this who do require a voice and who often do not have one.

Some interesting mentions…

1. A man who had turned up in a suit to the first protest with the words “I am a Philanthropist, but you still cannot mug me”.

2. The KFC outside which the second protest walked joined in for a few minutes to show solidarity.

3. The poetry recited

4. The people who organised it even if it was a small, short event.

It may not mean much in the grand scheme of things but it’s a stance and a stance that has to start somewhere. Yes, there were some outlooks that were reactionary but there always are. There are also cool heads and we have to hope that they prevail.

My camera didn’t survive the day but here are some photos…

It’s no longer just Rape… It’s also Murder

Reports are coming in as we speak…

It has been announced that the 23 year old woman who was raped and molested with a foreign object damaging much of her internal organs has died in Singapore.

Words cannot express how much rage I feel and how embarrassed I am to be Indian, however… I have a job to do. And I will do it.

I am set to provide medical support for a protest march tomorrow. The hope is the eyes of foreign aid workers will stop a repeat of the violence in Delhi.

This is no longer rape… it’s also murder.

Bullying Isn’t So Bad

Our Internet world is filled with tales of tragic teens who die by their own hand. Cruelly tormented daily, these teens feel sufficiently alone and alienated from society that they don’t think that things will get better. They cannot see past their daily torment and feel the need to end it all. One of the main reasons for this is the religious and cultural bullying of any child outside the norm.

You are a target if you are outside the groups that form our society in schools.

In particular this is aimed at those kids who are homosexual or queer because society excuses bullying them. It provides a variety of reasons to bully them and most of it is grounded in religion.

So while most people are about halting and stopping bullying, Herman Goodden takes a different tack. A catholic tack…

Bullying is taking up an awful lot of space in our public and private conversations, making an old duffer wonder if some sort of qualitative change really has taken place regarding this age-old . . . phenomenon. I almost called it a “problem” but that would be to buy into the current thinking about bullying, which is unrealistic, not very helpful and dishonestly coercive.

Is it? Is it really? Bullying takes up space in our conversations but does it take up more space in our conversation than celebrities who consume raw animal testicles for fame? Does it take up more space in our conversation about millionaires with intelligent feet kicking balls at a giant net? Tell me what should we consider as adequate discussion of bullying rather than an excessive one?

Certainly it’s no fun to be on the receiving end of bullying. And in extreme outbreaks there can indeed be cause to enlist the help of school and even police authorities. But in the general run of things, I don’t believe we’re ever going to eradicate bullying and, furthermore, shining a spotlight on behaviour that will usually burn itself out in a few days can do more harm than good both to perpetrators and victims by commemorating that which might more beneficially be forgotten.

Extreme outbreaks? Again what do you consider as excessive bullying? While bullying may be hard to stamp out, you can reduce it and you can stop the worst effects of it.

Some bullying does die down, some carries on. The ones that die down generally die down spontaneously and never come to light. But the one that continues is the ones we are trying to stop because it’s the ones we CAN stop.

It might be pleasant (if a little boring) to believe that children could find a way to grow up without ever coming into conflict with one another, but they never shall. In the furiously churning, soul-shaping cauldron of adolescence, young people look for models of behaviour they might want to emulate and they also look inside as certain characteristics emerge, some of which they discover cannot be jettisoned, even if it might be “cooler” to do so.

I understand the world is a terrifying place and that bullying can help “toughen” kids up. Despite what we think the world is pretty horrid and sometimes we have to teach our kids that they aren’t special or unique. It’s a fantasy we tell our kids and it’s a fantasy that many of them take to their adult life where they are stunned into reality. Perhaps a little bit of the lash is needed. Bullies exist in adult life too, dealing with bullies made me better at my job. But that’s me. I don’t expect other people to grow out of bullying as I did.

You can teach kids these lessons without feeding them to the lions of social combat. Not everyone is up to it and not everyone comes to the fight equally armed. Some people blossom into tough savvy adults at different paces. And while I think teaching our kids that they are all super special and reducing competition can sometimes look foolish I understand the need to keep kids interested without some kids running away with all the prizes. There has to be a balance between universality and rewarding excellence. And between coddling and throwing children to the wolves.

