Age of Kali – Beefeater

I have been trying all day to get my hands on this.

I failed. Apparently the book isn’t really published in the South. I may try a large publishing house like Higginbothams but it’s apparently a weird book.

I think everyone has covered this. My point however is something different…

They easily cheat, tell lies, forget promises, they are dishonest and tell bad words, steal, fight and turn to violence and commit sex crimes,

I will point out that India still has the unnatural sexual acts law which makes fellatio and cunnilingus a sexual deviation punishable by law.

How bad do you have to be at giving head to actually be reported to the police? God Avi! That was so fucking terrible I needed to call the cops. Maybe next time you won’t be as terrible as this!

I think David Poddar is thinking of a different kind of meat swallowing.

However this is the most amusing one…

“The Arabs who helped in constructing the Suez Canal lived on wheat and dates and were superior to the beef-fed Englishmen engaged in the same work.”

I am rather proud to be Indian and proud to be British. I know my history.

Which is why when someone says something like this all that goes through my head is “If the Rosbif are so indolent, vapid and prone to sex crime, and the vegetarian Hindus and (hah! I have lived in the middle east. Arabs LOVE meat! Middle Eastern Food is a meat lover’s heaven.) those date and wheat eating arabs are this superior. Then How the fucking hell did the beef eaters freaking take over both the Arabs and the Indians? Last I heard the incredibly superior arabs were on the receiving end of the colonial stick. As were the Indians. It’s kind of hard to claim that you are superior to the Englishmen in every single way after losing to them over and over.

I laugh about this but in India this kind of historical revisionism is very very common.

One of the greatest tragedies of the way India treats its history is WW2. Many Indians (including the Late Bal Thackeray, whose achievements in life drove me to atheism. A man of sectarianism, violence. He embarassed me to be a Hindu when I was 7, he sowed the seeds for countless hindu atheists across the planet) believe that Hitler wasn’t so bad. That the Japanese would “liberate” India. Why? Because one of the most famous Indian heroes was a collaborationist.

In WW2 2.5 million Indians died due to the Japanese. India was in the top ten HIGHEST death tolls amongst all countries in WW2. Indian soldiers helped forge India’s freedom by fighting as part of the deal of non-interference and non-agitation during WW2 in exchange for freedom. These soldiers guaranteed India’s freedom and fought both internal threats such as the seccession of states such as the Nizam of Hyderabad and Invasions such as that of Kashmir. Without these men and women India would be a fractured balkanised state rather than a nation trying to be a superpower. These 2.5 million deaths are casually ignored because it would portray a national hero in a terrible light. Subash Chandra Bose collaborated with both the Nazis and the Japanese during WW2 causing countless atrocities in India.

India would rather remember his ideological opposition to the British rather than the effect of his allies and the formation of the Indian National Army which if it would have succeeded would have been a second tragedy like China or South East Asia. Many Indians straight up didn’t believe that they fought in WW2 and often doing remarkable things.

And it boils down to literature like this. Where reality is ignored for fairy tales in order to feel superior.

The ultimate joke is Indians aren’t taught real achievements of historical Indians. Not many would explain the validity of the zero. The invention of cataract surgery and plastic surgery. The first doctrines of opiate usage as a pain killer. The first cleanliness doctrines. The discovery of the predecessor for vaccinations… Indian developed rockets were what the british took as weapons not the chinese ones which were a protected state secret even in the 1700s.

Ramanujam, Bose and even modern-day scientific greats as Ramachandran are all Indian. They never get a shout out. Most Indians don’t even know who they are. Ramanujam is more remembered for dying tragically rather than his mathematics.

Did you know most Indians couldn’t name the first Indian woman in space or the first career astronaut? (Kalpana Chawla). This is a person who should have been treated like Neil Armstrong! Why? Because there is a distinct part of India that is so fascinated by the achievements of the west that it feels inferior. That rather than build new things to be proud of it has to change history, but as it does it forgets the real things to be proud of. And this faction of people write textbooks. And politicians LOVE being told they are awesome rather than the reality of the situation so they flog these textbooks which fellate their ego and the ego of their constituents.

