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Nov 30 2012

Bread and Circuses – Gay Marriage

Why do they fight against gay marriage? Gay Marriage is the modern Bread and Circus. It’s used to distract from the real issues in the USA. In this case?The cynic in me says this… It was election year and Obama is rather competent. Republicans have nothing else (and to be fair, Obama is guilty of …

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Nov 27 2012

Dear Gilad Sharon – Nothing or Everything

“Israel has learnt Nothing and Everything from the Holocaust” – My old flatmate, a Sinti Jew

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Nov 26 2012

Immunity? Easy Peasy…. Lemon Squeezie

Kylie over at the Token Skeptic is poking fun at the Anti-Vax. Her literature is cool but I know something that is lacking in skeptic land. One of the major problems with the vaccination movement is that most people cannot understand how vaccines are meant to work. Many anti-vaccine advocates simply think that injecting someone …

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Nov 25 2012

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom – A Litre of Light

What is a plastic bottle to you? Human ingenuity at it’s finest. A man turns trash into light with nothing more than bleach and water.

Nov 24 2012

Home birth Anecdotes

The following material pertains to this thread. I wasn’t expecting the kind of backlash against a genuine problem that women face. Not just the denunciation of women who utilise real medicine but the spread of anti-obstetrician rumours. The idea that somehow a woman entering the hospital enters a hell hole of IV lines, things that …

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Nov 22 2012

Let them Eat Rice and Beans

I understand Americans have a festival dedicated to eating food tomorrow. But spare a thought for those on food stamps. Fox News Certainly hasn’t. Apparently, Andrea Tantaros thinks the food stamps would make a great diet for people to go on. In that vein, I should sell untreated water as a great way to lose …

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Nov 21 2012

It’s not Feminism Just Because it Claims to Empower Women

I know of a specific form of quackery aimed solely at women, by women. Home Births. We aren’t discussing “Natural Birth” which often takes place in a hospital which is also a very quacktastic woo laden field of idiocy masquerading as feminism but at least occurs in a hospital setting so if anything goes wrong …

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Nov 20 2012

If you vote for ignorance you just breed more…

Apparently the Republican Party is planning to run with Rubio for 2016. Really? Rubio? I won’t mock his love of rap music as a positive message (Some of it is positive, but mainstream rap is extremely entrenched in overt misogyny and violence and the glorification of such.) The Republicans need some cool and honestly if …

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Nov 20 2012


I was supposed to write about Bal Thackeray but in light of the arrests of those who have spoke out against this odious man who has harmed countless lives in the name of Hindutva and whose antics have made Hindus look like a bunch of intolerant toss weasels… In light of the backlash against those …

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Nov 17 2012

Hags of Lag – Gamers for Godlessness… No I Am Not Saying the Whole Thing!

Well yes, it’s on like it’s donkey konga. Yes, it’s the first FTB vs. JT Eberhard (or JT vs JT) event. And it’s for a good cause! All proceeds go to Camp Quest and Women in Skepticism… Which is why I figure any of the Hags of Lag people should support it (Edit: Duh… Avi …

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