During this process young people can be mercilessly judgmental of everyone, including their peers, some of whom (for today at least) they’ll decide they like and some of whom they’ll dislike. If someone watches the wrong TV shows or listens to the wrong bands or wears the wrong shoes — these are not some blameless and inexplicable whimsy of taste as most of us regard them later in life when we are comparatively sane. No, these are social, indictable offences that must be commented upon, put down and even punished.

Or you know… If they like people of the same gender. I know where this is going…

Most instances of bullying soon blow over with no input necessary from the authorities. Sometimes the perpetrators themselves come to realize that their actions are over the top and modify their behaviour. Often, the victims discourage its continuance by standing up to their bullies — verbally or physically — or else they remove the sting of bullying by sloughing it off and not rising to such cheap and inflammatory bait.

Yes, but I solved my bully problem with cutting sarcasm and by “being a bully myself”. It is not an ideal solution to this issue. And it’s hard to solve your bully problem if what you have done is universally regarded as “Pariah Status Worthy”. Like you know…if you are gay.

It’s very hard to live with the consistent and constant bullying and feeling of an outcast if you are in that situation because you are universally despised. You cannot say that it gets better because in many cases gay people have to put up with this kind of bullying all their lives. That’s the main group who are protected when we put anti-bully laws in place.

Either of these approaches is infinitely superior to letting elders get involved, mostly because young people deal with things more directly and honestly. Once you get the authorities involved, everybody has to start playing nice and affirming one another’s okayness. Smothering in officially sanctioned indifference probably doesn’t seem to matter much if the underlying disagreement is about Justin Bieber or high-topped running shoes. But there’s a danger that the lesson being learned is that it’s wrong to ever voice disagreement or disapproval and one should always strive to please everyone else.

It’s also wrong to respond to “I fucked your mum” with “I fucked your dad and he liked it” but it didn’t really stop me from saying it aged 14. And it was also wrong for me aged 15 to solve a bully problem through a fist fight. That’s one of the direct and honest ways of solving problems after all…

It is not about Okayness. We know it’s a casual implication that Catholics aren’t given free reign to tell people what they think of their lifestyles.

And no we don’t strive to please everyone. We strive to get along.

When busybody authorities start refereeing disputes, Catholic youth are particularly at risk of being bullied (in the blandest possible way, of course) into soft pedalling important tenets of their faith. Being cowed in this way in their developing years is bad training for standing up to the bullies we all inevitably encounter as adults — whether its bosses, unions, a hectoring media with a virulently secular agenda to promote or the atheists and over-sensitive multicultural types who emerge from the woodwork at about this time of year to throw a blanket over public expression of Christmas celebrations.

Catholic Youth Are More Prone to be Bullied… I have a message…

“Away and Boil Your Head you Sanctimonious Bastard. I fucking remember being a right twat at school because I was a bully and I was fucking excellent at it because I was a relatively small bespectacled INDIAN KID in a place full of huge white guys who had never ever seen one before. I had weird food, weird hair, didn’t burn in the sun and studied a lot. And back then that was fair game. I either beat them at their game or I got beaten so I got good.”

I know the elements “Catholic Kids” wish to Hard Sell. The kind of bullshit that tore apart cities in Ireland and poisoned Scotland’s football, the kind of bullshit that allows Catholics to tell other people they are going to hell if they don’t believe in Catholic Jesus or hate on gays. And primarily it is to hate on gays and perhaps shame a few of those teenage sluts. After all if you cannot flog guilt then what sort of Catholic are you!

It is not bullying to curtail the freedom of speech of someone who is using that freedom to flog hate. If your beliefs as a religious person are unacceptable in polite society then you are not allowed to voice them. For the same reason that kids aren’t allowed to follow Catholic kids around and tell them that false worship of Mary will doom them to hell.