Save the fairy tales for bed time stories, don’t faff around with History or Science. All that occurs is you create generations who make the same mistakes as their ancestors. And worse, who don’t realise that their own culture is marvellous and worth preserving. Or worse who think that their culture is a lie because the only people telling them about their culture are liars.

Until then? I have a hankering for some Sex Crime… I mean a Big Mac!!!

Thou Shalt Not Tell Half Truths

I am not a part of the Con brigade here (The Conference Brigade… Not the FTB version of Hustle) so I rarely get to show people one of the major issues in pseudoscientific reporting.

One of the major problems of reporting of medical literature is the “half truth”. Medical Literature and Research is boring. It’s a method of transferring factual data, not a method of holding your audience. It is statistics and flibbertigibbet. No one wants to hear that. They want answers! ANSWERS!!!

And some of the answers they get from literature are only half the story. This is a real piece of medical research that indicates that women who don’t carry a pregnancy to term often die. Up to 80% more likely to die. I can see why it’s true. But to claim it’s due to Abortion is pure idiocy.

The paper they quote is real, but the logic they use is frankly moronic.

For starters? The real way of reading a paper includes seeing who did the study. If the Pope produced a study about how condoms make your penis smaller would you believe him? The Elliot Institute (do not laugh at their website… Laughing at the website is verboten!) are responsible for this. For those unwilling to click on the link (It’s a website that looks like something I made circa 2001. Not the website of the scientifically minded. Any Steve with a website can start an institute. Doesn’t mean it’s recognised…) I have some choice sections to post here from there.

Our coalition seeks to address different concerns raised by unregulated human engineering with a single solution that will appeal to people from all walks of life: conservative or liberal, rich or poor, devout or indifferent, theist or atheist. 

Many, perhaps most, of our members are and will be motivated by the view that human life is sacred.  For these members, the idea that human nature is being altered and human embryos are being destroyed in science experiments, drives their support.

Others are chiefly concerned about the threats to public health, the environment, or the economic and social consequences of unregulated human engineering.  Some of the secular supporters of our effort may even be willing to accept some modification of the human genome, once it is proven to be safe.  But virtually all in this group believe voters, not just biotech entrepreneurs and eugenic utopians, should have a say about if and when we enter into the “Brave New World” of genetically altered human beings.

Many people will share have both religious and secular concerns.  The organizers of the coalition believe that both concerns are valid and should be considered, respected, and appealed to in our efforts to raise public awareness and concern about these issues.”

AKA they are pro-lifers masquerading as scientists. Any fucker can be a bio-medical ethicist. Hell, I was taught by one who seriously considered the ethical ramifications of the british technology to produce human chimera embryos using cow eggs with a human genome to be a worrying trend where these could give rise to monsters. I had to point out that any of these “chimeras” that grew to adulthood would be no different from us. They would be humans, and not required to live in my maze.

I said we shouldn’t laugh at the website. But it’s so very hard to if they put up pages like this. Because this stops being “research” and starts being a smear campaign.

Again… Some choice quotes…

“Chimeras [human-animal crossbreads] or parahumans might legitimately be fashioned to do dangerous or demeaning jobs. As it is now, low-grade work is shoved off on moronic and retarded individuals, the victims of uncontrolled reproduction. Should we not program such workers ‘thoughtfully’ instead of accidentally, by means of hybridization?” — Dr. Joseph Fletcher

Not a scientist. Joseph was actually a professor of Divinities. He later converted to Atheism from Christianity. And no I don’t think he said this. Ever. This may be a “Lady Grey Darwin Recant”.

“Science is moving at such a fast pace that scientists have proven that they can create headless mice through removal of genes in the embryo that control development of the head. But the body would have the capacity to keep the organs functional for use as transplants…. Embryonic stem cells, which holds promise of cure of any organ, is but a slow move towards immortality.” -Dr. P.B. Desai

Or you know. We could just grow the organ. That’s the point of the research. It takes 18 years to grow a human to full size… By that time most people would be dead. This clearly is a very stupid way of doing things. We would have to learn how to increase the speed of development. Or you know… Learn how to differentiate cells and either use 3D printing technology (something we already use for creating new ears and noses and have successfully done with the human bladder) to recreate full functioning organs. Or just learn how to grow organs independent from the body…

These are a selection of quotes by scientists pulled out of context and with no rhyme or reason. In short? It’s a pro-life “institute” that does “research” and thinks scientists and doctors are “mad” for often saying things which make sense. Bias… A lot of Bias.

