It’s Against My Religion

It’s Against My Religion to Fund Contraception For My Employees.

This doesn’t make you a principled christian. This makes you a tosser. Birth Control is vital to a healthy society. Our society has the things it does because we live in a society where we have created artificial largesse through technology and by artificially controlling our population’s growth. Otherwise you just have… places like India. Where everything doesn’t work because there are so many people. India would be kicking so much arse if it had 3/4 of the population. It’s standard of living would be among the highest in the world.

Artificial largesse is the method of western growth. We curtailed our birth rates to an equilibrium so we aren’t as affected by fickle nature of weather and resources reliant on that because we are using less (a lot less) than we actually have of resources such as food and water. Contraception is vital to this.

To have a religious exclusion for christians means a religious exclusion for all faiths.

You would not get your insulin if a Hindu or a Muslim employer decided to apply this level of dickery (Relax, I have NEVER heard of a Muslim or a Hindu refusing to fund Insulin for Diabetic employees. This is just a really christian form of religious dickery).

And it is just that. Petty Dickery.


  1. Rodney Nelson says

    Can Christian Scientists get out of providing any health insurance for their employees? “We’ll send someone down to pray at you instead of paying for your appendectomy.”

  2. Lofty says

    You know, I think the reason why christers are so against contracepion is because traditionally all those unwanted babbies went to the church funded institutions where they could be indoctrinated into becoming proper little automatons for christ. Because you can’t get large numbers of converts by reason.

  3. steve84 says

    The Philippines are an awesome example of out of control population growth in a Catholic theocracy. They are already noticing the effects of rampant poverty, huge slums, lack of farmland and overfishing. And yet, the Catholic robots in charge still think having lots of people will make the country great.

    The BC thing is ridiculous because health insurance is just a form of compensation. The employer can’t dictate what the employees are spending their money on, so why should they get to dictate what they use their insurance for?

  4. Cuttlefish says

    The funny thing, to me, about the “I don’t want my dollars paying for someone else’s contraceptives!” argument is that the insurance companies know full well that paying for contraceptives is far less expensive than paying for pregnancy and childbirth. In the long run (and insurance companies are all about the long run), the argument could be made that those who refuse to cover contraception should be assessed a surcharge, reflecting their choice.

    I suspect that would clear up a lot of the highly principled opposition.

  5. says

    Modern insulin is a mix of Human recombinant(which has a rapid effect) and Pork and beef insulin which has a slower gradual effect. You want such a mix because the human insulin produces the glucoprotective effect during a meal time (You dose yourself with insulin before your meals) and the remained produce that gradual level of insulin and slow come down that you need over the day. If you don’t want to use such a system you would need the insulin port which produces a steady dose of insulin. When you need it for a meal then you press a button to boost the steady state.

    There are newer insulins out there but they are still in testing or are about to be released (or are too pricey for many people). For most of the world, combination Hum/Pork/Beef is used.

  6. shash says

    India would be kicking so much arse if it had 3/4 of the population. It’s standard of living would be among the highest in the world.

    Or was it the poor standard of living 50-60 years ago – and lack of access to family planning thereof – that produced this boom in population?

  7. says

    India’s population in 1970 was 555 million. In 1980 it was 690 million…

    Even between 2005 to 2010 the growth was from 1.09 billion to 1.17 billion.

    It’s a consistent failing to control the birth rate. The birth rate in some states is stable in some it’s a joke. The people who have the most kids are the ones who cannot feed them.

    Added to which there was a massive unwillingness to roll out condoms and the like due to the victorian values. The major roll outs were driven by fear of HIV which forced the government to ignore nay sayers. There are still opposers to the government condom schemes in India. Many people simply don’t believe the population is the issue because the logic is “the more people the more workers”.

    There are still people who in Bihar believe that the two drops of OPV are contraceptive. There are still people who have massive families in India and proudly show you their horde of barely fed children. There are people who do go around claiming that the contraception scheme is a method of oppression because it targets Catholic communities who don’t like it. India’s population grows at a rate of around 1.4% a year.

    It needs to FALL. Even if you stabilise the population it won’t be enough since you have already exceeded the breaking point long ago.

  8. jb says

    Regarding the insulin example, or even blood transfusions, these same people would argue that it would be wrong to not cover such things because “blood transfusion is needed for health” and they would follow that up with “pregnancy is not a disease”

    This is what we are fighting here. Contraception is not viewed as ‘good’. It is viewed as evil. Moar babbbbies is good! Fewer babbies baad! Life saving transfuion good! Slut having sex bad!

    That is how these people think. Viagra good! Women not getting pregnant bad!

  9. jb says

    to clarify, by ‘these same people’ I mean it is more likely that a judge would force a religious institution to cover insulin, while denying contraceptive coverage.

  10. Kimpatsu says

    “It’s standard of living would be among the highest in the world.”
    Is apostrophe misuse a medical condition?

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