I was supposed to write about Bal Thackeray but in light of the arrests of those who have spoke out against this odious man who has harmed countless lives in the name of Hindutva and whose antics have made Hindus look like a bunch of intolerant toss weasels… In light of the backlash against those who have questioned this alleged epitome of hinduism, I shall plan a larger post.

In the meantime a reader from Wisconsin (You know who you are…) told me about this.

Apparently a few christians are getting their knickers in a twist. What is it now? War on Christmas? Sharia Law? Secret Kenyan Muslim Presidents born to Subjects of the British Empire with a Jewish name?

Nope. It’s Free thought and Humanism. The University of Wisconsin has approved of their first Atheists, Humanists and Agnostic Society. With a total funding of a WHOPPING 70,000 dollars. Wait what? 70… Grand? Why is this a big deal? That doesn’t seem like a lot of money to operate what appears to be a large society wanting to set infrastructure that aids an entire university. It is apparently the largest amount set aside by any university for a AHA society.

Actually the total amount turns out to be less than 70,000 dollars and considering it’s the first year and they wish to set up services that would eat through half their budget? That’s not a bad sum. But there has been a fair few complaints about the money being given to “Those pesky Atheists”. Checking around I find out that it’s around 67,000 dollars.

So I did a little poking about.

There are 50 religious societies and organisations in the University of Wisconsin-Madison directory receiving money (I assume) from the University to run their stuff. There are multiple christian societies including evangelical ones. The only religion I have not seen represented in this list is Hinduism and Jainism. Even the Sikhs have a society here.

There is one atheist, humanist and agnostic one. Just one.

The people who are irritated are from the Faithful School of Wisconsin who are led by Jason Storms. They do routine evangelical tours to the University of Wisconsin, ostensibly to waste everyone’s time by trying to flog his version of Jesus to people who he thinks are confused by the liberal nature of education. Rather than people who question their fairy tales because they finally start learning away from the social norm that includes faith. A few choice quotes (Do not quote me for veracity, these were in the rant I got. I have looked around. IF anyone can confirm them, I shall give you a e-cookie or an i-cookie)…

“It’s an extremely liberal school. Very left-wing, any Christian that goes to that school, their faith is under heavy attack.”

I don’t think christians going there are under heavy attack. Not when the majority of religious groups are actually for christians.

“It’s going to morally confuse young people in understanding their place in the universe,”

Unlike the religion that claims that the entire universe with it’s billions of galaxies each with their billions of stars all exist solely for the sake of a bunch of mainly white christians who believe in a magic carpenter who died by his own art. (Am I the only person who see the irony of a carpenter dying by a piece of joinery?).

“We’ve seen the rise of the secular state in the last century, and I don’t think it’s helpful to contribute to a worldview that is based on humanism.”

Then clearly the last 100 years of History are lost. Perhaps a lesson in History is in order. If only there were some sort of institution that taught history to people. Like a place where a bunch of people can sit around and either listen to someone more educated tell them about history or give them access to books about history. Some sort of Universal Education City.

“How has believing that there is no God contributed to our society?”

Lightning Rods. Eradication of Smallpox. Syphilis? Leprosy? I mean of the top of my head the number of diseases alleged to be sent by god to kill humans but we have kerb stomped with science is a rather large one. I wonder where you could learn the things that humans have achieved without praying to any gods.

So I wanted to talk about funding. I asked my email buddy to do me a favour. I wanted to know what the funding for any of the other religious groups is.

So far? Badger Catholic are the only one whose funding he could get. $116,000.

So yes, Christians are not complaining that Atheists are getting more money than they are they are complaining that this is the largest atheist fund in the country. And it is still lower than the Christian groups. It is estimated (Again… ROUGH!) that the Christian groups are 16 in number and roughly get $1,600,000 between them. Roughly a $100,000 a piece.

So it’s not only a rather modest amount, but it’s also rather modest spending for an unrepresented group.

So all I can say to the Faithful School of Wisconsin and Jason Storms?

It is my honest medical opinion that you just got burned. I have to call you a Waahmbulance.

Thank you for hovering your mouse over the image. Your Satanic Hail has been sent. For more options, press the hash key and listen to Dio.

Hello Whine Whine Whine? I need a Waaahmbulance.

And all I can say to FTB and readers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison is congrats on getting a society where you can hang out and summon satan… Remember, if you circle your mouse three times counterclockwise over the above image then leave it in place you can place your vote for our dark master. Go out there and show the Wisconsinites (Is that a thing?) some love.


  1. bobo says

    The religidiots are upset because they believe that they are entitled to that money. They know they are losing market share, that the world is changing – and this drives them mad!

  2. Nomen Nescio says

    Am I the only person who see the irony of a carpenter dying by a piece of joinery?

    nope. Judee Sill’s 1971 song, “Jesus was a cross maker”, has been covered by any number of folk singers including (perhaps most famously) Warren Zevon. i doubt Sill was the first to notice, either, of course.

  3. Crip Dyke, MQ, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    I believe that you are incorrect.

    I have it on good authority that “Cheesehead” is most correct.

  4. cheesynougats says

    BTW, I am stealing “kerb stomped with science” as one of the awesome phrases of the week.

  5. says

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