Now go back to the article. How many alarm bells are ringing. Do you know why they are ringing? Congratulations you are thinking skeptically. But since the majority of my readers probably don’t understand how they came to these “figures” a little explanation is needed.

  • Our maternal mortality in the west is frankly miniscule. Yes yes yes! Here we need to ignore the pro-choicers who make a big fuss about childbirth being super deadly and face facts. It’s not. Not in the west. Yes, there are a few deaths but frankly Measles has a greater mortality rate and people STILL consider that harmless. We have utilised medical science to reduce maternal mortality rates to a very very very small number.
  • Now what’s the problem with very very small numbers? If one person per 1000 died in child birth and 1.8 people per 1000 died in abortion then you have an 80% increase in mortality. It’s actually not that high, it’s just portraying a small increase in a form that makes it seem like women are straight dropping dead from all those abortions. There are 12 maternal deaths per 100,000 births. When compared to abortion this means that 22 women die per 100,000 abortions (according to this article) in ten years after the abortion. Another ten? That’s it? It’s a difference of 0.01% in terms of mortality rates. And it is explainable as to why this occurs.
  • Another issue here is WHY women have abortions. The vast majority are due to “I don’t want to have a child”. They are fine. There are however a group of people who have to have abortions for medical reasons. Plenty of those are rather deadly and will kill you. You actually have predisposed a group to higher mortality rates by not excluding women who have had medical abortions due to illness. Because if you have cancer and a baby and have to undergo chemotherapy then you may get an abortion. The chemo may not work, you may metastatise and die. HIV, Cancer, Genetics… All play a part here. We are ignoring baseline mortality here because we are going to assume the baseline mortality is the same these are “extras”. Both women in the abortion and natural child birth groups die at the same rate of the same causes with the abortion group having few more extra deaths due to things that required abortions. The incidence is 1 in 10,000. That’s ludicrously small.
  • Another indicator that that’s behind this is that miscarriage is also considered an “abortion”. Wait what? Miscarriages are a completely different issue and serial miscarriage is pathological and indeed very depressing. It’s also indicative of other pathology which can cause deaths. You cannot compare the two things as the same.

Ultimately? Biased. Lies, damned lies and Statistics. This is the use of statistics to befuddle the casual reader and pollute the diatribe of the abortion debate by giving pro-lifers a seemingly secular “institute” to produce pro-life papers. No serious experimental medical and science group ever lists “mad scientists”.


It’s Against My Religion

It’s Against My Religion to Fund Contraception For My Employees.

This doesn’t make you a principled christian. This makes you a tosser. Birth Control is vital to a healthy society. Our society has the things it does because we live in a society where we have created artificial largesse through technology and by artificially controlling our population’s growth. Otherwise you just have… places like India. Where everything doesn’t work because there are so many people. India would be kicking so much arse if it had 3/4 of the population. It’s standard of living would be among the highest in the world.

Artificial largesse is the method of western growth. We curtailed our birth rates to an equilibrium so we aren’t as affected by fickle nature of weather and resources reliant on that because we are using less (a lot less) than we actually have of resources such as food and water. Contraception is vital to this.

To have a religious exclusion for christians means a religious exclusion for all faiths.

You would not get your insulin if a Hindu or a Muslim employer decided to apply this level of dickery (Relax, I have NEVER heard of a Muslim or a Hindu refusing to fund Insulin for Diabetic employees. This is just a really christian form of religious dickery).

And it is just that. Petty Dickery.

Kids these Days

With their gangs and their baggy pants and their hophip music and their atheism.

So what’s the pope so mad about today? Is it the millions of people doomed to die in Africa if they don’t use condoms? Is it the treatment of homosexuals in Uganda where they are planning to execute gay people? Is it the death of Savitha and how the church needs to modernise? Nope! It’s about a group he hates more than atheists.