A near-constant element in the modern concern about bullying is the magnifying impact of the Internet and social networking gadgets which, we are told, makes it seem like the victims can never escape their tormentors. They could, though, if they’d just summon the will to unplug the darned things. Last summer my wife and I were dining at an outdoor patio and saw six young people sitting together at a table across the way, each one of them ignoring their flesh and blood friends so they could noodle away on their nefarious handheld thingies.

Yes. Allow people to be bullied off an universal forum. You hear that Ophelia!

If only you UNPLUGGED your devices, the fake profiles would stop! Take advice from this man! He knows bullying!

Seriously? Internet Harassment may not be as bad as physical harassment but it is bad. It is detrimental and it does hurt people’s feelings. It is bullying and it isn’t funny. To harass people off a common forum and a massive social tool that binds our kids together is to not get what it means to our kids.

Our kids, thankfully, made it through school just before the use of such devices became so pathetically ubiquitous. And significantly all three of them have at various times recognized that their dependence on that virtual world was becoming disproportionate and unhealthy and have made a point of going off-line for a season or two until they got their equilibrium back.

What is pathetic is the excusing of bullies, not the usage of technology. We may be nerds, but it is we who make your world work.

And my grandfather never went to school. In fact my grandmother was the one who taught him to write… English… My Burmese grandmother taught him to write and count. What was common place once isn’t any more. Now the majority of us can read and write.

And therefore we can now read! Yes! Read! Instead of talking to each other! (My great grandfather has apparently said this…)

And the internet is a tool much like a screwdriver. It can do a lot of things but it is up to the parent to MONITOR it. The effect of bullying can be reduced by actually sitting down and having a good rapport with your kids. But to say “hide from something everyone uses”?

I play Video Games a lot. Do I have to hide from people who call me Paki? Do women have to hide from all the insults (Slut, Bitch, Whore,) that gets bandied around on video games? Black people hide from their racists? No? We try and fight our bullies here, then why the fuck should we tolerate bullies in the virtual world outside this?

Young people have a way of figuring these things out. The same would apply to bullying.

Well Suicide is Painless. That’s an answer that a lot of people have “figured out” too.

Bullying is wrong, we may not be able to stop the mild stuff but we should at least stop the big stuff and teach our kids to get along so as to curtail the mild stuff. To excuse bullying in this fashion as a method for toughing up children and then implying that “Catholic Kids” are prone to being bullied for flogging their beliefs is rather tasteless. Words hurt a lot.

Christmas Message – Hate and the Meaning of Christmas

Dear Catholics and The Roman Catholic Church…

I understand many Catholics do not agree with the RCC on a lot of stances but a fair few do and it is to them who this message is aimed.

So what does Christmas mean to you?

The Children’s wing of the BBC ran a little quotes page for young kids and teenagers to tell us what they thought about Christmas. Click on it, and yes while a lot of kids mention the dreaded J word (ARGH! IT BURNS US! MY FINGERS BLEED FROM TYPING JUST THE J IN JESUS!) you quickly realise that it’s not the most important thing about the holiday season. Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are pretty important festivals for a lot of people, but for a lot of people the religious nature of these festivals isn’t as important as the cultural meaning or a specific tradition unique to a family.

The most important thing about Christmas isn’t presents or Christianity, it’s about family. It is a single day that in western society has had an almost mythical ability to spread peace and love.

What boggles me is that there are Catholics who support the Roman Catholic Church and it’s Christmas Message. I would have written about it on Christmas day but frankly there were more important things taking place where I lived.

There are three messages of note we should address here…

“”Bernheim has shown in a very detailed and profoundly moving study that the attack we are currently experiencing on the true structure of the family, made up of father, mother, and child, goes much deeper,”

For those who are unaware, Rabbi Bernheim is the leader of the anti-gay marriage movement in France.

Of all the messages the Pope chose to spread it was a message of hate. It was a message based on lies and a complete blindness to society. The only way I could have come up with a message more against the spirit of Christmas was if I took advice from the Grinch and the Daleks.

