1. Lofty says

    It doesn’t generate any light, it’s a diffuser for transmitting sunlight through a hole in the iron roof. Nice idea though.

  2. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    Skylights, although it’s going to leak around that light because of the way they installed the flashing around the light.

  3. StevoR says

    Translation of what the Hindi (?) means in English please anyone?

    Sub-titles would really help here. (Sadly not very multilingual, me.)

  4. StevoR says

    What is a plastic bottle to you?

    Depends what’s in it! Milk cartons come in plastic bottles and can be reused for taking water with me for dogs (& me) on hot summer days. Milk cartons can also be cut up and used for treeguards, cat litter scoops, toy boats and more.

    Not the dog that currently owns me but one I had before used them as favourite chewtoys once flattened too!

    Same applies for soft drink bottles and other plastic bottles to varying extents depending on size, past contents, etc.

    We also recycle plastic bottles a well as glass and cans where I live. (Adelaide, South Australia.)

    But yeah, this is a pretty great re-use of them and lighting method. Good for them.

  5. StevoR says

    Hindi (?)

    Or Tamil or Bengali or Sanskrit or whichever language they’re speaking – hence my bracketed question mark there.

    I gather they use quite a lot of different regional even local languages in India as well as a couple of sub-continent wide ones (including English?) right?

    Guess the people there are all speaking the same local / Indian one?

  6. StevoR says

    Oh. Okay, cheers Avicenna & Rodney Nelson.

    Should have refreshed before posting as well, sorry.

    That didn’t sound like Spanish to me although I don’t speak it much at all and could of course be mistaken. To be honest not sure where San Pedro, Laguna Site is – would imagine there may be a few places with those names? (Guess its wiki-checking time?)

  7. says

    My bad. I just went by the name of the place and I forgot that the Philippines used to be a Spanish colony before it became an American one…

  8. lorn says

    Functional, frugal, and creative, I like it.

    A depression era trick for windows was to get some newspaper, glue it into window frames or framed holes with flour or boiled bone paste/glue, and, once dry, moisten with oil. Vegetable oil or fat will work but old motor oil is less likely to get eaten by bugs. Once oiled the paper becomes translucent, allowing in light while keeping wind and rain out. Color comics add a bright stained glass flair. Thinner and pure white paper becomes clear enough to make details.

    All of those materials are free to dumpster divers.

  9. bradleybetts says

    Clever :) could someone explain the significance of the bleach? I can’t think why it would help.

  10. StevoR says

    @ ^ bradleybetts : My guess would be making the plastic bottle really clean, getting rid of any labels or gunk from labels so that it passes the light through really evenly and well.

    But I could be mistaken.

  11. says

    Much simpler than that!

    Bleach stops anything growing in the water like Algae which would cloud the water. You don’t need to keep refilling the bottles if you throw in some bleach!

  12. bradleybetts says

    @ Avicenna and SteveoR

    Ah, I did wonder if it was something like that but I thought it was more likely something to do with chemistry :) thanks very much to both of you.

  13. says

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  14. says

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