The practical atheism of those who say they are Christian but live as if God does not exist is a greater threat than actual atheism, Pope Benedict XVI said as he presented three ways for people to more fully discover God. While actual atheists often think deeply about God before rejecting belief, practical atheism “is even more destructive … because it leads to indifference towards faith and the question of God,” the Pope stated.

This basically means “the Roman Catholics who refuse to play nice” and who don’t listen to the pope. The catholics who basically don’t follow the stupidity and who actively criticise the way the RC church is run. AKA “the critics”.

It’s not the indifference he dislikes. It’s the fact that they are eroding at his power. That people realise that he is not the First Amongst Catholics but an old man flogging superstition.

Christian witness is always hard, he said, because people are prone to “being dazzled by the glitter of worldliness,” but in the Western world sharing the faith is even harder today. As he described it, the Christian faith was the everyday reality for most people in what used to be called Christendom. The burden was on non-believers to justify their disbelief.

Really Pope? Is that the best you can do?

You are finding it harder to “witness” (AKA prosletyse and convert) because people are more educated and don’t think they need to follow a 2000 year old book to be perceived as good. Especially when that 2000 year old book actually insists on a moral code that is a step backwards from our current morality.

And the pope doesn’t seem to understand (amongst other things such as fashion, sex, morality and women) how proof works. You cannot disprove unicorns, doesn’t mean unicorns exist. The person making the grandiose claim must provide proof. During “christendom” people didn’t fucking know any better. They either accepted the existence of god or they fucking died. The church was also the sole proprietor of all knowledge to the point that western society lost the ability to build domes and arches. Stuff we could build before the bible such as the Colosseum could not be built after Christendom was established. The sum total of knowledge regressed because western society believed that men who believe in imaginary things should control knowledge. And such men do not see the value of bridges and domes. When we discuss architecture, remember “Gothic” was an insult (It is the art of barbarians. Of primitive building techniques. The death of knowledge left us with that system. To the average Dark Age architect the stuff the Romans built would have seemed like freaking magic. Imagine being from a society that couldn’t build wide open spaces suddenly being confronted with a massive dome such as the one on the Hagia Sofia or the US capitol building? That would blow your mind. You have effectively using science made rocks FLY and to the man with no grasp of this style of architecture built things by defying gravity. This is second nature to us but it would be like walking on one of those glass floors if you didn’t know about domes and arches.

If you don’t care for these things then you haven’t grasped the value of reality.

It took centuries to regain the knowledge and only because of Islamic scholars who preserved it and expanded upon it. The enlightenment created western society. We all know that. The pope still thinks that lack of evidence is support for something existing because there is no evidence to suggest against it.

But today the tables have turned, following a long slide into atheism, skepticism and a secular worldview that was ushered in by the Enlightenment.

Only an idiot would consider the Enlightenment as a bad thing. This is a man who yearns for the days of papal decree, excommunications and inquisitions and good olde tithes and burning protestants.

This, in turn, has paved the way for moral and spiritual disaster in the Western world. People have become confused about ethics once commonly held, making room for relativism and fostering “an ambiguous conception of freedom, which instead of being liberating ends up binding man to idols,” the Pope said.

Like slavery, racism and sexism. And currently? Bashing  and killing gays and letting women have access to basic medicine. Letting people have sex without interfering in it? Worries about a penis macintosh? Such a disaster…

It is better to have an ambiguous concept of freedom than to be a definite slave. I need to have that on a t-shirt.

In response to the ensuing moral and spiritual chaos, Pope Benedict called on all people to discover God by following three paths.

Crime is at an all time low. We have (barring a certain country with a fascination for stars and horizontal stripes and a disrespect for tea) as a planet had a period of the greatest stability, peace and progress. We have taken our first tentative steps to functioning as a species rather than as a nation or a caste. Yes we have a long way to go but Rome wasn’t built in a day. But it certainly can burn in one. It’s why defending secularism and keeping religion from politics and education and from influencing public life is vital.