The Pope chose to bash gay marriage plans across the world. Because “traditional” (i.e Catholic) marriage is the only marriage that is acceptable in the eyes of their god. Oh don’t worry, he also said “The question of the family … is the question of what it means to be a man, and what it is necessary to do to be true men,”.

I don’t know what a “true man” is but I know what a decent human being is. And the pope simply isn’t one. You don’t need a Bible to realise that the man is a bigoted homophobe.

“the love of husband and wife, which is creative of new human life, is a marvellously personal sharing in the creative love of God who brings into being the eternal soul that comes to every human being with the gift of human life”.

“Sometimes sexual expression can be without the public bond of the faithfulness of marriage and its ordering to new life. Even governments mistakenly promote such patterns of sexual intimacy as objectively to be approved and even encouraged among the young.”

“From a democratic point-of-view, it’s a shambles. George Orwell would be proud of that manoeuvre, I think the process is shambolic”

This one’s from Archbishop Nichols who is the highest ranked Catholic in the UK (He has a Black Belt in Catholicism).

In it he is suggesting two things. That the government’s stance on actual sex education rather than “catholic” sex education (Which is a muttered warning about Father Fred) apparently promotes sex out of marriage. This is clearly a real fear in the Catholic Church. That the only purpose of having sex is babies and that any fun and pleasure gained out of sex is evil and sinful. That somehow a little ceremony in a church and a baby makes the fun of sex more acceptable.

At it’s core it is an anti-gay marriage argument. Because the UK is planning to vote on the legalisation of Gay Marriage and this is considered Orwellian. Oh don’t worry, Nichols wasn’t alone. The Bishop of Shrewsbury took the time to make the claim that the people who are trying to legalise Gay Marriage are like Nazis and Communists demonstrating not just a lack of political acumen, but of a historical one too while simultaneously godwinning the argument.

The Bishop of Shrewsbury gave us the reason why the Church fights this issue so harshly. Because we are undermining religion and prohibiting their hate. Which is why I must say that the Bishop will be safe. After all, name one gay person who wants to be married by a bigot.

that everyone who believes that the right to life is fundamental will make their voice heard in a reasonable, but forthright way to their representatives, reminding them that the right to life is conferred on human beings not by the powerful ones of this world but by the Creator”.

This one’s from Sean Brady who is the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

And yes, it’s a statement trying to get pro-lifers to defend Ireland’s abortion laws. The same abortion laws that killed Savita Halappanavar in October.

Catholics? Do you listen to these men? These hate mongers and fools? For fuck’s sake the Pope thinks that Gay Marriage is one of the biggest problems that we face in the world while 8 million children a year die from preventable issues. These are people who would rather spread hate on a day synonymous with peace rather than say something nice.

Stop listening to these bigots. If there is one piece of advice you take and live with it’s stop listening to your priests. They know even less than you do because at least you live in the real world and not the bubble of Catholic Priesthood.

Still Angry But Here are Some Results…

So It’s been more than a week since I started asking people two questions… And here are some answers…

1. What is the Most Common Genetic Disorder?

The Most common disorder in humans was an interesting question. It’s a question that most people who live in western nations get wrong because of the accessibility of treatment. It is a condition that is often “fetishised” and many people have taken to wearing the treatment prescription as a fashion statement.

To suffer from it has traditionally been a sign of weakness. Peter Parker’s Spider Bite cures it. Superman claims to have this problem when he hides as Clark Kent. To have it is a mark of “nerdiness” because of an old issue with the disease (Modern methods of detection do not require patient interaction. But prior to this it was highly subjective…) where if left untreated would cause children to become introvert, anti-social and read more books and generally lose early coordination development. The clumsy nerd stereotype is nothing without the humble spectacles… Glasses.

The disease of Myopia is genetic. It is the most common genetic disorder in the world. It’s just that glasses are cheap and readily available so most of us don’t realise how bad this issue is. However to many people this is a disease. And it is one of the major causes of correctable vision loss.

2. How do Shoes Save Lives?

A lot of people say “cuts” and “tetanus”. You have to remember that most people throughout history have not worn shoes. Our doggies don’t wear shoes and manage just fine. Our cats really cannot wear shoes, not without being incredibly pissed off, confused and very clumsy.

