It’s Not All Doom and Gloom – Rachel’s Water

I am a big fan of Russel Howard’s Good News (It’s a british comedy show) and every episode ends with something good. News generally is just horrible things. Good things rarely make the news. And for all my rants about various really sad issues and about idiots who think ignorance is an equal viewpoint to science there are beautiful things in the world done by real people. I wanted to start a series of posts on stuff that isn’t bitterly sad and deeply disturbing.

So this week’s story of amazing things is Rachel. Rachel tried to raise $300 to send to Africa for clean drinking water. She fell short with just $220. It was her birthday wish to give people in Africa water. A 9 year old refusing presents to send money to Africa to help create infrastructure is a good thing. A month later she passed away in an accident.

When people heard about her birthday wish they raised over a $1,000,000 for water infrastructure.

Clean drinking water is a necessity not a luxury. Show them some love too. Charity: Water still is out there building infrastructure. Give some money, if you cannot pass it on so someone else can.



  1. F says

    That is really great. It is unfortunate that it takes the birthday wish of of a good person whose life was tragically cut short to motivate people to care.

    I apologize for my gloom-bringing. Rachel is admirable in the extreme, and I’m glad for the Ethiopians who now have access to water.

  2. says

    Nothing wrong with that. There are people who do terrible charity out there. Stuff that actually makes the world worse. In this case a 9 year old was able to pick a charity that actually does something good for people.

    60,000 people have water… a little calculation.

    The birth rate of Ethiopia is 38 per 1000 = 2280 births
    Under 5 mortality is 106 per 1000 (yeah 10% effectively) = 228 deaths per year.

    Straight up? Half of those deaths are usually due to one single cause.

    Diarrhoea. Of which 25% of that is probably due to water. It saves 25 lives a year in the under 5 category. It’s no small feat. In addition they probably have protected water sources. No Mosquitoes. This reduces the dengue, malarial, leishmaniasis and filarial load. All in all?

    She probably protects against (assuming Indian demography of death) between 50 to 70 lives a year by her achievement across all age groups.

    It is an astonishing achievement, even if it was done in her name by others. And for a charity that is genuinely good at what they do and that doesn’t bring rice at the point of a bible to poor people. Getting people together to realise the dreams of little children is a good thing. I do have ulterior motives when I mention charities like these.

    (Psst… Give money to them. Go on. You know you want to.)

  3. says

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