The first path involves contemplating creation. “The world is not a shapeless magma, but the more we know, the more we discover the amazing mechanisms; the more we see a pattern, we see that there is a creative intelligence,” the Holy Father remarked.

Really? I thought the more you learnt about how the world worked the more you realise that religion doesn’t know anything and that the pope is actually a scientifically illiterate man in a robe and silly hat rather than the chosen representative of mankind to a god.

The second way of finding God is through inner contemplation. Benedict quoted St. Augustine’s famous saying, “Do not go outside yourself, come back into yourself: Truth dwells in the heart of man.” He also observed that the modern world is full of distractions that make it hard “to stop and take a deep look within ourselves and read that thirst for the infinite that we carry within, pushing us to go further and towards that Someone who can satisfy it.”

If the pope thinks the world is full of distractions, then perhaps he can sell the Vatican. This is proper “Opiates of the Masses stuff”. You are distracted by jealousy of the rich, go pray and you will be richer than the man who has real fruit, healthcare and the obscene amount of money. Richer in spirit!

The third path, faith, is a dimly lit path for many people who view it as a limited aspect of life, if not a form of “illusion, escapism … or sentimentality. Faith … is an encounter with God, who speaks and acts in history and which converts our daily life, transforming our mentality, system of values, choices and actions,” he said. Faith is “not illusion, escapism, a comfortable shelter, sentimentality, but involvement in every aspect of life and proclamation of the Gospel, the Good News which can liberate all of man.”

I prefer the word delusion. Medically, a delusion is defined as a belief that is demonstrably wrong but is still held despite being repeatedly proven wrong. Any proof is twisted and turned to support the delusion. So if I believe that my socks are being stolen by the Sock Goblin and you tell me that it’s the dryer, then either you will be part of the Sock Goblin Propaganda Machine or the Dryer will become the nebulous gateway to the Sock Goblin home world of Umbro. Hence atheist conspiracies and such ridiculous notions that the entire natural mechanism of the function of the planet is proof of a specific personal deity.

Yet many people consider Christianity as a mere system of beliefs and morals instead of God’s self-revelation in history so that he could have a loving relationship with his creatures. “Christianity, before being a moral or ethical value, is the experience of love, of welcoming the person of Jesus,” Pope Benedict stated, calling on all Christians to learn better the faith they profess and purify their lives in conformity with Christ.

Unlike those Hindus and Muslims whose faiths are a mere system of beliefs and morals rather than God’s self revelation in history. Also? My god is sexier than yours? Yours is a bearded old man who cannot fight iron chariots. One of my old ones was a sexy youth who brains old men with chariot wheels. Clearly “impromptu weapon” murder and “sexy” is a better skill set than “Carpenter” and “Impromptu Caterer”.

Krishna Intervenes

Goddamnit Krishna! Put a shirt on before you kill the old man. The ladies will swoon! SWOON!!!!  (Mahabaratha)

Mrs. Vieland rejoiced in the unity of Catholicism on display in the hall, with so many people from around the world professing their common faith: “I believe that if more people came to Rome to see the unity of the Church, they’d become closer to Our Lord.”

I think most of us have seen what belief in Catholicism can do. In order to believe that you would have the rape and child abuse that was endemic to the catholic church. The church was so united that no one spoke out against paedophiles. Instead the offenders were moved around or in some cases took part of massive and horrendously systemic abuses such as the Christian Brothers who are estimated to have sexually and physically abused thousands of Irish Children. Papal Unity only grudgingly accepted that condoms helped save lives. After 20 years of fighting against it by actively spreading lies. Papal Unity still causes events like Savitha.

Papal unity can go fuck itself as far as I am concerned (Link is NSFW or Children. Contains Abortion and Recreations of Illicit Abortion). You cannot be a moral human being and be united behind the Roman Catholic Church. You can be a roman catholic and be moral but in order to do so you would have to be one of those “Catholics Who Are Practical Atheists”. You cannot side with an organisation responsible for millions of deaths across Africa, the restriction of women’s rights and access to basic contraception and which actually thinks the biggest issue of the day is “Lapsed Catholics” rather than “The fact that bullshit flogged by Catholicism has killed someone. We need to redress our beliefs”.

