Hags of Lag – Leeeerroooooyyy Jeeenkins

Remember the attempt to shame Colleen Lachowicz (the Democratic Candidate for State Senate in Maine)? It basically involved “attempting to portray her in a negative light due to her hobby”.

Her hobby being World of Warcraft. In particular her choice of playing as a Orc Rogue (and a high level one at that too). Nothing was taboo, every single tired stereotype of gamers (I am surprised they didn’t actually go for sexist and racist since that’s the one problem we all face) was pulled out. In particular the one where the apparent keystrokes involved in the rogue WoW mechanic of backstabbing somehow translated to real life backstabbing skills either political or actual.

Guess what? Colleen won.

I think the title is apt for the kind of planning that went through the GoP’s think tank when they started their campaign to knock her down by her hobby.



  1. says

    And, yes…I’ve shouted “LEEROY JENKINS” while charging in on a boss on occasion, cuz it pisses my raid lead off. But I’m allowed to. I’m the tank.

    (My DBM timer macro is labelled “Leroy”)

  2. Shplane, Spess Alium says

    Well, if I lived there it would have kept me from voting for her. I simply can’t in good conscience vote for anyone with bad enough taste to play WoW. I mean, what’s next? Are we going to extend the vote to Dragonball Online players? Redefine marriage to include those Ultima Online weirdos? Open the Seven Seals and allow Final Fantasy XIV players to flood the world with their foul, corrupting essence, ushering in the MMOcalypse?

    It’s a slippery slope, people.

  3. Psychopomp Gecko says

    It’s despicable. Electing open thieves who believe in solving all their problems with violence and throatslitting while draining the coffers for their own selfish gain.

    But enough about the Republicans, I’m glad they elected her instead.

  4. says

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