To realise it we have to realise that sometimes you are killed in little ways. Why is hookworm so bad? We have plenty of things living inside with little to no ill effect? What’s wrong with a few hookworms? What’s wrong with ascarias? The two of these are the biggest parasites of human beings…

Hookworms are pretty tiny, between 5 – 11 mm… Ascaris is however a pretty big worm. They can reach between 15 to 30 cm in length (they can infect humans in some stages through contact with feet because we keep touching our feet and can easily bring the eggs into the house and infect tonnes of people. They aren’t as pro-active as hookworms which actively burrow through the skin on your feet…).

The hook worm and round worm consume blood. Unlike the tapeworm which just eats food they actively require blood. Now each one may not drink that much blood per day but they drink a sizeable amount… If you combine that with the already low dietary iron of indians (Western standards of anaemia aren’t used because the Indian average lies well inside the anaemic band) and vegetarian diets in particular you create a massive tax on the RBC production resulting in increased anaemia. A lot of people in India seem to have intractable anaemia that improves after a bout of amoebic dysentery because the drug used kills the worms too. In fact a single high dose of albendazole is often given with regularity to kill any infestation.

A complex solution is the proper disposal of human faeces. A simple one is the usage of shoes.

Oh and both hook worm and ascaris can kill you. Inflammation of the lung leading to exudate and pneumothorax. One of the things they can do is do something similar to what Ed suffered from (In India that’s what our go to diagnosis for fluid of unknown aetiology) is. That’s because the worms enter the blood as larva and pop out through the lungs, crawl up and are swallowed. Ascaris especially is prone to being sneezed out. Oh and sometimes you discover the worm the hard way (It’s why stool samples are always taken.). When you do surgery without rhythm (and with general anaesthesia) you attract the worm which comes boiling out of the mouth because the general anaesthesia irritates them.

In chronic and severe infestations ascaris can cause the knotting of the small intestine and obstruct it causing gangrene and bowel rupture leading to peritonitis and death.

These are diseases that we have made extinct, or not a problem any more so we don’t realise how difficult life is for people who don’t have these two things we consider basic. If you want to see what people face? Just do the glasses thing. Take them off… Walk around and think how weird your life would be without such a fashion item that is necessary. Then think about the people across the globe who never ever get the chance to get one. It is estimated that 70% of India would not be able to afford one. Around similar figures for Africa.

It’s why people like Orbis are so important. If you wish to put an atheist spin on it they cure more blind people than Jesus. Jesus may have washed the feet of his apostles but you can protect the lives of people through the simple gift of shoes.

Age of Kali – Dear India, The Rape Riots are a Message

Bwizamani Singh died on Christmas Eve. His only fault was his choice of career and what he was doing on that day. While most of us back home were preparing to tuck into turkeys and hams, Singh was covering the ongoing riots in Delhi against the rape of a 23 year old woman.

He was shot by the police…

As it is India struggles with freedom of speech without this sort of insanity. The reason for the shooting was accidental. The police were using live rounds to disperse the protesters and accidentally hit (which begs the question as to what they were fucking shooting at?) Singh.

Another reporter passed away in Manipur in a similar incident. The usage of live rounds to deal with protests must stop. Surely historical usage of such weapons should temper current usage? But worst of all is the reluctance to do anything… So all I have is this…

Dear India,

I was going to write a Christmas Message to the Roman Catholic Church about flogging hate, but instead it turns out I have to write a message of common fucking sense to you guys instead. I am ashamed to be an Indian man.

Do you fucking know why women are so fucking angry about the rape of a 23 year old? Why now every new rape case that comes to light in India (like the rape of Momoko, a Manipuri actress) will set off riots like the ones in Delhi?