Faith and Begorrah

Well faith certainly. As of now most of us have heard about the death of Savita Halapannavar who was denied life saving medical care. For those who haven’t? Savita required an abortion. Not because she wanted one but because she needed one. She had a medical condition where her cervix prematurely dilated. Now there are some cases where you can save the child (my cousin’s kid is one such child. Medication and surgical stitches to keep the os shut if you must know.), but this was not such a case. After trying everything, Savita agreed that an abortion was in her best interest. She was denied one by the laws and indeed doctors at an Irish hospital. She was told that “This is a Catholic Country”.

Savita contracted septicaemia and died. Because doctors were unwilling to terminate a foetus even one that was going to die ANYWAYS due to the open Os. If this had occurred in England, Wales or Scotland she wouldn’t have had any issue. She was at just 18 weeks. The child is completely unviable so that argument doesn’t hold water (Brains and hearts are all well and good, but lungs only develop by week 24 which is why the cut off between late and early abortion is at 24 weeks in the west. It’s at 28 weeks in India and many third world nations due to a lack of technology.). This wasn’t late term this was a cut and dry case. Where the science of medicine actually indicates that abortion is the correct medical procedure to resolve this case. Savita actually tried to delay the abortion for as long as possible too but her attempts failed and she was resigned to losing the pregnancy. There is in fact a law in Ireland indicating that this procedure should be done. To therefore deny her the the right to an abortion is frank lunacy. Your faith as a doctor should not exceed patient welfare particularly if the law is on the patient’s side.

This is a Catholic Country. Really? And how has that worked out for Ireland which has listed some of the worst kinds of abuse of the catholic church. Everything from the Magdalene Laundries to the Christian Brothers (Two infamous organisations that were complicit in the systematic physical abuse of generations of children. Where perceived sin and guilt were used to harass children into blind obedience.) and the well known paedophile priest scandals.

One would think that Ireland would learn to be better than all that. To embrace science and logic without the men in robes telling them what the fuck they should do.

“This is a Catholic Country” should be a statement of apology and embarrassment. Not one of pride. All this has demonstrated is the shocking nature of faith. That people are willing to believe in fairy tales to the point where they do things because their personal imaginary friend has told them to and they have made an entire constitution that acknowledges this imaginary being. That’s not a mark of respect, that’s a mark of a delusion albeit one that we widely accept as normal. If any man said “I do this because the tooth fairy tells me to” he would be ridiculed.

There are countless ways to acknowledge life. Catholicism doesn’t give a flying fuck about the quality of life of it’s adherents. Fitting for a religion that prides itself on torture, but Catholicism seeks to make life as miserable as fucking possible. The treatment for pain is an opiate right? Never mind the addiction. Or the crippling constipation. Or the inability to think clearly. If your primary problem in life is that “life sucks” then Catholicism is great! But so is Heroin. Neither are good for you. They just stop you giving a fuck about how sucky your life is.

Ireland is great! It’s a first world nation (even after bullshit like this). People don’t have anything to be sad about. So you just need to invent things to make people miserable. The abortion ban is this. The church has fought against abortion, divorce and contraception.

It’s time for Ireland to go cold turkey. Ireland does not lose it’s nature if it stops listening to celibate men obsessed with sex, robes and stupid hats. You can be catholic in your own house and church and mind, but not force your ludicrous god on others. Hell! If you feel so strongly against abortions then don’t get one. Stick to your guns then. But to stop others?

Legalise abortion, ban the church from the law.

[Edit = added stuff about the case for those who were unaware]

It’s Not Harmless

We keep thinking that quackery and medicine can co-exist. Complementary medicine and alternative medicine is a big business, preying on the lack of understanding about medicine, the fears about medical science and the apparent validation of quackery as a legitimate business. We don’t treat “quacks” as quacks. We treat them as doctors. We call their field “alternative” medicine not “bullshit”. An anti-biologist is a creationist. An anti-NASA dude is a flat earther. Not an Alternative Biologist or an Alternative Rocket Scientist. We call them out for the bullshit they peddle. Yet we don’t apply the same attitude towards quacks.

Hippa (names changed for privacy) passed away today. A friend of a friend. She died from complications arising from Necrotising Fasciitis earlier on sunday.

What went wrong? After feeling a pain in her hip she went to a chiropractor. From the Email she sent…

“Chiropractor says its a S-O joint compressing the sciatic nerve. My condition is worsening, as I can’t get up and down by myself or hardly walk. The chiropractic adjustments & massage don’t seem to be helping. I’ve contacted my orthopedic who is working me in today and ordering a stat MRI.”

1. There is no such thing as an SO joint. To my knowledge. In Human anatomy. There is a sacro-iliac joint. There is a Ilio-femoral joint. There is no Sacro-O (Obturator?) joint. We can give the benefit of the doubt as the patient may have transferred the information incorrectly. Happens. Medical Lingo is for the Nerds.

2. The Sacro-iliac joint is fixed… It cannot really impinge on anything barring fractures and what have you. It cannot compress on the sciatic nerve since the sciatic nerve is formed by the sacral nerves.

3. Spinal Disc herniation cannot be fixed by a chiropracter (cause of sciatica)

4. Neither can spinal stenosis and priformis syndrome

5. A chiropractor without a single x-ray, CT scan or MRI made this diagnosis.

NF is a disorder that can be treated. Broad Spectrum antibiotics and rapid surgical debridement can save lives if treated early enough. NF is easily seen (or not seen as I will explain) on X-Rays, CT and MRI scans. It can even be detected courtesy of basic physical examination. It’s a rare disease BUT one you have to keep in mind. Every doctor gets one…

To point out how badly the Chiro failed at basic medicine? During systemic exam the area over the skin would have some decolourisation. In addition to appearing like cellulitis which doesn’t respond to antibiotics there would be crepitations, severe constant pain that isn’t ameliorated by positional changes but is out of proportion to physical signs of damage, systemic illness, skin necrosis and bullae. He didn’t even do any of the things needed to diagnose his ORIGINAL diagnosis.

Two signs that are important to keep in mind is that with ANY joint pain or long bone pain an x-ray, CT or MRI is necessary. Immediately. On visualisation you will see gas even on the x-ray. It’s a sign that something is afoot and that requires exploratory surgery immediately. If you show up to a hospital going “my arm aches” even if it is tennis elbow (or wanker’s cramp) you will still get an X-ray or CT. The second sign is dishwater pus.

Now NF is hard to diagnose. The issue being that it looks like other conditions. But here is the thing. The other conditions are all pretty serious stuff too. Deep Vein Thrombosis, Limb Ischaemia, Gas gangrene or at best erysiplilas and cellulitis. But that’s why we have exploratory surgery and Emergency Debridement. We can save limbs, we can sometimes lose the limb but save a life. The disease still has a monsterous mortality rate (25%) but but 75% is better than 0%.

Like Steve Jobs, we cannot solely place the blame on the Chiro. She may have had medical care and may have still passed away. But the Chiro plays a big big part in why she died. Hindsight may be 20/20 but if she had seen a doctor initally it may have been caught prior to the stage of sepsis and shock and the ground work would have been laid out for a proper treatment. The Chiro’s lack of any professional skill, knowledge as well as the perception that he is a real doctor delayed her treatment.She believed that he had the knowledge to make this call.

And it cost her. It cost her everything. Jokes about medicine and chiropractic aside…

The validation of quacks as real doctors kills. It’s not complimentary. Bullshit isn’t complimentary to science. It’s not harmless.


In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

- John McCrae -


Age of Kali – Moral Police

The Indian rule of mob is well known. When my bus ran over a drunken pedestrian who slipped and fell into traffic the result was the entire population of the bus doing a collective hit and run and fleeing the scene. I didn’t. Me and a few other medical students tried (well succeeded) in saving the man’s life.

It was my first run in with India’s “Moral Police”. The Moral Police is the impromptu mob that forms to fight perceived injustice or immorality. It is the worst aspects of “speaking as a mother” and lynch mob mentality put together. A mob had formed to “avenge” the unknown drunkard and the only visible victims for their justice were the blood soaked medics who had saved a man’s life. Medicine has the kind of power to deflect these mobs (No one wants to irk the people who can save your life) so in  this case the white coats prevailed over the mob, but it could have very easily turned into this.