Can you grasp why women are pissed? Why shouldn’t they be? They have fuck all to be happy about. Sexual harassment is so much the norm that they tell foreigners in guidebooks like the Lonely Planet or Rough Guide to watch out for sexual harassment. They tell them to try and travel in groups and to stick together and to try and bring a male companion with them to at least deter sexual harassment and rape attempts. Fuck all kinds of duck! Do you have any idea about how insulting it is to be regarded as “Molesters and Rapists” internationally? Fuck! My girlfriend is in Spain on holiday where a bunch of Indian men suddenly appeared to randomly hit on her while she took photographs. Do you have any fucking idea how creepy, misogynistic and just outright stupid that sounds? Has that every fucking worked? Has anyone driven around in their car honking at random women and had a woman get in of her own volition and without payment going either way? Have you ever wolf whistled a woman on the street and gotten a kiss instead (loved ones don’t count). You wouldn’t grope a woman in a night club unless she wanted you to unless you enjoy starting fights and being thrown out of clubs…, then why would you do so on a bus? Do you think that EVER works? And yes I understand there are women who fantasise about that just like there are women who fantasise about being raped but you want to know the most important part of a sexual fantasy is that it’s a FANTASY. If it gets acted out it’s under carefully controlled circumstances. If you like the whole Princess Leia Gold Bikini routine then you ask your partner to dress up as Leia/Jabba (I don’t judge you… you magnificent slime monster…). It doesn’t mean you should kidnap Princess Anne! If a woman has a rape fantasy it doesn’t mean you get to rape her… It means you get to PRETEND its rape. Fuck! This is basic. Basic stuff you need to teach all children. Consent is vital and consent gained through harassment or threats is NOT consent.

That is why I am ashamed. Because I have to say something this basic. You may say “Oh Avi, we Tamils aren’t like that”. We are. Rapes and harassment may happen less in the South than in the North doesn’t mean we don’t have the same problem, just on a different scale.

Pretty much any travel blog, guide or website on India says “Don’t dress in western clothes and prepare to get groped!” Incredible India? More like Incredible Rape Statistics. We are so pissed for around 600 Rapes in Delhi a year. The problem is how many rapes are actually reported? There are thousands of rapes in just Delhi that are going unreported. There are thousands upon thousands of sexual harassment incidents that simply go unreported. I bet there are at this point more women in India who have rape, molestation and sexual harassment anecdotes than women who have none… Any takers? All these women who are hacked off are hacked off because they have heard of friends being raped or harassed or have been the victims of this themselves.

The blame lies sorely on the men who rape, the people who obfuscate the issue and those who simply excuse the rape by involving something unrelated. If you came across a naked and unconscious woman and you had sex with her then you are still a rapist. It is not her fault, it is not the lack of clothes fault, it is not her presence that is the problem. It is always been the rapist. You cannot claim a lack of control over yourself because of her attire.

If I were wearing a suit and got mugged, no one would dismiss my case with the line “You shouldn’t have dressed for success, he must have thought you were a philanthropist”. No one would say “Well if you didn’t dress like such a philanthropist they wouldn’t take your money”. No one would say “Are you sure you didn’t give the money away and just are saying that to hurt this innocent charity case”?

It’s the same fucking them for rape. The fact that I have to make such a ludicrously stupid example up is how ludicrous it is to blame women’s clothes for being raped. What else do you want to blame? Our religions? TV? Games? Music? Movies? Those are all excuses because everyone knows that these rapes are due to a culture of sexual repression of both men and women and the consistent denigration of women and their rights. That in order to fix this Indians need to admit having a problem and destroy parts of a culture that they think is good and perfect. To claim that men cannot “control” themselves is insulting to the 50% of the entire world. It is denigrating your culture by excusing the behaviour of absolute bastards.

This collective rage has to be harnessed to make India better. The culture where we coddle our men has to stop. The culture where we treat women as arm candy has to stop. The culture where we don’t show women strong role models has to stop. The culture of treating women as unwanted, inferior or in some way incapable of doing things has to stop. Otherwise these rapes will keep happening and in a world where barriers are breaking down we will go down as “Rapists and Molesters”.

The Catholic Church has a reputation for hiding it’s child molesters for a reason. It is because it ACTUALLY did. Will India get such a reputation too? Will we start making Catholic Priest jokes about Indian men because that’s what it’s going to eventually come down to?