If the link is down? TL:DR in an incident of Moral Policing, a muslim woman and a hindu man were attacked by a mob for travelling together.

On Wednesday night a group of 20 individuals attacked the two individuals who were believed to fit the dubious indian concept of “misbehaving”. Which is apparently “Two people travelling together of different genders and maybe different religions”. Because forming an angry mob to beat the crap out of two people is perfectly moral but people with different genitals hanging out together is totally wrong.

This could be “politics” as usual but it could just as well be a bunch of people who went out looking for trouble based on the perceived destruction of morality. It’s happened before. Usually fast food joints, “western” clothing stores and people in clubs and bars feel the righteous sting of these pillars of the community. Most infamously is the assault on Valentine’s Day which has become an annual practice.

This is nothing. This is par for the course for this kind of behaviour.

This also didn’t really make the papers.

If that goes down? Well… Two people fell in love and got married. Aww… The problem is one of them was a high caste girl and the boy was a dalit (Graphic Photos are linked here). A harijan. An untouchable.

What ensued was the formation of the morality police who even held their own goddamn court to decide to break up this marriage. The police stepped in (rightly) to protect the couple. The mob decided to take revenge by torching and robbing the dalit community in Naikkankottai in the Dharmapuri district. A 268 homes were destroyed in the violence.

Why? Because of caste. Because the perceived shame of a man whose daughter married an untouchable. In that shame and loss of honour he committed suicide. The Morality Police don’t see it as “two people who love each other getting married and a some idiot behaving like a spoilt brat” but “Untouchable steals woman to sexually violate. Stupid girl doesn’t know anything. Father kills self because his honour is besmirched. Let’s go beat some uppity untouchables and steal their shit.”.

This is unacceptable. It’s nearly 70 years after Gandhi’s dalit army marched for Indian independence. Where the Harijans (Children of God) laid their lives on the line for India as a whole. The fact remains that most harijans still face incredible discrimination. (edit – I noted a lot of statements about the Gandhi Harijan dealie. I was unaware of this issue. The OP will still stand but I accept that perhaps Gandhi isn’t the best example of uplift considering his rather quaint beliefs.)

And it won’t change. Caste is still going strong, especially in the digital age. There is too much money in the politics of caste for it to be stamped out. It is a lead weight on the progress of India as a country. If you must have honour then we should be disappointed. There is more shame in Indians still follow this bullshit than in two people loving each other.

Festival of B(light)

It’s the Hindu Christmas time… It’s Diwali. The Festival of Light.

What this means is four days off to pig out, dress in fancy outfits and get money from relatives.

It also means non-stop fireworks around the clock and the usage of massive loudspeakers that play everything from religious music to the latest movie hits. However? In Tamil Nadu there is a shortage of electricity. We have 22 hours of power a day. Some places have just 16 hours a day.

The reason is that no one wants new power stations to be constructed and any attempts to do so are met with opposition. Corruption is rife and basically the state is slowly being strangled by it’s lack of infrastructure. The festival of light will probably be a festival of dark. I shall try and get pictures up for you guys so you can see some of the stuff I am involved with and do around here.

Hags of Lag – Leeeerroooooyyy Jeeenkins

Remember the attempt to shame Colleen Lachowicz (the Democratic Candidate for State Senate in Maine)? It basically involved “attempting to portray her in a negative light due to her hobby”.

Her hobby being World of Warcraft. In particular her choice of playing as a Orc Rogue (and a high level one at that too). Nothing was taboo, every single tired stereotype of gamers (I am surprised they didn’t actually go for sexist and racist since that’s the one problem we all face) was pulled out. In particular the one where the apparent keystrokes involved in the rogue WoW mechanic of backstabbing somehow translated to real life backstabbing skills either political or actual.

Guess what? Colleen won.

I think the title is apt for the kind of planning that went through the GoP’s think tank when they started their campaign to knock her down by her hobby.