Eventually the rock throwing will stop, but the talking MUST start. India changes tonight and you cannot expect others to make the change. You have to do it yourself. It’s not for people like me to make this change for you. India is not my country no matter how brown my skin is. Indian however is my culture and this is why I weigh in.

We cannot keep being called a culture that is just endemically unsafe to women. It has to stop. Do you know how heart breaking it is to be told by your girlfriend that you are not like other Indians because I think the harassment isn’t attractive? That our dating strategy is akin to Stockholm syndrome…

The rage of these women is entirely justified. If you wish to show your support then please does so. Make some noise; let people in India who are in power know that they cannot keep hiding this horrific side to India. It’s our silence that has caused this to come to a point. All we can do is make noise and show the people who are fighting for justice and to stop rape in India that we support what they are doing. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, make your voices be heard. People in India need to know that we actually give a flying fuck and that we show solidarity against the people who make excuses and try and stop this change.

The rapes have to stop.

Merry Fucking Christmas and a Happy Fucking New Year.

Yours in disgust

Avicenna Last

Merry Christmas

Do they know it’s Christmas? They better do…

Finally get to start Christmas, spent most of my day at work because that never really stops. And now am going to have the most Christmas Dish of them all!

Spaghetti Bolognese…

It’s weird living in India

Ed Needs You

For those who haven’t heard, Ed’s had some pretty major (and to the medics here pretty damn awesome) surgery over the past few days. He is back home and blogging away but thanks to his medical system has incurred some costs.

Come comrades! Let us show him the power of socialism! I mean linking to his donations page so you can give him some money. And to get you in the commie mood I have some inspiring commie music for you to teach the imperialistic capitalist dogs the meaning of charity…

For those who grew up strong and proud, in the shadow of the mushroom cloud.

And for those of you who grew up with the “Soviet Menace of Tesla coils and Mammoth Tanks”

Give! Give till Ayn Rand’s soul is so filled with hatred at your generosity that she returns to life as a zombie. Give till comrade Lenin’s zombie arises to do battle with Ayn Rand… If anything give because you would like to see a zombie Ayn Rand fight a zombie Vladimir Lenin.

On a serious note. He’s had a pretty rough piece of surgery and requires a bit of rest. Help soften the blow, it’s a rough piece of surgery and the man needs a little Christmas Cheer.

Darwin is on our Currency – Answers to Steve Ham for a Christian in Doubt

One of the major advantages of living in the UK is that we rarely have to put up with the actions of creationists. Any attempts by creationists to insert their particular variety of creationism in schools is roundly smacked down, and even in schools run by religious organisations you find that science generally is taught as science rather than applied theology.

Outside the government funded and Comprehensive and Grammar schools this may not be the case but even they are directly tied to qualifications such as the GCSE and A-Level equivalents all require the demonstration of science more than faith. “It was magic” is not considered an acceptable answer anywhere in the majority of public schools. It hasn’t stopped creationists trying but they haven’t succeeded. There is no political will to push the creationist viewpoint in any sizeable way in the country with Darwin on the currency. Outside of communities such as the Muslim community, creationist stances are rather in the minority even if most people don’t grasp the nuances of evolution.

He is actually on our most used note. The Tenner.

Which doesn’t stop the usual suspects from trying to weigh in. Honestly though? Considering the complete lack of success of creationism in the UK, I would think this is an attempt to try and raise money through the notion that there is a raging battle occurring in the UK. There isn’t; we already put Darwin on our currency, the fight is long over. This is just an attempt to try and raise a bit more money for their existing fight in the USA IMHO but it may be a genuine attempt to invade Stronghold Dawkins.

This article from Steve Ham was submitted by someone requesting I disprove this statement. The person asking is a Christian struggling with his faith and with reconciling the written word of “the gospel” with the reality of science. He was brought up to believe in this and specifically linked to this because he wanted to know if what Steve Ham thinks about the UK is true or not and what it means for us. [Read more…]